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TypeStatus will always have a special spot in my heart, because it’s one of the few tweaks that I can say I envisioned. Brought to fruition by Hashbang productions’ @thekirbylover, it’s a tweak that allows you to see when a person is replying to an iMessage by means of an ellipses icon in the status bar.

The first iteration of TypeStatus was a very basic implementation of the idea, but it worked well. This latest version, TypeStatus 1.1, adds a ton of new features to the already excellent package. Not only can it show when someone’s typing, but it can also show you the iMessage address of the person typing right on the status bar. As if all of that wasn’t enough, TypeStatus 1.1 includes another new feature that let’s you see when an individual has read one of your iMessages.

The tweak was already awesome before this update, but with this update it’s quite possible that TypeStatus will make it on the “top jailbreak tweaks of year” lists. Want to know something even better? You can try it out right now via Hashbang Production’s beta repo. Take a look inside for a few more in depth tidbits regarding the update.

TypeStatus 1.1 is filled to the brim with new settings. Let’s go down the line and cover each of them one by one, shall we?

The preference panel for TypeStatus contained within iOS’ stock Settings app is where you will find all of the settings related to TypeStatus. There are four different sections available for customization: General, Typing, Read, and Overlay Animation. Once you alter the tweak’s settings, you can test the status bar overlays right from within the preference panel by tapping the respective test buttons.

TypeStatus General

Under the general section, you’ll find one option — Hide Inside Messages. This toggle will allow you to disable the TypeStatus indicators while either Messages or biteSMS is open. If either of these apps are open, then you probably don’t need to be receiving the notifications that TypeStatus provides.

TypeStatus Typing

The second section is Typing, and here’s where you’ll find the majority of settings. The first option, Status Bar Icon, allows you to enable or disable the traditional ellipses icon that TypeStatus displays when someone is typing you a new iMessage. The second option under this section, Status Bar Overlay, is brand new. It provides a readout of the actual address being used to type a message to you — a logical evolution of the tweak. Lastly, you’ll find a toggle to hide the Typing indicators after 5 seconds. This prevents the status bar messages from staying on the screen if someone on the other end decides they’d like to write you a small novel.

TypeStatus Read

The Read section is up next, and it contains one simple toggle to enable or disable the status bar overlay. Since you need to know the actual address of the person who read your message, it makes sense that this is the only toggle available under the read section.

TypeStatus Overlay Animation

Last, but not least, is a section for overlay animations. This is essentially a spot where you can enable or disable the slide-in and fade animations for the status bar overlays.

If you can’t tell already, I’m super hyped about TypeStatus 1.1. I’m even more excited because you can actually try the tweak right now. Simply add the following beta repo to your Cydia sources: http://hbang.ws and then download the TypeStatus 1.1 package that resides under that repo.

Please be sure to share your thoughts and comments about this excellent update to an already spectacular tweak. It should make keeping up with your iMessage ongoings that much easier.

  • The first tweak I install on a fresh new jailbreak! This new update is a nice added feature.

  • AlphaPoppy

    Stalking iMessage 2.0

  • I would love to see this for WhatsApp…

    • I’ll be releasing WhatsApp support as a paid addon package, most likely within the next month.

      • weztimonial


      • sadaN

        Great to hear that!
        Is Facebook under consideration?

      • @ Adam D perfect !! I can tell u right now that I am sure to pay for it !!!

      • What about Line app?

  • Is this much better than Predictor?

  • Guest

    Instead of phone number, will it show the contact name?

    • Contact name support will be coming in an update to the beta, hopefully in a few hours.

      • Tyler Burns

        I love this tweak, keep up the great work guys.

  • Awesome update.

  • Really love the update, but it is showing the numbers for me and not the names. If you could get it to show the contact names instead that would be nice!

    • This is already coming in an update to the beta.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Numbers or names can be long, please add a flag to enable Nicknames whenever available. 😉

  • Instead of showing the email address or phone number, will it show the contact name in the status bar?

    • weztimonial

      He stated it will be in the next update in the settings.

  • weztimonial

    Awesome! Been using this since it came out!

  • This is one of the very few tweaks that I can’t live without. Seriously, the beta is great. Can’t wait for the release.

