MetroPCS to start selling iPhones on July 1

MetroPCS, a prepaid wireless carrier in the United States that is part of T-Mobile USA, will start selling Apple's iPhones on July 1 in a limited number of retail stores in Florida. The program should expand nationwide following the Florida launch.

According to the official announcement from T-Mobile, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available for $649 and $749, respectively

The iPhone SE and iPhone 5s will be available for $349 and $199, respectively.

T-Mobile looking to add iPhone to MetroPCS lineup

T-Mobile is looking to bring the iPhone to its MetroPCS brand in the near future, according to a report from Recode. The outlet recently spoke with the carrier's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert, who said that they are "very interested in that," and they think that customers would be as well.

It took T-Mobile several years to officially carry Apple's flagship smartphone, due to its higher-priced subsidy and other stringent requirements. And that may prove to be even more of a challenge with Metro, as many of its subscribers many not have the money or credit to finance the device...

T-Mobile using MetroPCS spectrum to bolster its LTE network

Good news this weekend for T-Mobile customers. The carrier is finally taking advantage of its recent MetroPCS merger, and has begun rolling out higher-speed LTE service by tapping the airwaves it acquired as part of the acquisition.

According to a report from AllThingsD, T-Mobile quietly turned on the faster service in parts of North Dallas just before Thanksgiving. The higher speeds come by combining the spectrum from both T-Mobile’s and MetroPCS' networks...

T-Mobile CEO says don’t hold your breath for a MetroPCS iPhone

T-Mobile and MetroPCS completed their merger yesterday, combining the 4th and 5th largest carriers in the United States. And we figured this would be good news for the latter company's 9M+ subscribers, as they'd finally get a shot at the iPhone.

But not so fast, says T-Mobile's John Legere. Speaking with tech blog AllThingsD, the CEO said that while he thinks it's possible that MetroPCS might be able to offer the popular device at some point, there are currently no immediate plans to do so...

T-Mobile completes MetroPCS deal, adds 9 million subscribers

It's official. After passing all necessary regulatory approvals last month, T-Mobile and MetroPCS have officially completed their merger. The Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier made an announcement on the company blog this morning.

The deal, which has been in the works since last fall, combines the United States' fourth and fifth largest wireless carriers, which combine for a total of 43 million subscribers. The new entity is now trading on Wall Street under TMUS...

T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal has passed all necessary regulatory approvals

On March 12, the United States Federal Communications Commission has approved T-Mobile’s merger with MetroPCS, following the March 6 approval by the Department of Justice. Today, Richardson, Texas-headquartered MetroPCS issued an update informing us that the two partners are announcing receipt of all required regulatory approvals, clearing the way for the merger.

Although the deal is still pending an approval by MetroPCS shareholders, which are scheduled to vote on the merger next month, the transaction has now received a stamp of approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment...

FCC approves T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just approved a merger between Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile and MetroPCS, an American mobile phone service provider formerly known as General Wireless. Though FCC head Julius Genachowski clearing the merger, it still has to be approved by MetroPCS shareholders to become official.

The FCC told Bloomberg that the merger will "benefit millions of American consumers and help the US maintain the global leadership in mobile it has regained in recent years." At any rate, it should help bring T-Mobile's struggling 4G LTE network online sooner than later...

T-Mobile and MetroPCS to grab Sprint’s prepaid market share

Sprint executives must be consuming antacids by the barrel about now. Not only is the carrier a mere footnote when U.S. wireless providers are mentioned, but today's agreement between T-Mobile and MetroPCS could put on life-support Sprint Nextel's only real market: inexpensive prepaid cell service.

Until today, when the two carriers announced they'd merge, T-Mobile was known as the carrier without an iPhone and was left at the altar after a marriage to AT&T was derailed by federal regulatory concerns. As for Metro-PCS, it was a regional carrier barely on anyone's radar. Now, however, the combined companies (if the merger is approved) will boast 43 million subscribers, closing in on Sprint's 56 million...

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS to become one

Following its failed acquisition with AT&T, T-Mobile USA's parent company Deutsche Telekom just announced that it has reached a deal to combine its U.S. operations with MetroPCS, the nation's fifth-largest carrier. What's in it for you?

For starters, T-Mobile gets to finally jump on the 4G LTE bandwagon as MetroPCS has been deploying this technology over the past two years. This could be a bargaining chip the merged carriers may just need to finally land the iPhone...