Steve Jobs iPhone keynote

Folks worried about the future of Apple’s smartphone line can rest easy. At least for the immediate future anyway. A new report is out that suggests Steve Jobs was involved in the design stages of at least the next two generations of the iPhone.

The report comes from The San Francisco Examiner, after speaking with its city’s District Attorney George Gascón. Apparently, Gascón recently met with Apple to discuss the rise in iPhone thefts, and he found out some pretty interesting stuff…

The DA met with Apple’s Government Liaison Michael Foulkes. And he was hoping to find out if Apple had any plans to incorporate some sort of ‘kill switch’ in future iPhones so that users could completely and remotely disable them when stolen.

He told the San Francisco Examiner that he was “underwhelmed” with the entire discussion, saying that Foulkes seemed to be “trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing.” But he did manage to walk away with some intriguing intel.

“Gascón said Foulkes discussed the long and laborious process of researching and producing a kill-switch technology for devices, and also said the next two generations of iPhones have already been developed.

“They preceded Tim Cook,” the district attorney said he was told of the future iPhones.

Gascón said he doesn’t need to see the technology in the next iPhone, but simply wants a plan in place. He said industry insiders have told him the technology is possible.”

While it seems kind of odd that a government rep would be offering up details on future products, this sentiment has come up in the past. Shortly after Jobs’ death in 2011, it was reported that he had left Apple with a four-year long product pipeline.

It’s unclear which iPhone models Apple’s liaison was referring too, but it’s been speculated that he was speaking about the next-gen handset, rumored to be the iPhone 5S, and the much-talked about budget iPhone—both believed to drop this summer.

The 5S is expected to look very similar to its predecessor, with some minor internal upgrades and an improved camera system. It’s also said that it will feature a built-in fingerprint sensor, which would actually be perfect for Gascón’s ‘kill switch’ idea.

At any rate, it’s just cool to hear that Steve Jobs’ voice continues to echo in the halls of Cupertino.

  • King

    He past away back in 2011 the phone will be outdated next to the Galaxy S4 ether beat it or leave it

    • He was dreaming about iPad 20 years before its release … there is a possibility he was thinking 3 iPhones in advance. Nobody said what he helped with, maybe design, maybe some idea of a certain function, you never know.

    • well same hapen wen S3 1.4GHz quad core,1gb ram came out to beat the 800mhz 2 core ,512ram Iphone 4s.

      Impressive numbers but u think he beat it in performance?

      Dont think so

      lets just w8 for a i5 or VS S4 performance test video

      for now i see camera test 13MP vs 8MP and some pics S4 win and others i5 win

    • ReanimationXP

      Did you actually see the S4 unveiling.. lmao

  • l hope not, l was hoping for a bigger screen.

    • Why? The iPhone 5’s 4-inch has a perfect ratio to watch TV-Shows and Movies plus it feels great and you can use it in one hand, using two hands would really be annoying, don’t you think? There is no, absolutely no need of a bigger screen! I hope Apple gets that, Samsung, obviously, didn’t! But well, Samsung isn’t about making phones better, it’s about making more of a phone, no matter whether it is good or not, just making it bigger, faster, energy-hungryer, I don’t get this company. Hoping apple won’t make the same mistakes, then there are only HTC, Nokia and Sony left making, well, let’s say ‘usable’ phones. 😉

      • Blip dude

        Uhh, some of us don’t like one handing it (No pun intended). Personally I love landscape and I was glad when iOS 3 came out because Landscape notes, email, and SMS/MMS was a long overdue feature. Now I am not saying that Apple needs a 4.8 inch phone (Like Samsung), but a 4.5 inch phone (Like Nokia), would be perfect. Plus, some of us don’t want to buy or carry iPads around, ever thought of that?? I would love to get rid of my iPad if Apple created a 4.5 inch phone. And the iPhone from 1st Gen to 6th Gen, have been battery eaters, so how would having a bigger screen make a difference??? As far Samsung goes, I am not a fan of their products (Prefer Nexus), but they seemed to be doing okay with their oversize battery consumption phones, and I have heard no complaints from either iPhone or Samsung users (as far as battery is concerned).

      • Since i’ve had my note 2, i find going back to an iPhone really painful. And i can quite easily use this phone with one hand.

        Having the screen big makes it alot easier for my daughter to watch movies on, and you can actually see the game you are playing that has on screen controls.

        So to say there is absolutely no reason for a bigger screen is kinda stupid. and i bet when apple does make the screen bigger you will love it.

