Grabby is a new customizable camera grabber tweak

By , Apr 14, 2013


When Ryan Petrich releases a new tweak, people take note. And that’s the case with his latest creation, Grabby, which is currently available as a beta in his personal repo.

Based on a concept by UI designer Sentry, Grabby is a customizable camera grabber tweak, and it allows you to slide the Lock screen’s camera grabber to launch more apps. Take a look inside for a further description and screenshots…

Grabby cydia

Instead of simply sliding up on the camera grabber to launch the camera app from your Lock screen, Grabby allows you to move the grabber to the left in order to select and launch additional apps. These apps, Messages, Phone, and Music, can be customized to launch anything you want via Grabby’s preferences. Once you highlight a specific app on the Lock screen, simply slide up like you normally would to launch the app of your choice.

Grabby Settings

Grabby can be downloaded from Petrich’s beta repo for free. Simply add his repo — — to your Cydia sources in order to find it. I’ve used it, and while it’s still in beta, it looks and feels very promising. Let me know what you think about it.

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  • Dallas Groot


  • wahaha

    its simple and nice. although its simple and it doesnt allow you to customise any icons but it still maintains the simplicity of the icons

    • Dallas Groot

      You can customize the icons to your liking by changes the images it uses (as a themer, inside your Bundles Folder, add com.rpetrich.Grabby then search on your phone for the original icons and edit them to your liking.) i’ve done this and indeed it does work.

    • DosXX

      I agree. Just installed is and it works like a charm. I wish it was compatible with Unfold and that you could choose which icon was the default one (Messages instead of Camera) and that you could choose the order of the icons. But nevertheless still an easy to use tweak that I will be using :)

      • Dallas Groot

        You do have to keep in mind that this is still beta 😉

      • DosXX

        Haha I know :) I was just hoping that in updates we get these options. Wishful thinking 😉

  • Travis Mortimer

    So Jeff, you’ve tested out both Grabby and Atom. Since they essentially provide the same features at its core, if you had to choose one which would you go for? And what might the pros and cons for each be?

    • Bob

      None. Go for Jellylock, just found it out today, another member mentioned it, it’s awesome!

      • Om Soni

        What repo is JellyLock available in?

      • Bob

        Maxkatzmann’s myrepospace.

      • Jacob
      • Raul Henriquez

        No thank you I already own a nexus 4 I want iPhone to be unique in its own right.

      • seyss

        looks like with jellylock you can only open the camera app from lockscreen.. it isnt configurable?

      • Ivan Ivanovitch

        no you can have up to 3 custom apps of your choice. if you don’t need the camera icon, you can also replace it with something more useful to you

      • Gurudas G✅

        yes in the new update yesterday, you can add 3 extra icons. any icons that you want

      • Eren Öztürk

        jellylock is fuc*ing useless tweak. can not compare with this or atom. And if i were jeff, i would deffinately select Grabby. I changed messages to whatsapp and music to spotify. that rocks ! .

  • Rashidyn

    any video review ?

  • Barry Peeters

    Hmm.. Looks clever and handy. Knowing this comes from Ryan Petrich, I’d asume its a great tweak.

  • Michal Vymazal

    not yet properly compatible with Unfold, the grabber and text is not hidden while grabbing

  • Anthony Nguyen

    It looks a lot or exactly S3ntry’s iOS grabber concept

    • Nirvana

      Yeah, looks really like s3ntry’s concept!

    • JoblessGuy2

      Yep, it does. I think if might be Sentry’s one only. He’s a UI guy, and he did mention having a lot of projects on the table as of now, with multiple devs. Might be one of them.

    • Sebastien

      That’s right. Sentry came up with this concept a few months ago. I updated the post to give Sentry the credit he deserves.

      • Yee Cheong Lam

        Sebastien, I can’t get it work with my Iphone 5. I disable, locklauncher, passcode, subtle and androidlock XT and respring plus rebooted still not helpful. Can you think of why?

  • RarestName

    Original tweak is by rud0lf77. He was working on this…

    • Dallas Groot

      i’m sure Ryan didn’t know about this.

      • Guest

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Ryan is big time on redoing other tweak concepts, but in his defense he always makes them better. And free. :)

  • Ricky

    The battery so envy

    • Brian

      What is the tweak called?

      • Umut Topuz

        “custom battery”

      • Om Soni

        Live Battery Indicator. There’s a post on it too.

      • Om Soni

        What’s with the down-votes?

  • Jordan Carter

    Can’t get it to work at all on my iPhone 5, is there anything else you need installed for it to work? Or is it possibly bc it’s still in beta?

  • Nihas Nebas

    it has a glitch … the swticher goes to the clock area instead of stayin down

    • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

      Good job it’s still a beta

  • bloodshed

    my iphone screen flashes every time i try to launch an app using the grabber!..anybody?

  • Micaiah Martin

    Ryan Petrich is the man!!

  • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

    I actually ignored this in Cydia because of the lack of description/screenshots. Thanks for the info, now I know what it is, I’ll go grab it(pun slightly intended)

  • f1ght3r

    JELLY LOCK is so much nicer

  • dedegarrido

    I know it is still in beta, but he should work on some things like if i have a passcode on, when i open the messages for example, it doesnt show my previous conversations, just a quick compose (same for the phone and music app… I can delete contacts/musics from the lockscreen without putting any passcode). When he fix this issue I will love this tweak!

    • Sean Ellis

      Exactly what I was going to say. This guy gets it.

