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What do you get when you take a jailbreak tweak that can clear an app’s notification badges, and cross it with one that can clear its cache, backup and restore its data, and more? Easy, Icon Tool.

Icon Tool is a new tweak by developer ioshack that offers up all of the above-mentioned options in one easy to access menu. Simply put your device into wiggle mode, and triple tap on an app icon…

Doing this will reveal a menu like the one you see above, with these options: open in iFile, clear badge, launch, delete, clear caches, backup data and restore data. It’s Icon Tool’s only UI component.

The ability to save and restore app data is pretty handy, as you can delete an app, re-download it, and return it to its previous state. And clearing app cache can free up hard drive space in a pinch.

But my favorite feature of the tweak has to be its ability to open an app in iFile. Selecting this option takes you right to the app’s folder—no browsing directories—so you can make edits on the fly.

That being said, I haven’t decided if this is for me yet. And I suspect you’ll have the same problem. At just $1 though, it’s probably worth checking out. You can find Icon Tool in the BigBoss repo.

  • seyss

    where does it backup the appdata to?

    • Mehrzaad


  • This is what I need. A tweak that clears up my cache on my apps.

  • Is there another tweak that clears up your app cache?

  • Ben


    • I’ve had no success trying to configure the options in iCleaner so that “first use” prompts aren’t restored. Every time I use it, the next time I open the AppStore it asks me to download the Apple Apps. Other apps that download certain updates from a server instead of the updating the app in the AppStore I have to redownload it all. It’s obnoxious. Not sure if this would be much better.

  • I miss Jeff’s videos

  • Rickm_jr

    is there a way to find out which installed deb files aren’t being used? for example I install a tweak with dependencies and uninstall the tweak but forgot what else was installed.

    • ha7ak3

      iCleaner removes unused dependencies 😉

    • MobileTerminal
      “apt-get autoremove”

      • blawbair

        Will try this later! CLI FTW! 😉

  • Which one is better iCleaner or This tweak?

    • iCleaner = general, can do more then Icon Tool
      Icon Tool = specific

      both in combination is the best!

      • Thxs
        I just used iCleaner and it cleaned up 2.3gb.

      • Wow crazy

  • Got this one right ahead because of the iFile option. I’d like to see a review to the new Tweak “Messages” from the developers of Bulletin 🙂 Thx

  • I use iCleaner and PkgBackup. Though, I do like the quick backup of data incase I need to uninstall an app and reinstall it (done this several times with the Twitter app as every update on my old iPhone 4 caused freezing during runtime), would save me about 8 taps in the process.

  • Om Soni

    Didn’t Jeff do a video on this already?

  • 笑傲江湖

    非常好 不错

    • Om Soni

      Very Good Good indeed!

      • 笑傲江湖


      • 笑傲江湖


    • f1ght3r

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      • 笑傲江湖

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      • 笑傲江湖

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      • wadjj

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      • seyss

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      • Jeffrey Yeo

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      • gerald young


    • SimonReidy


  • Hello there,
    is there any apps to/for
    – Get rid of News stand
    – better clipboard
    – another keyboard row with numbers


    • SimonReidy

      1. ‘NoNewisGoodNews’ or ‘Springtomize 2’ has that option.

      2. Action Menu Plus – Full clipboard history, plus a favourites option to add custom entries.

      3. There used to be a tweak called “5 row keyboard” but I’m not sure if its been updated for iOS6. I’m sure someone else here can help with that one.

      • wadjj

        ikeywi is the thing, keep in mind every key would be smaller though. I keep it on ipad but give up on iphone, they are already so freaking tiny

      • Thanks

  • SimonReidy

    I’m amazed no has thought of the “open in iFile” option before. Such a good idea. Having the option to rename icons is also a bonus.

    Great tweak allround. Only addition I’d like to see is an option to backup app data to Dropbox (or at least know where the app is backing up data to, so I can manually back it up to DropBox using iFile).

    • Rasec46

      Yup, i would love that to. For now i’ll use the tweak datadeposit to backup my app save games to the dropbox.

    • blawbair

      Saw a new package in Cydia earlier today called “IconTool App”. It’s a simple way to view the backups made in IconTool, anyway, Dropbox-support was on the todo-list for the developer so you might want to check that out. 🙂

      Oh yeah, and I’m using DataDeposit and AppBackup for app-backups which works fine. DataDeposit auto-uploads to Dropbox. Both are free.

      • SimonReidy

        Thanks blawbair. Have installed the IconTool addon. Very handy.

  • Would have been great if it saved to dropbox

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Amazing tweak IMO. I wish I could clear the cache of apps in iOS without the need for JB. Some apps can really eat a lot of space with time, especially problematic on 16 GB iDevices.

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    maybe is just me, after installing this tweak my phone crash a few times… after that i uninstall it and everything is back to normal… felt bad that i spent on something that is not working for me.. =(

  • leart za jmi

    it is safe?
    i am not sure that the system will be not affected

    since there is not a way to restore, is not a good idea to play with tweaks that works on ios system

  • leart za jmi

    but it is safe??
    Since there’s no way to restore A5+ , i am not sure that is a good idea to use tweaks that access files in ios system..

  • If this works with games, then: 😀

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