LockscreenToggles updated with new dropdown toggles, icons, and more

Lockscreen Toggles Update

LockscreenToggles is a very interesting tweak that we reviewed earlier in the week. An update to the tweak was just published on Cydia, which brings a variety of new options to the fore.

The biggest update to LockscreenToggles is the new dropdown toggle functionality. This new type of toggle, aimed at improving compatibility with other tweaks such as Forecast, Pluck, and others, provides you with a row of toggles under the stock Lock screen clock.

Lockscreen Toggles Updated Settings

When you install the latest update to LockscreenToggles, you’ll noted a newly enhanced preference panel located within the Settings app. The preferences now include the ability to disable the Lock screen clock scroll ability in favor of new tap and swipe gestures.

Lockscreen Toggled Dropdown Toggles

These new gestures are located in a new dropdown toggles section in the tweak’s preferences. The dropdown toggles can be invoked using a variety of new gestures. Performing these gestures will reveal the LockscreenToggles neatly under the standard Lock screen clock. Remember that the scroll functionality must be disabled in order to use the dropdown toggles.

To access the list to reorder your toggles, simply swipe down on any of the toggles to reveal the list. Swipe back up on a toggle to hide the list.

Lockscreen Toggles Small vs Large Toggles

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is also a new ability to use larger Lockscreen toggle app icons. The change is subtle, but I found it to be a welcomed new addition.

LockscreenToggles is a tweak with a bright future. Not only do we have this great update, but more upgrades and additional toggles are planned for future releases. If you have’t already purchased LockscreenToggles, you can find it for $0.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.