  • Om Soni

    Kind of messes up your iPhone if you have passcode lock enabled. I had to do a hard boot. But it’s a good tweak overall.

  • Michael Jack

    I’m not seeing this in Ryan’s repository, is this happening to anyone else?

  • Mohamad Amin

    Brilliant tweak acutually but it still needs some work. When launching apps, the screen goes black for about a second. I also noticed that the “grabber” sometimes gets stuck on the slider and when you try to move it, you end up having two grabbers. Like I said, brilliant tweak but still needs some time.

    • Joe Jonsen

      ok i will wait then

  • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

    Doesn’t seem to be compatible with Ayecon :(

    • Surenix

      It’s a new tweak. I’ll have support for it soon.

      • seyss

        is it possible to update the icon according to the app we chose?
        for example, I replaced “Music” with “Safari” but the icon remains from “Music”

        ty great job so far didnt crash my passlocked phone

      • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

        Oh aye, Ryan P seems to be top of the game when it comes to Cydia

  • Tom Canuck

    I love the idea, but … I wont be using it for the same reason I dont use Messages+… it ignores the passcode lock. There’s just nothing I need this quick of access to that I also don’t mind anyone picking up my phone to have access to as well. : except music of course, but still…

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Beautifully done and looks like a native iOS functionality. Good job, Ryan! I’m happy we have these devs around working on iOS. :) Thumbs up!

  • Matt Taylor

    Screen go’s black for a few seconds after every invoke (Before the app launches) Also, one would expect to be returned to the lock screen after closing the app with the home button!? Otherwise what’s the point…!? Otherwise looks very polished :)

  • Adam Paulik

    Flickering … Hope to update & and when I touch foto icon I wanna see all four icons (not when I swipe left). :)

  • Cesar Daniel Quiroz

    What’s the difference between this and Atom? Just the design, that really, doesn’t matter at all.

  • maverick

    Very nice & useful tweak! Simple translucent icons make it to perfect blend in lock screen.

    No problem if no compatible with Unfold. Was looking for a reason to uninstall it. Unfold still have the annoying nag every 500 uses even if you donate.

  • Aalaap Ghag

    If we can get notification badges in these icons, I’d be able to tell if there’s a new message waiting for me. (I turn off banners in lock screen).

  • Sahil

    The best part of grabby is that it bypasses the password lock.. So just like the stock camera grabber, it opens an app without the password and when u hit the home button it lands u back at the lock screen. !!

  • Johnny Bazooka

    when installed, i can’t use my activator gestures on the statusbar e.g. SBsettings. Anyone else got the same problem?

    • B. Braun

      Yes, same here.

      • Johnny Bazooka

        Still having that issue. At Lock- and homescreen. If an App is opened e.g. Safari, gesture will work.

  • jay Sharp

    If you use Ayecon Theme, there is a quick fix for the “CameraGrabber” icon. Just go into “ayecon Lockscreen.theme , Bundles,” Find the png called (CameraGrabber@2x~iphone.png) backup it first and then change the size to 43×100.
    then respiring

  • ithang

    i like idea, try it

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    Ryan Petrich always come up with some of the most useful tweaks

  • qosmio

    always nice to be deleted ;-P

  • B. Braun

    Anyone else here experiencing problems with grabby and Folder enhancer? The Status bar shines throu the Foldername

  • Tamer Zengin

    Or even better, what about a lockscreen that contains all Apps of the first App Page then… Or what about just no Lockscreen?

  • Rares

    This is so unfair,@rud0lf77 was working on this tweak and Ryan stole his idea,I spoke to @rud0lf77 and said that he stole his idea,that grabby is just a bad copy,it says on his twitter account,hope he still releases the real grabber tweak.

  • seyss

    an update came out with no changelog

  • Brian Coates

    FYI, it doesn’t seem to play well with Kingsoft’s BatteryDoctorPro. I usually can tap the battery icon to bring up a set of toggles and other info through BDP, but after unlocking through Grabby, tapping the battery icon does nothing…

    • qosmio

      I think its a conflict with Activator . A respring sorts out the problem for me. Next time try your NC and see if your BatteryDoctorPro works..

      • Brian Coates

        Yeah, a respring works but I’d rather not have to respring every time i use the tweak then want to open the quick BDP panel. I’m sure it still works in the NC but I prefer to keep it out of the NC. Also, in Activator, I don’t have BDP assigned to anything, the quick panel seems to be part of BDP, not necessarily Activator.

      • qosmio

        Think you will find BDP depends on Activator for that (quick panel) action… I have a few setup myself and they all work again after a respring,so it seems to be a conflict with activator.

        After work I’ll look into it with more detail.

        Kind regards J

  • blinkin357

    i’m afraid that it will void warranties on our 4s and 5,

  • seyss

    the new version added “app icon” and it is now great :)
    I hope he can fix the blink issue, which doesn’t affect functionality but it is ugly.

  • Andy Kan

    I just have one issue with this tweak currently. The screen goes black for a sec or two when I open the app from the lock screen. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update. :)

  • qwerty

    in the first pic
    how did u made the battery like that

    • Amir Mufc

      i guess its called live battery

  • Asfandyar Durrani

    can any one tel me how to disable the slide in camera app it shows all pic…i have lock the camera but some time friends takes pic so they can easily access my photo frm camera app….plz some tell the way or app to diable it

  • CPVideoMaker101

    was looking for this :) runs nicely on my iOS 5.1.1 Device