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I’ve always thought it’d be cool to play the drums, or the guitar, so I’m always looking for easy ways to learn how to do so. But few products deliver on their claims that they make learning to play an instrument “easy.”

The Zivix team is looking to change that though, with its new musical accessory: the JamStik. It’s a tiny guitar with real strings and frets that can track your hand and finger movements for instant feedback and instruction…

The JamStik is about 15 inches long, and features a built-in, rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Its build allows you to fret and strum just like a real guitar, which is unusual in this space, as most music accessories have plastic details.

It connects to iOS devices and outputs via a MIDI connection that can be used in almost any audio application including Garage Band, inTone pro and Sunrizer. But begginers will probably spend most of their time in JamTutor.

The JamTutor app is included with the JamStik, and gets you started on the guitar basics. It works as a sort of virtual tutor that can correct your fingering in real time thanks to lights on the fret board that track your movement.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an actual product yet. It’s just a prototype, and its developers have taken to Indiegogo to raise money to get it into production. $239 gets you on the pre-order list, though it’s currently on sale for $199.

I have to say I’m very intrigued by the JamStik, but I’ll reserve my judgement for after it launches. I’m hoping it’s the game changer it claims to be. And with nearly $100K in funds in just 2 days, a lot of people seem to think it is.

What do you think?

  • tariq haidari

    pretty cool.
    now we can carry a guitar and a phone with us…
    just better way to kill ur battery!

  • Antony Andreev

    I’d better connect my real guitar via iRig. You’ll never get such experience as you get while playing the real guitar.
    I think that JamStick is for those who don’t respect the music and for those who are not professional guitarists..

    • Hyr3m

      “for those who don’t respect the music”

      Dude, seriously?

      • iospixel

        Plus 1. Hahaha
        I nearly expelled my mouth contents on the train. Peace.

  • Jesus, I learned with no problem by having a chord book sit in front of me. This is pointless. Wouldn’t you rather have a real guitar than shell out money for this piece of crap? Especially if you’re a beginner, the guitar doesn’t need to be expensive, 100 bucks or less.

    • I agree. At this price point picking up a secondhand guitar, learning tabs, or even watching youtube videos would be much cheaper. Maybe at $50… just maybe

  • CGPlenty

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar and would love to try it out. I think it would be convenient to carry around (as opposed to a full sized guitar) for those moments when I’m away from home with some time to kill just like I do with my piano app. JMHO