      • I don’t see that happening, but you know, there have been patents for resizable Displays, now that would be A really great phone 😉

  • Yan Kar

    If Steve helped design the next iphone , one thing for sure it won’t be bigger than 4 inch… yaks

    • Aidan

      Amen to that. Anything bigger than 4 inch’s is way too big for an iPhone (or in deed any phone) in my opinion.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        I don’t know.. these 4.+ inch screens are really starting to make sense,,. maybe Apple should make a legitimately large (not giant size like the Note) screen phone..

      • Well, I don’t know. 4-inch seems really perfect to me.

      • ReanimationXP

        The iPhone 5 is an awkward aspect ratio. Even though my 4S feels like a midget phone now, I still despise having to awkwardly reach for every “Back” button.

      • And then you want a bigger screen?! Where is the logic there?

      • ReanimationXP

        Define ‘bigger’? The iPhone is too tall. The aspect ratio is strange compared to any other phone or screen.

      • Others don’t get it, THAT’S IT! The ratio is perect! Perfect to watch movies, see more content, jus perfect.

      • ReanimationXP

        Wrong. When was the last time you watched a 1:85 widescreen cinema-formatted movie on your phone? Never. Even when that content exists, it’s letterboxed to 1080p. 16:9 is the accepted standard for consumer content. Trying to roll your own aspect ratio for no benefit at all is just asanine. They should have either kept the aspect ratio and sized up like other phones have, or left it 3.5″. Now developers are forced to deal with yet another aspect ratio for no benefit at all.

        More importantly, as I mentioned before, awkwardly scooting my hand up to press back is not worth the extra .5″ of screen in a completely strange aspect ratio. Apple fucked up with the 5.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        True! 4.3 inch would be just perfect.

      • when the HTC evo came out in 2010 with a 4.3″ screen, everyone was all “whoa that screen is huuuuge!!”

        while I don’t think it’s huge, I do think it’s oversized (which is why I sold it).

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        No doubt, no doubt, indeed.

      • Liam Mulcahy

        I think so too 4.8 inches is the perfect screen size

      • Yeah, then go Samsung… OMG, if you want a screen to use in one hand go apple, if not, go any other company, they will sure all go bigger and bigger.

      • Liam Mulcahy

        It depends on the way you want to use it if you want easy to use. Get a iPhone. By the way I like Apple better

      • Then, if you want a bigger screen, get an iPad mini. In my opinion any screen taller than 4.3 inch is not a phone anymore, if you want to use it all the time, you should use a tablet anyway.

      • Liam Mulcahy

        I’m waiting for iPad mini retina but then I will

      • Kurt

        like you said. its your opinion. so stop being a communist and trying to force your opinion on everyone. piss off

      • Kurt

        you can type one handed with the note. They have a small keyboard that if you are right handed its positioned over to the right sided. if you are lefty then it can be positioned to the left. Samsung has solutions for these issues. iPhone 5 gets a larger screen and in landscape the keyboard is the same size but they add gray to the sides of the keyboard . apple doesnt pay attention to details.

      • Apple doesn’t pay attention to details? They do! Just there is no way of making this better, If they made it wider, it would feel strange!

      • Kurt

        Come on buddy

      • So you saying that if iphone 6 or 5s come out with screen bigger than 4 inch than you not going to buy it ?

    • Some people want bigger phone. They should like make 2 version. IPhone 5s with 4 inch and 4.5+ inch.
      and color as well. ATleast 3 choice.
      Anyhow i like 4 inch. It’s more than enjoy for me.
      Personal preference.

    • An upcomming iPhone 5S needs a better UI, if they don’t more work in the 7 year old UI i will switch to something different.

    • I am the only one that thinks 3.5″ was perfect? 4″ is useable with one hand, but only just, 3.5″ felt a lot more natural in my opinion…

  • WolfgangHoltz

    This is just a PR trick to try to get some interest towards a dying concept. Time to move on before it’s too late.

    • Could you explain a little more what you mean? Time to move on? For who? Apple or the people? PR-Trick seems kind of logical, but I’m not absolutely sure if apple needs PR.

      • Time for Apple to move on. and Apple is actually the master of PR.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Look what Tim Cook manage to do he took away YouTube and Google Maps from iOS, resulting in a number 1 and 2 place for Google in AppStore for several months. He also manage to lower the stock prize with more than 30% in 12 months period same period they launched iPhone5 and iPad 4 iPad mini along with the crippled Lightning connector. Hell yeah they need all PR they can get but what they desperately need is not just an slightly faster iPhone5.
        They need something new.

