That Keyboard Alpha

I’m usually not a sucker for themes and other elemental changes to stock iOS, but sometimes, a man just can’t deny a good thing when he sees it. That’s exactly the case with this new chiclet styled keyboard, which is currently in the works.

They keyboard, as you can see, is a thing to behold. It’s so simple, yet so elegant, and I want it right now. Unfortunately it’s not quite ready for release, but according to the designer, who posts on Reddit under the name RugratsReRuns, the keyboard may be ready as early as tomorrow.

Here’s how the keyboard, which will fittingly be named “That” Keyboard, will look when viewing the numerical set of keys:

That Keyboard Numerical

And here are the symbols:

That Keyboard Symbols

If you’re interested in all of the intricate details of the progress being made, then visit the thread from the fine folks over at /r/jailbreak. I post there from time to time too, my username is, you guessed it, jeffbenjam.

Even better is the fact that it will be free of charge, though I’d certainly be willing to drop $0.99 for it. What do you think? Would you be willing to use this uber-stylish keyboard on a day-to-day basis?

  • Redo the space and return don’t like how the font looks there other wise it’s a winner

    • Also the send button
      If I may add

  • Yeah it looks nice

  • Marwan Shlon

    I am really interested in this theme
    also I have a question how did he manage to make the send button like this ?

    • Pakayu

      Agree! I like the themehere and the logo’s!

  • What theme is that? I mean for the messages app and stuff.
    MMMM…. Guess I’ll try Winterboard again on my iPhone 4 🙂

  • Clarence Chuah

    Hi Jeff what font is this?

  • Jeremiah

    what cydia source will this be released on?

  • Will this theme work with colorkeyboard?

  • kulcutah

    Kind of lost here, what’s so special about this keyboard again?

    • It goes perfectly with ayecon theme which adds a certain depth or tile like effect to the icons and this tweak does the same to the keyboard
      And as you may or may not know Jeff is a fan of Ayecon

      • Chris

        he’s also a fan boy of auxo:)

      • Thnx!
        Missed that one

    • Damian W

      Me too. This reminds me of custom android keyboards.

  • Whats the point of getting this keyboard… looks like a waste and nothing better than the stock itself

  • Please name of theme and Font…

  • you know i would love to put this but sometimes theming would mean we would have to wait longer to load 😛 except for ayecon.. that shit is out of this world!! 😀

  • I find myself looking more at what I’m typing than the actual keyboard. I feel like I won’t be able to enjoy how clean it looks. Very clean setup though.

  • Joe Benning

    I really miss iTypeFastR. Too bad it hasn’t been around since 3.1

    Anyone else know anything like it?

  • What theme is this, Jeff?

  • rosssimpson

    This reminds me of android, it looks nice on iOS 🙂

  • Does anybody know the name of the tweak to get the status bar battery icon like the one in the screen shot?

  • What theme does Jeff have to move the battery percent inside the icon?

  • What theme are you using (black title bars)?

  • Steven Melton

    keyboard is out now and it works great. Remember you have to have Colorkeyboard for this to work though

  • Falk M.

    The font isn’t something to write home about to put it kindly.

  • Mi4D

    anyone knows about signal bar theme?

    • Juan Ricarte

      did you find out?

      • Mi4D

        no i did’nt.what about you?did you find out?

  • what’s the font called?

  • Juan Ricarte

    what tweak/theme was used to change the signal and wifi bars?