    • “can’t live without” – because it’s that important to know who’s typing?! xD

  • It’s nice update, but it showing number instead contact name..

  • Is is possible to make this work with normal sms not just imessage? Would like to see it tell me if someone is typing if they have a android, or blackberry.

    • Unfortunately, no. SMS doesn’t tell you when someone is typing, therefore there is nothing to tell TypeStatus when to put something in the Status Bar. It’d be an awesome addition, but it’s unfortunately impossible, due to the way that SMS is built 🙁

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Ask them to use WhatsApp, there will be a paid WhatsApp add-on in a future version. 😉

  • It would be nice if it showed the name of the person who sent the message instead the email. However, nice tweak!

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      In works…

  • Hendo27

    If the update only shows the phone number/email and not the contact name I would rather not have it. It’s very annoying so far to just have a phone number in my status bar and not a contact name!!!

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      The developer said he is adding this functionality. I’m hoping we can actually see more options such as showing First Name only, First Name and Last Name as well as Nickname only. 😉

  • Ian

    Cydia keeps showing that I can upgrade to 1.1~beta-52. Each time I upgrade and respring, it tells me the same thing. hmmm?

    • Damian W

      It happens in case when you add private repos that contain the same packages as default repos such as BigBoss. Each time you install the package from private repo, you will see there is another update with same package on the bigboss repo and vice versa. The best way is to click on “ignore updates” and then check manually if the packages has new versions.

      • It’s not anything to do with which repo it’s from really; just I rushed to put it on the repo during school and didn’t really check everything properly (which caused Cydia to get confused and still think an update was available). I’ve just fixed it.

    • weztimonial

      He’s gonna fix it in the next update as seen from twitter

    • I’ve just fixed this.

      • Huntz

        Why do I keep getting this Cydia error when trying to update: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

  • I no longer believe that you don’t text much Jeff. This app is great!

  • I still love it, but the new Status Bar Overlay is coming in as if my iPad was in Portrait Mode, whereas it’s actually in Landscape Mode. I’d love to see this fix, but it’s still an amazing tweak as is

  • Cool update! will be nice to have names instead of numbers in the next one. Also it overlays the incoming text bar which is a little annoying

  • Bradley Wyatt

    i just get a white corner (top left) instead of overlay, anyone else have this problem

    • A couple of people have reported this; I’m looking into it and the next update should fix it.

  • weztimonial

    Status bar overlay doesn’t work for me

    • Bradley Wyatt

      same what tweaks do you have installed, might be able to find the issue

      • weztimonial

        Too many

      • Bradley Wyatt

        can you narrow them down to statusbar tweaks, thad be a good start…

      • weztimonial

        live battery indicator, statustab, dietbulletin, flagpaint, zepplin i guess

      • I have the same issue with the white dot in the corner when overlay is pressed. Flagpaint is the only other status tweak i have. Could this be the problem?

      • weztimonial

        Yea same issue with the white dot at the top left corner.

  • It might make sense to also offer a simple icon for when a message is read–like a checkmark inside the speech bubble, rather than the entire status bar overlay.

  • I wish it’d give the contact name instead of the iMessage email address.

    • Me too. Same with phone numbers aswell

  • Would Be awesome id you could tap the Status Bar and Siri reads the Message Out loud

  • Darrick

    jeff, I sent a message to you guys about something I discovered with TypeStatus. With further testing, I have found out that enabling Status Bar Overlay under read gives me read receipts for SMS messages! However, to get these read receipts in the status bar, the message must be sent via quick reply with biteSMS. It’s not super reliable though but I found it to be more reliable when quick replying using the banner over the notification center.

    I was just curious at how and why this happens and if you can get in touch with the dev about it. In addition, I am also curious if this feature can somehow be implemented into the texting app (stock/bitesms/etc) like how iMessage does it: showing the read receipt right under the message

    I’m using biteSMS 7.4 beta 6 if that makes a difference as well as TypeStatus 1.1~beta-52. I do hope that you will get back to me and thanks so much

    • It’s likely that this is actually Messages internally marking your own messages as read (TypeStatus doesn’t differentiate between your read receipts vs other peoples’ – should be fixed in an update though). That’s very interesting if it isn’t that though; SMS is just text, no delivered/read receipts.

