Backup and restore app data, clear caches and more with Icon Tool

icon tool

What do you get when you take a jailbreak tweak that can clear an app’s notification badges, and cross it with one that can clear its cache, backup and restore its data, and more? Easy, Icon Tool.

Icon Tool is a new tweak by developer ioshack that offers up all of the above-mentioned options in one easy to access menu. Simply put your device into wiggle mode, and triple tap on an app icon…

Doing this will reveal a menu like the one you see above, with these options: open in iFile, clear badge, launch, delete, clear caches, backup data and restore data. It’s Icon Tool’s only UI component.

The ability to save and restore app data is pretty handy, as you can delete an app, re-download it, and return it to its previous state. And clearing app cache can free up hard drive space in a pinch.

But my favorite feature of the tweak has to be its ability to open an app in iFile. Selecting this option takes you right to the app’s folder—no browsing directories—so you can make edits on the fly.

That being said, I haven’t decided if this is for me yet. And I suspect you’ll have the same problem. At just $1 though, it’s probably worth checking out. You can find Icon Tool in the BigBoss repo.