Grabby Update

Ryan Petrich’s Grabby tweak has been updated with a bunch of new features, making it a much more well rounded tweak than the initial release. With version 0.2, downloadable now on Petrich’s personal beta repo, you can have up to five apps assigned to the Lock screen camera grabber at once.

But, of course, that’s not all. This latest version lends the ability to mix and match the icons featured on the camera grabber, along with the ability to display the actual app icons themselves. The tweak is still in beta, but if you were hesitant to try it out the first time, you may want to considering trying it out now.

Now you can assign up to five app icons to the grabber.

The big news here is the ability to choose how many shortcut icons you wish to display on the camera grabber. You can stick to the stock scenario with just one item, or choose as many as five different items at once. This can be easily done via the Icon Count section in Grabby’s preferences.

Grabby Update Icon Count

The next big feature is the ability to use icons from the apps themselves, instead of having to rely on preconfigured canned icons. You can still select the standard Camera, Messages, Phone, Music, and Camera icons, but you can also select the App Icon option for a more readily identifiable shortcut.

Grabby Update Icon

The result of selecting the app icon option instead of used canned built in icons? See below:

Grabby App Icon mode
Yes, you can use actual app icons as well.

As I stated, this update is available right now via Ryan Petrich’s beta repo. To download it, simply add the following repo to your Cydia sources:

What do you think about this latest update? Is there anything else you’d like to see added to Grabby? Share your thoughts and comments below.

  • It’s great but there is only 1 thing that I still need, passcode support…

    • Not again… 🙁 Why oh why no one can code things to properly work with passcodes? Well, maybe that’s the whole point. 🙂

  • jose castro

    lol its hard between this and jellylock

    • seyss

      yes lol
      this one skips passcode, but asks for it if u quit the app

    • ^ JellyLock for me.

    • James

      Yeah, i just installed JellyLock and i don’t really want to stop using it for this one (even though I haven’t tried this one yet — looks cool though!).

    • bloodshed

      jellylock without thinking twice. grabby isn’t stable yet (unusable).
      jellylock + LS Climacons theme, and you get yourself a lovely lockscreen.

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • uninstalled it, kept being laggy and a brief black screen each time i opened something. il reinstall when its out of early beta

    • Same here, really laggy on iPhone 4

    • Same error on iphone 5..

    • There was an update just released. Seems like the developer has fixed this issue.. It’s really smooth now without the brief black screen.

  • J M

    Love it! Simple to use, intuitive, really nice. So glad that he lets you choose from all the apps you have available too!

  • I’ll use this until Atom comes out.

  • Grabby has cool animations to be honest but when it comes to reliability, you won’t really like it. Remember, you have to swipe left to the shortcut, then swipe up to launch it. It takes time and it will be hard to get used to.

    • Yes, it takes time to choose app you wanna launch … I would imagine only swiping up – quick and easy … One icon for unlock, one for foto and then exta customable icon(s) 🙂

  • Does anyone else have the issue where the “slide to unlock ” is higher than normal its actually above where its normally supposed to be ? And there is also a 2-3 seconds delay where the screen is black before it launches

  • Florian Lerch

    Really nice, but it’s not compatible with Unfold yet 🙁

  • Any suggestions on how to fix the slide to unlock issue

  • I wonder if this works well with Better Subtle Lock…

  • Rey Hernandez

    It’s a great idea. I would love an iOS 5 support in a future update. I find this tweak quite useful despite the lag or bugs

  • MrShutEmDown

    It was actually just updated to 0.2.1…

    and I just want it to work with subtlelock and or unfold properly. After the initial “swipe to unlock”.. if you have to unlock your phone again, at least if you’re themed (I’m on Jaku), the text & slider show up higher than the background..

  • MrShutEmDown

    Apparently I’m not the only one with this issue with Grabby messing up the slide to unlock. Works perfectly fine until I install grabby.. But it’s a beta so im sure it’ll be worked out. I’m certain it’s not any lockscreen tweaks I have (lockinfo)

    Image :

    • seyss

      I was using grabby and I never saw that happening

  • Still too buggy!

  • I had to remove it, it messed up the slider to were even respringing the device wouldn’t solve the issue.

    • MrShutEmDown

      This is an issue I was having as well (wrote a comment today about it). Would be nice, but maybe he can fix it in the future

      • Yeah! Really cool idea too, just needs a little more tweaking.

  • Adam Bowman

    I have been using Jellylock for the past few days, and I’m really liking it.

    • Bob

      Same here.

      But it shows through the intelliscreenx notification center so might give this a go.

      • Adam Bowman

        I like Jellylock enough to not even care that I can’t have my Unfold with it.

  • This looks good, and I’m sure the maker of it spent a lot of time on it. I hate to say though, that JellyLock is much cleaner and stable. I’m staying with JellyLock, and am looking forward to what the future updates may have in store.

  • Love this! Hopefully this sends you back to lock screen once your done. Then passcode is okay!

  • Bradley Wyatt

    I had the ability to add 5 icons with the earliest version..anyone else have that?

  • Would be nice to get 2 functions: swipe to the desired App and relase to start it and tap on camera instead of swipe.

  • I hope the issue with the screen going black for a couple of seconds get fixed in the next update. Makes the tweak looks sluggish.

  • I think this tweak should show the preview of the Icon setting, because there are so many icon that I have see each by locking the phone and unlocking it.

  • Jeff Cormier

    Grabby out now in Cydia. HackYouriPhone repo.

  • dgan

    this is what i want. camera, music, messages, phone, and maps without passcode

  • My setting app crashes when I choose Grabby. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Yes,it happens to me too,the 0.3 update killed the tweak