      • Darrick

        I first noticed this with my friend’s non-iPhone device and I did testing using my mom’s basic phone and my iPhone and was able to produce the “read receipts” in the overlay results 90% of the time when using quick reply (I’m on the home screen when doing the quick reply and looking at the status bar for the overlay)

        When composing a message from the app itself or using quick compose, I get no such read receipts so that is what I found very interesting.

        edit: not sure if it’s a network thing but the friend I first noticed this has verizon. I have t-mobile and my mom’s phone is also t-mobile. i then tested with another friend who also has t-mobile and using the samsung galaxy s2 and was able to get the overlay results when using quick reply but not with regular/quick composing message.

  • The overlays would be 1000 times better if they were stock notification banners! ATM they are very ugly! An option for this would be spot on! I know it’s a beta but it just feels so rough round the edges! Sorry to say that, just an opinion :p

    • Alex

      +1 for this and an option to have it on the status bar as an icon as well instead of a notification banner.
      Plus, notification banners are highly customizable using tweaks, so this option is even more desirable.

    • Jeff

      Ew, that’s odd. I think the exact opposite. The stock iOS banners are pretty ugly if you ask me, I much prefer it this way 🙂 Not nearly as annoying and obtrusive, but that’s just my opinion.

      • I like the fact you feel that way! Diversity is a good thing 🙂 That’s why I suggested an option in the preferences, to cater for everyone’s taste! Like Sebastian said on the podcast “I like lots of options” :p

  • This tweak is awesome, I think its a good idea to add sound alerts too

  • Roy Chdid

    Sounds good. I t would be even greater if it will have the option of who’s typing in Whatsapp

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Funny such a useful and great tweak is free and yet Cydia is filled with paid tweaks that don’t add much to the overall user experience. This is real proof of what jailbreaking is all about, not that I wouldn’t pay or donate to developers for free tweaks though. 😉 Nice job!

  • F P

    I added this tweak then deleted it minutes later. I don’t need to know when you’re typing, please, you’re killing me!

    • Steven Melton

      A lot of people love this tweak, as I do.. Its a great feature to know if someone has gotten your message and replying instead of just waiting and waiting, or putting your phone back in your pocket only 2 secs later they respond

      • I uninstalled typestatus within minutes because I find the stock method works just fine with the ellipses. Also, the status bar overlay killed the ability for me to tap to scroll to the top. Could’ve been a conflict, but I found this tweak redundant.

      • Steven Melton

        There is an option within the settings to have it go away after 5 secs. This would have solved your problems.

  • it works only for imessage ?

    • Steven Melton

      iMessage only as there is no way to track standard SMS messages

  • Steven Melton

    Can’t get it to show. I assume so many people on the repo its not working anymore?

  • Matt

    The repo is showing no packages? Is this a problem on my end?

    • wes gay

      im having the same issue

  • Castor

    A good feature would be to see a history record of messages read with timestamp. It would be very useful when not seeing the screen during an event.

  • Dreamchaser1416_

    Help i downloaded tweak and cant find it in settings

  • Ian

    *sniff* I lost my jailbreak today…so I couldn’t install.. I so wish there was a way to downgrade an iPod 5..

  • Is the pkg still available ?

  • Chase

    I’m having a lot of bug issues. The typing overlay does not hide after 5 seconds, instead it stays there untill the person sends the text. Along with some read overlay issues such as it saying someone read my text that doesn’t even have read receipts on or has a non ios device…love this tweak, just wish it would work properly. I hope im not the only one with these problems

  • so Im loving the new feature and the moment i found out about it i downloaded it instantly.. only to find that the typing status bar overlay does not disappear after 5 seconds.. i have tried everything.. anything you can do to help with that?

  • Just checking that this is still in beta? I have the main tweak (1.0-1) and have been hoping to see an update w these new features! How’s the beta going?

  • Elipo

    It says “Read” but when i open my bite sms there is no read, just delivered. why that?

  • EightEqualsD

    Whenever I play music while the overlay function is turned on and it shows when someone is typing, the music skips. I’m not sure if this is just on my phone but I’ve noticed it only happens when the overlay function is turned on and I’m playing music. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks