ShareNotes is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to share notes on Twitter and Facebook using iOS’ built in share sheet. The sheet is accessible via a tap on the share button in the Notes app, and it features two new buttons for Facebook and Twitter sharing once this tweak is installed.

The stock sharing options for notes are quite limited; you can only share notes via Mail or Messages. This jailbreak tweak opens things up a bit. Take a look inside for screenshots and more info…

ShareNotes facebook Twitter

One thing to keep in mind when using ShareNotes, is that you must stay under Twitter’s 140 character limit in order to share notes via Twitter. This means that the tweak isn’t smart enough to truncate or use a read more service.

ShareNotes is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

  • Wow I was waiting for a tweak like that !

  • Now I really regret accidentally updating to 6.1.3 🙁

    • Sucks for you
      You’re stuck there until they’s a jb for iOS 7 if there’s one in the future.

      • Unless he has an A4 device

      • I have an iPod five. It sucks

      • You can break it and ask for a new one at the Apple Store. With some luck, it will come with 6.1

      • Except AFAIK it’s illegal to just “break it” and make it out to be a manufacture fault and companies devote a lot of time into assessing their products sent in under warranty to determine if its a manufacture fault or a deliberate one. Breaking it won’t get him anywhere…

  • Sahil

    What Does it do?? Does it post a link or the whole note as plain simple text.. And what if we also have a picture in the note?

  • This tweak would be so much better if it integrated with Twitkafly rather than the native tweet sheet and if it insists on integrating with the native sheet it could at least have twitlonger support…