Lockscreen Toggles Update

LockscreenToggles is a very interesting tweak that we reviewed earlier in the week. An update to the tweak was just published on Cydia, which brings a variety of new options to the fore.

The biggest update to LockscreenToggles is the new dropdown toggle functionality. This new type of toggle, aimed at improving compatibility with other tweaks such as Forecast, Pluck, and others, provides you with a row of toggles under the stock Lock screen clock.

Lockscreen Toggles Updated Settings

When you install the latest update to LockscreenToggles, you’ll noted a newly enhanced preference panel located within the Settings app. The preferences now include the ability to disable the Lock screen clock scroll ability in favor of new tap and swipe gestures.

Lockscreen Toggled Dropdown Toggles

These new gestures are located in a new dropdown toggles section in the tweak’s preferences. The dropdown toggles can be invoked using a variety of new gestures. Performing these gestures will reveal the LockscreenToggles neatly under the standard Lock screen clock. Remember that the scroll functionality must be disabled in order to use the dropdown toggles.

To access the list to reorder your toggles, simply swipe down on any of the toggles to reveal the list. Swipe back up on a toggle to hide the list.

Lockscreen Toggles Small vs Large Toggles

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is also a new ability to use larger Lockscreen toggle app icons. The change is subtle, but I found it to be a welcomed new addition.

LockscreenToggles is a tweak with a bright future. Not only do we have this great update, but more upgrades and additional toggles are planned for future releases. If you have’t already purchased LockscreenToggles, you can find it for $0.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

  • I would love to have this in stock-iOS.
    I prefer iOS above Android but I just need things like this.
    Why do I have to unlock my iPhone and navigate to Settings to turn on WiFi?
    A simple LS toggle would be awesome!

    • Why do you need to turn off Wifi or Bluetooth or set it to airplane mode why do you need to respring with stock iOS. The thing is Apple is working on a way for to detect spotty wifi so that you don’t have to turn off wifi and keep connected using cellular. Why do you need to turn on airplane mode? Do you travel everyday? You can use do not disturb and maybe something like fluster less would be nice. Why do you need to turn off Bluetooth? Bluetooth is so power efficient that it basically doesn’t matter if its on or not you won’t notice a difference.

      • amazing, now change your iphone’s brightness.

      • I don’t do that if just knows how bright it should be based on my light environment.

      • My point is that I would like to have the ability to turn on Do Not Disturb with a toggle in Stock-iOS. And I prefer a brightness slider, because sometimes auto-brightness fucks up my brightness…

      • Have you tried f.lux

      • TeddyBearStand

        What does f.lux have to do with brightness- its for warming up the screen.

      • Think really hard about what you said and you might just redeem yourself.

      • TeddyBearStand

        Doesn’t change the brightness. I dont know why you suggested it

      • It changes the color temperature in turn reducing the amount of light produced. So yes it does change the brightness but not in the same way that the default brightness works.

      • TeddyBearStand

        Auto-brightness brightens the screen based on ambient light conditions, f.lux is simply enabled when the sunsets. I still don’t know why you are arguing about this.

      • Both change the amount of backlight on the LCD. They both manipulate the brightnes differently, but that is what needs to be achieved to reduce eye strain.
        Of course both are achieved differently, but f.lux does in deed have predetermine brightness settings, along with color warmth settings.

      • TeddyBearStand

        I am just going to say that I like f.lux and auto-brightness. Can’t go on without either of them.

      • : )

  • I have subtlelock and atom.
    So my question is before I buy it: Is it compatible with these?

    • Yes, it works perfectly with subtlelock about atom I don’t know…

    • SubtleLock, not sure. But Atom, yes its very compatible.

    • Doesn’t work with FORECAST… tried it and it still doesn’t work.
      Does work if FORECAST is disabled from the Lock screen!

      • It does you just have to enable the drop-down mode. Turn scroll-toggles off in the settings and make sure you set-up an activator in the dropdown toggles section

    • works perfectly with Lockinfo, SubtleLock & atom .. i have them all and they’re great together 🙂

  • NCSettings + Bulletin = LSToggles

    • RarestName

      Who needs Bulletin when you have Springtomize 2?

      • Bulletin is far superior the swipe feature alone is worth it not to mention the ability to collapse notifications and customize the color of your NC to whatever your theme will look better with.

      • RarestName

        I’ve trialled it before and it crashes randomly.

      • Buy your tweaks

      • RarestName

        I buy all of the tweaks that I think I will use. If I don’t like a tweak after testing it, I’ll immediately uninstall it.

        Here is my list of purchased tweaks:
        3G Unrestrictor 2
        3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 5 & 6)
        AirBlue Sharing
        AndroidLock XT
        Assistant Language+
        Auto App Killer
        Auto App Updater
        AutoResponder 2 (iOS 6+)
        Binary Clock
        Color Keyboard
        Color Profiles
        Dashboard X
        Display Candy
        FIrewall iP
        FullForce for Phone
        FullScreen for iPad
        FullScreen for Safari
        Gridlock Legacy
        iCaughtU Pro
        Infinite Tweet
        IntelliDcreen X (iOS 5 Library)
        Landscape Rotation Lock
        MiniBanners Pro
        OpenNotifier Premium Pack
        PowerMusic MiniPlayer
        ProTube Extension for YouTube
        ProTube HD
        Safari Download Manager
        SDM SBSettings
        Smart 3G + LTE
        Springtomize 2 – iOS 5 & 6
        Springtomize – iOS 4.x
        Tap to Widgets
        TwitkaFly 6.0+
        TwitkaFly Facebook Plugin
        WiFi Booster
        YourTube 3
        YourTube for iOS6
        YourTube HD

      • Show me proof of purchase link to an image with your cydia showing what you have paid for. Pretty sure you don’t pay for anything.

  • Samsung Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Once up a time a talking bowl of baked beans ran downstairs into the forest and met a pair of trousers called Dave.

    • Joe Bobbiins

      What does that have to do with the article?

  • Sentry

    MUCH more beautiful interface than before!

    • Jeff


  • When is VELOX available… that is the app to buy!

    • Jeff

      Soon. That’s all we know.

      • i think soon may be tomorrow or in a year 😀 .. this is actually the most word i hate 😉 .. hope for a release date from the developer !!

      • Velox is as real as a unicorn it’s a myth and it doesn’t exist 🙂

      • I guess UNICORNS DO EXIST!

      • : )

    • TeachMeHowToDougie

      worth buying.

  • I don’t need this. I have toggles provided by BatteryDoctorPro.

    • Joe Bobbiins


    • Gucciipad

      Lots of complaints about batterydoctorpro.

    • Ewww

  • Good. The dropdown toggles fixes all the horrendous issues this tweak had while playing music.

  • ap3604

    Can you turn 3G on/off with this?

    p.s. I’m not talking about an LTE toggle.

    • samball sam

      coming soon

      • problem with lockscreentoggles and airplane mode? every time I turn on airplane mode and lock iphone it freezes (black screen, cannot be unlocked) and when restarted it goes straight into safe mode

  • Hendo27

    None of these tweaks work with ISX. Anytime u swipe the clock on the lock screen the ISX window drops down

    • Damian W

      True. ISX is annoying. Always gets in the way on lock screen

      • chin2793

        That’s why I have uninstalled ISX as it was interfering with many other tweaks, although i spent like $15 on it….

  • Om Soni

    YEES! It’s finally compatible with Forecast! Kudos to the developer.

  • steven

    i know it’s ancient, but has anyone tested this with glasklart?

    • Guest


    • steven

      followup question, is the glasklart weather app a knock off version of forecast? it looks like it but functions differently .. i don’t think it has iPod controls like forecast

      should i deselect glasklart weather, install forecast, and then install lock screen toggles?

  • is there a reason not to use sbsettings over this?

    i guess visually sbssettings isn’t that great huh..

    • Man please delete that now lmao that’s so 2007

      • no reason to, it’s fast, lightweight, holds a TON more toggles than every other option I’ve seen, and accessible from pretty much everywhere in the phone.

        So far haven’t found a better solution.

      • Okay NC settings is not enough

      • NC Settings and iCleaner Pro

      • Kevin Lam

        does nc settings work on lockscreen?

      • Yes it does use Bulletin or Springtomize

  • DelicateDandy

    On the tweak’s cydia page, there’s a video. It shows a very ‘bad’ animation where it slides over the lockscreen clock instead of sliding under it. This makes it look really unnatural. Is this really the animation or does it slide under it?

  • The only thing I don’t like is how the clock sticks around for a second after unlocking. Other than that, it’s nice to access the toggles from the LS.

  • seyss

    any video review? jeff

  • I know this is mildly unrelated, but what’s that tweak where you can search apps for music files? Jeff was talking about it on LTJB and I’ve checked most show notes. :s

    • Feras Darwish

      I think you mean this tweak AudioExplorer+

      • It was, thanks.

      • Feras Darwish

        I’m glad I could help 🙂

  • When will the Xsellize version be out?

  • anyone else has problem with lockscreentoggles and airplane mode? every time I turn on airplane mode and lock iphone it freezes (black screen, cannot be unlocked) and when restarted it goes straight into safe mode

  • it crashes to safemode when using airplane mode toggle .. and when clicking restart to return to normal mode it’s stuck in respring loop .. had to remove it to return back again 🙁

  • D1M

    No complaints from me with this tweak. Very handy!!!
    I just wish NCSettings was available in the lockscreen 🙁

  • Chung

    how to disable my current sbsettings and change to this? I’ve downloaded but can’t replace or remove my current theme with this. Please help!