      • I don’t think so. May you should read some articles on why apple’s stock crashed, they had record sales. So they don’t have to care about PR. Apple doesn’t have to make PR, they get it anyway.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        So companies that have record sales do not have to worry about PR. I believe that it is of even more significance in these cases. And Apple spend big money in PR if you didn’t know.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    We love you Steve. Hope you have a great time up there!

  • With Sir Jonny Ive overseeing iOS and the influence of Steve Jobs on the iDevice design… Things are looking pretty good for the next few iPhones.

    Don’t see Sadsung taking Apples crown of the best selling device anytime soon.

  • I think Apple does not need to choose between bigger or smaller screens. Just make both. Will Apple make only one phone? probably not. I’m thinking about the ipod lineup. we had original ipod, then several years later we had ipod mini, nano, shuffle….

  • Manuel Molina

    Crap, I guess will see the iPhone 5 as a 5S, and the 5S as a 5SS or the 6 which will look like a 4 and 5 combined.

  • @dongiuj

    Worried about sales or competition?

  • Apple has different size Mac’s, ipods and ipad’s. So I don’t understand why they can’t have at least two different size iphones. A 4.0 inch for those who like the small size and a 5 inch (4.8 – 5.0) for those who would love to have a larger screen.

    • Tim Cook is thinking “how would Steve have done it?” and the thing how Steve would have done it is that he would have one screen size, a ‘perfect’ screen size. I know people don’t like anyone saying that, but Steve wouldn’t have given us anything bigger than a 4-inch. Because 4-inch is perfect, because I think Steve was a perfectionist and he wouldn’t find it OK to have 2 phones out there. The thing with tablets, well, that’s another!

      • steve is gone so lets improve on his work…

      • But making things unperfect… Is that improving? I think that too depends on wether you are a perfectionist.

  • Go get a life u guys!!

  • Matthew Tanner

    Steve hasn’t die. Heaven just needed a new CEO.

    • ReanimationXP

      ..because there are all kinds of living people in Heaven.

      I hate it when people say stupid shit to try and sound profound.

  • I don’t think iPhone 5S will be amazing or that much better than iPhone 5
    Now iPhone 6 in my opinion will be what the iPhone 4 was: a major upgrade with breakthrough technology that nobody else will have for a while.
    iOS… I’m not too sure… Look at Samsung and google implementing new software that is attracting new customers
    Apple needs to step up their game in iOS 7
    I mean Just look at how much android has improved…
    And before all the apple fanboys start jumping at me let me say this: I love apple and I don’t think I would switch to android but let’s be honest, apple has the money and power to bring us a lot more features in iOS But they don’t
    I know how to recognize when apple is number 1 and when they start falling behind
    Unfortunately right now they’re a little behind
    But I think and hope this will change soon

    • Well, you are right, and you are wrong, at least in my opinion. I think that iOS is miles before Android, especially in terms of security and stability. But you got a point there: android got more features. But, you know, firstly it is not google but Samsung for example implementing them, secondly you have to say: this features are more needless than Siri. And Siri is something you show your friends when getting the phone to, after that, never use it again. At least that is what 99% of iOS users do.

      • IOS is supper smooth and stable but also supper boring

      • So boring is if you not have to worry about it crashing all the time or what?!

    • 5S will be a typical “s” same phone just faster…lol but fact is we have enough speed now.. its time for a new better UI and more features that actually se the extra power and speed

  • 4.3 inch gonna be awesome to play games and watch videos

  • I got i5 with jailbreak i wont buy iphone 5s same thing but with better camera sorry apple i have ipad mini and i love it but i wont buy ipad mini with retina display sorry apple you apple dont give me some thing new i’ll keep my money in my pocket

  • Here is the idea why not two models of iphone or two sizes for different people just like the ipod bigger screen for lovers of multimedia small screen for small hands be smart please.

  • luka


  • Well Steve jobs did not need to do a lot for the net iphone, if the next iphone follows the iPhone 4/4s route.

  • Zeafer

    Is it just me, or is the market ready for an iPhone nano? It can rely heavily on voice controls (ie: voice 2 txt, email dictation, etc) and do away with the need for the larger, battery-draining LCD screen. Or perhaps this is already the plan for the iWatch?

    For watching movies, wasn’t there a massive buzz around tiny LED projectors a few CES cycles ago? What happenned to being able to project my movie onto the back of the bus seat in front of me, at 15″ or bigger? This tech would also take the full-size iPhone/iPod to the next level.