Atom — the gorgeously animated Lock screen launcher for iOS has finally landed on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. We brought you an initial in-depth preview of Atom last week, but the tweak has since been updated and features a few new visual cues for the final build.

This time around you’ll find new animations. In the initial version of Atom that I previewed, there were no animations present when you placed the Lock screen numb over an app you wished to launch. Now, along with the animations that happen when you first touch the nub, you get a better sense of when you slide your finger over one of the apps located on the Lock screen.

Check out our brand new video of the final version of Atom…

I highly recommend that you read our initial overview of Atom, because most of it still rings true. I like this tweak for its subtle features, like the way it causes Lock screen notifications to temporarily disappear when you place your finger on the nub. There’s some real attention to detail paid here.

You can download Atom right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. Be sure to share your thoughts on the tweak in the comment section below.

  • Andrew Krisna

    I prefer Atom and just bought it, well done !!

  • I love the tweak but the fact that I can’t access the camera app without going through a passcode lock is a bit annoying. And would it be possible to include a way to automatically go back to the lockscreen after launching an app from Atom so it’ll be more convenient to launch other apps on the go using Atom? Thanks for the tweak Surenix.

    • Andrew Krisna

      You got the point on it, will be better if we can access camera app without unlock the phone. Hope it will be the next update feature.

  • nick

    Can’t wait for the iPad version

  • Dennis

    This is compatible with ios5x right? because i’m running ios5.1.1 on my iPhone4, but it appears the yellow thing saying the product is not supported in my ios version

  • The amount of lag is too damn high.

  • David

    Please help me, I bought this and now it appears on my lockscreen but will not unlock. Im running on 6.1.1

  • Andrew Krisna

    I encounter a problem whenever I open whatsapp from lockscreen notifications it won’t go to whatapps app. And sometimes it doesn’t open the shortcut apps from lockscreen.. Is it just me? (Iphone 5 ios 6.1.2)

  • Love it….BUT! some of my incoming imassage`s dont show on lock screen ? after installing Atom. anyone know why ?

    And cant turn of the lock sound ( bummer )

  • Max Millman

    can anyone tell me where i can find jellylock? i cant find it in cydia…

  • iViperzLTD

    I’m still deciding whether to purchase this, but what’s keeping me away is the passcode. I use my device with a passcode but is there (if not then will there be) an option to disable the passcode for certain apps while overall maintaining the passcode?
    I’m staying away from this tweak for now due to that question and also due to the lag issue some people have stated

  • Hans

    Recently got it, unlocks like a charm, just unfortunately doesn’t launch any of the apps. Any suggestions as to why?

  • cortech

    This may have already been answered somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Is Atom compatible with LockInfo? I have LockInfo 5 on the iPhone 5.

  • What display recorder do you use??

  • Rashidyn

    @Surenix .. great tweak and huge thanks for your effort .. one thing that i have lock info .. and when i installed atom the slider bar is replaced by the nub .. but lockinfo still exists in it’s same size as before .. if you can make it compatible that lockinfo would use the whole screen then that would be great 🙂 .. also i wish having more settings as customizing the look of the nub, the look of the unlock icon and having custom icons instead of the native app icon .. that would be a huge update if it happened 🙂 .. but still a great tweak and thanks alot 🙂

  • This tweak does not work for me, well it works but not the shortcuts to the apps. every shortcut goes to the home screen… how does this tweak work?
    maybe to understand why it wont work for me on my ip5.
    and this would also be awesome on the home screen, without the lock icon in the middle.

  • Pp.

    Hi, Thanks for video review. Can you share your wallpaper in this video?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Liyaaa Farah

    i cannot open my phone. HELP

  • kyle french

    love how smooth it is and its a good concept but hate how you have to put in your passcode even to get to the camera. should just go right to the app.

  • Damian Lillard

    When I saw the first video for Atom I was instantly in love. I knew that it was the app launcher/ unlocker for me. I waited patiently, for the release. In the meanwhile, I had downloaded JellyLock. Through time, I fell in love with JellyLock. It was pleasantly surprised, and my iPhone and iPad grew to adapt to JellyLock. Now I’m torn, I still love the functionality of Atom, but prefer the style of JellyLock.

    Also, reading through the user reviews, I’d say Atom isn’t overpriced at $2.00 at all!

  • Samad

    Since i’ve installed a theme named “ishady hd” is atom not working. If i realese the knop on a app to launch it then it unlock only the device! Can someone help me please??

  • Abdiel

    When will there be an update???

  • F P

    Atom had an update and now atom disappears from the lockscreen, I have to respring thru intelliscreen.

  • F P

    Just deleted my precious Atom….hello Jellylock!

  • brodyskow

    Is there a way to resize the icons shown like springtomize does for the springboard?

  • Gary Edgcombe

    I have just installed this on my iPhone 4 5.1.1 and I cannot get it to show up on lock screen. I have enabled it in settings??

    Please help!

  • Dennis Kim

    It doesn’t work – now I can’t access my iPod Touch….What the heck

  • Aaron Reay

    Did not work for me at all yes sure it is there but you carnt change what icons appear so I’m stuck with the standard layout waste of time