Bionic hand teaser

Here’s CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting on the latest on prosthetic technology: a pair of bionic hands controlled from an iPhone app. 34-year-old Jason Koger in 2008 had a brush with death when he got jolted with 7,200 volts of electricity.

Doctors had to amputate his both hands and he’s been trying out a variety of prosthetic hands ever since. Four years later, UK-based prosthetic developer Touch Bionics comes up with the i-Limb Ultra Revolution, an iPhone controlled bionic hand.

It offers “unparalleled dexterity and control, enabling wearers to more easily perform activities of daily living and thus increase their quality of life.” The video is right after the break…

The CNN report highlights an auto-grasp feature and app control, the latter allowing patients to use their iPhone 5 or iPod touch device to select among 24 different types of grip patterns for greater functionality.

Among the pre-programmed patterns: a right click on a computer mouse, a tri-pod grip to pick up a pen and hand-shake grip for business meetings. Of course, grip patterns are fully customizable so patients can create their own to suit their specific needs.

The bionic hand also lets one rotate their thumb and allow each finger to move independently. It would have been even more awesome if he could use Siri to control his hands.

  • That is really inspiring!

  • beet

    the most feared technology in history of mankind, skynet has begun!

  • ExRoot

    I saw this with my 10 year old a few days ago. My son then wanted to look for the app bu said I doubt it’s a regular app in the AppStore. He get me it’s was. The kid actuall typed in ‘Bionic Hand’ and up it popped. I lost a buck! We downloaded it a registered to play with it but you cat do anything with it unless you gave the prosthetic device. It looks for it via Bluetooth. Very cool for my 10 year old and his mom too!!

  • Bob

    I never asked for this.


    Who gets the reference? 😛

  • Edit: Nvm saw the video