Chat head iphone

This is admittedly, a very rough demo, but it does give us a rough idea as to how Chat Heads might look on iOS. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before a jailbreak developer implements Facebook’s Chat Heads in some way, shape, or form throughout iOS.

What do you think? Perhaps it could be an extension of biteSMS, or maybe it could be a standalone feature? Whatever the case may be, I believe that the only variable here is time.

What do you think? Would you like to see Chat Heads throughout the entirety of iOS? Or do you think it should be a feature that’s only found within the Facebook app? Share your thoughts below. Special thanks to @iPhoneman2K for the link.

  • jose castro

    looks horrible… im sure theirs a better concept then that.

    • Read the article, It’s just a demo.

      • jose castro

        ahh duh.. but still its horrible

  • Even if its going to work, its not going to be smooth

    • Might be slow in i4 but 4s and 5 have high power to run a app on foreground. Its basically a notification center type + bitesms mix. Movement of icon is similar to ‘Assistive touch’, available natively. So its possible to pull this for iOS but need some good developers.

    • kevin butler

      It’s smooth on Android, pretty sure it’ll be smoother on iOS.

  • It’d get in the way of… everything.

  • Very rought demo indeed, yet a nice proof of concept. Like Jeff mentioned, I could definitely see myself using this as a biteSMS extension

    • seems like it would be best if it were an addition tweak to an existing app like Messenger. and from reading the text in the faux-messages it seems like this may be closer to a reality than we think. It would be nice to have if we could set an activator gesture to be able to make the heads appear or disappear. that would seem like it would be the best way to implement this idea, and also if it did more than just messenger. to be able to include imessages, sms/text, add pictures and the such. Its a great concept because it looks like real coding at work, maybe on an emulator tho..

      • Yes! I would hate always having the icons there, but I would like something like you described

  • If you want it to be like the real thing… Get the real thing

  • Mustang5Oh

    I don’t want them in the way of other apps. Having to move them around would annoy me. I like them in the FB app on iPhone and iPad but not everywhere.

  • Chat heads are already on Facebook for iOS. Check the latest update to 6.0

    • I do believe that was where the idea for this article came from, unless they coincidentally both thought of the name ‘chat heads’ SMH

  • Rafael Rodriguez

    The FB app for iOS now have Chat Heads and it’s awesome! 😉

  • I don’t like how the icon is always there…

  • Do not do this….

  • If Mr. Jeff Benjamin made this video:


  • Aqeel Ahmed

    it’s not gonna be native to iOS

  • Timothy

    What happens in Facebook should stay in Facebook.

    That’s my take, anyway.

  • “Graph Search”, “Chat Heads”. Facebook really needs to step up their game in all things marketing related!

  • TheDras

    I’d like to see Facebook Chat Heads on osx like extension or smt.

  • It would be cool if chatheads were part of the multitast tray.

  • Kyle Adams

    if it were cleaned up and matched the true chat head UI, i’d use it

  • iphone4sgamer

    Where is sentry

  • So chat heads, in comparison, could be related to “assertive touch” (found in the accessibility section of settings) in regards of UI. Reminds me of it so much.

  • benjamin aguilar

    Well we all know that this will come as a cydia tweak anyways so…

  • It don’t work on my Iphone! Maybe is not compatable with some other tweet!

  • James

    Do people actually chat that much on facebook that it needs to be integrated into any smartphone? or is it for direct messages and wall comments as well?

    • rosssimpson

      I can tell you, my age range (16-21) are facebook crazy and they use facebook messenger instead of texting mostly as it’s cheaper than using texts because not everyone has unlimited texts and you cant have group chats via sms!

      • Well I’m not in that age range so if you say so then I believe you, but you definitely can do group SMS. Though it may not be as elegant as facebook messenger.

  • what is that