Ah, who could forget the infamous iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate‘ debacle? It had barely been a month since Apple had introduced its newly-redesigned handset, when users began to complain of severe signal attenuation when holding the device a certain way.

Steve Jobs and company held a press conference to defend their product, but it wasn’t enough to keep the lawsuits at bay. Apple was forced to offer free bumpers, or $15 in cash, to iPhone 4 owners. And now, 3 years later, the checks are finally on their way…

9to5Mac reports:

“Payday has come for some of the first responders to the iPhone 4 class action lawsuit.  LastFebruary a settlement was reached that granted iPhone 4 owners who had not previously received a free bumper for their “defective” iPhones a $15 payout.  Several of our readers are now reporting that they received their settlement checks today.  The first checks were issued on April 17 2013 and are void after July 16th.”

This settlement stems from one of the larger (out of several) class action lawsuits filed against Apple for the so-called ‘Antennagate’ issued. Eligible iPhone 4 owners were told last February that they could choose either a free bumper, or $15 in cash if they have:

“(a) experienced antenna or reception issues; (b) been unable to return your iPhone 4 without incurring any costs; (c) been unwilling to use a case or free bumper for your iPhone 4; and (d) completed certain troubleshooting steps or are unable to complete the troubleshooting steps because you no longer own your iPhone.”

I went with the free bumper option, and got a $30 Griffin case out of the deal. So I feel like I came out on top. But it’s still nice to see that folks who opted for the cash are finally starting to receive their checks. And if you haven’t yet, it should be on the way.

You know, as much as Apple tried to downplay it, the whole Antennagate thing was actually a big deal. Not only did it result in tons of bad PR, and the firing of SVP Mark Papermaster, but it’s believed that it’ll end up costing the company $150+ million in expenses.

  • I never had a drop call on my iPhone 4, I never knew the problem is there, even if I squeeze like a maniac there is still 3/5 bars left and everything works…
    This ‘problem’ is just propaganda and made a scandal only because it’s Apple.
    Most BlackBarry of that time had a very worse signal drop and nobody complained…

    • SotoXP

      You’re an idiot. My GSM and millions of others were affected. Do some real research next time you speak boy.

      • I know what I’m talking about, the signal drops but only if you have two bars or less and if you squeeze it really hard.
        Like a lot other smartphones, it’s just that they don’t make a scandal because no one gives a sh*t… But the iPhone is made by Apple….

      • Gerard Hampton

        pressure wasnt the issue LOL! squuueeeeezzzze it real hard and itll explode! Be careful though siri might sue you for harassing her!

      • Siri isn’t on the iPhone 4.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Actually she was until it became a native app (Apple’s marketing startegy to make users upgrade) didnt work for me though. I held out and got a totally different product. GS3

      • Cool story bro.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        I know right? Lol

      • Lol.

      • So if it’s a scandal why give away so much free money?? haha i had this issue on an old iphone 4 and several of my customers had the same issue. So because it nevet happened to you doesnt mean its fake, you got lucky. i take offense to your comment, it implies nothing at all is wrong and therefore im lying. But most have experianced this issue, and companys like apple dont give away free bills.

      • Antony Andreev

        Me and my friends have never had this problem! Anyway iphone 4 is out in 2010 Foeget about it. This is propaganda i agree!!

      • You and your friends are an incredibly small sample in a sea of tens of millions of people who bought the iPhone 4. Simply because you haven’t experienced the issue, does not mean there isn’t an issue.

      • mk3s

        This right here. If you didn’t experience this problem then pat yourself on the back, present yourself with a cookie and then kindly stfu. Plenty of people had this issue and if it wasn’t a real problem Apple would not have decided to start throwing out free money.

      • And where the hell did I say this wasn’t an issue? Go back to basics and learn to read.

      • Kurt

        haha, you should learn to read, he was agreeing with you. these little apple fanboys won’t admit to having problems. Look at the iphone 5s that have scratches, chips and even are bent! and they still deny it! even when there own phone won’t lie flat on a table cause its been bent. apple is their idol

      • mk3s

        Yeah man cool it! I’m on board with what you’re saying 100%. I was backing you up!

      • I misread your comment, and rushed to a wrong conclusion. I’m sorry for overreacting. 🙁

      • mk3s

        No worries! Are u expecting a check from apple or did u get a bumper earlier?

      • I have a 4S, as well as two bumpers I bought myself. Helps protect the device, improves reception, and doesn’t hide the great design. Three birds with one stone!

      • The main problem is with UMTS (3G) and not with GSM! Because most of the 3G coverage just suck. And this problem can be reproduced with almost every cellphone in the same conditions.

      • It’s simple, get a case, that solves everything.

    • This isn’t because it’s Apple and everyone is out there to get them because they’re Apple! Seriously…?

      The main reason for all of this is because of Apple’s marketing strategy and the way they bring their products to the market. Everything is revolutionary, much better, innovative, different… But as soon as there is an issue, oh, it happens on all devices in the competition. Apple’s products are held to a higher standard due to marketing and higher prices. THAT is the reason antennagate was such a big issue. Their own marketing strategy bit them in the arse.

    • Are you from the US if not you can in fact be telling the truth.

  • Nelson

    Is the $15 really worth all that? Well, I guess it’s free money lol

  • Steve Jobs 🙁

  • To be honest, most of drop calls it’s because AT&T Sucks! Here in Europe most of the people never had a drop call on the iPhone 4! And only a few had because they had 1, 2 bars… at 3G because the coverage in some places just suck!

  • Brian

    If I buy an iPhone 4 today, are they still affected?

  • “We’re not perfect. Phones are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to make our users happy… The data says that the issue has been so far blown out of proportion, it’s incredible.” -Steve Jobs in 2010

  • I want a free bumper for my i4. How do I get one? Lol

  • blu

    I got my check yesterday.
    I had forgotten about this.

  • Gorgonphone

    i get a free bumper already …llll but it does not fit my 5

  • Guest

    van you still get a bumper case?

  • can you still get the free case

  • Where is my check???