My first look at a very early version of Badger. What do you think?

  • Aehmlo

    Wow, that was fast.

  • Whooa!!! That’s cool!

  • good one but the integration of iOS Folder theme could take this to the next level.

    • Aehmlo

      What do you mean by that?

      • SimonReidy

        I think he means for messages to appear in the background (using the same animation as stock iOS uses for opening folders). Personally I prefer the current pop-up UI, but as Sentry said the font and size of the box is currently a bit of a problem, as you can’t read very much of the notifications. I imagine they’ll sort these issues out before release.

    • You are right! I hate badges on my folders but with badger showing the notification of each badge notification with badgr that would be awesome and very useful.

  • Beta382

    Bear in mind that this is a *very* early alpha release. The bug squishing has only just begun!

    • I’d much rather “bare” in mind than have a “bear” in my mind…

      • Immortal1s

        Ironic. What “bare” things are you thinking about in your mind? And why don’t you google the correct phrase first before making yourself look silly.

      • bondinspace

        ? “bear in mind” is the correct spelling…


  • LP918

    Looks pretty nice, but upon closer inspection a little tidbit caught my eye. That triangle that comes out of the badge really looks out of place, color and everything. It would probably look better if it was the same color as the “Unread Messages” bar. Just a suggestion. When will this be out on Cydia?

    • Aehmlo

      The tip is the same color as the bottom, I just need the graphic designer behind this to give me an alternate image for the tip at the top. And there is no ETA yet, sorry.

      • LP918

        Ah, I see.

      • Aehmlo

        But yeah, the triangle will blend much better in the final version.

      • ReanimationXP

        Get @surenix!

  • Sentry

    Pretty odd UI, almost literally just four words or so are readable due to the poor font choices and image/spacing. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of being able to quickly see app-specific notifications, when you can barely make out a few words of the contents.

    • agreed, integration of iOS Folder style would be better, instead of a pop-up.

      • Aaron de Silva

        Yea but what if the app is in a folder? Folder-ception ? =)

  • awesome! 🙂

  • Jeff

    Again, to reiterate, this is a very early alpha. The dev was nice enough to let me preview this.

    • Wonder what happens when you tap the “AppStore” badge….

      • LP918

        Hm. Interesting idea, maybe an option to directly update apps from there?

    • You and everyone else who completed the beta testing application on his site.

      • Aehmlo

        This is a broad, inaccurate generalization. We received hundreds of beta test requests, and only picked a couple dozen beta testers. Don’t make assumptions, please.

      • I feel bad now…

  • Aehmlo

    Also, in case you hadn’t heard this yet, Badger’s going to be fully themable and customizable, so if you don’t like the UI, you can change! We’ll even provide theming documentation to make it easier on themers.

    • Nice. Will it support iOS 5.x?

      • Aehmlo


      • You should update to iOS 6. 🙂

      • Aehmlo

        Some people can’t, such as iPad 1 owners like myself.

      • Many tweaks I use are not available on iOS 6 yet. And it’s all set so well I miss nothing from iOS 6.

    • bondinspace

      How are you getting around people with fat fingers? I mean, Ayecon helps out with smaller icons, but still.

      • Aehmlo

        There’ll be other activation methods.

    • Kurt

      Awesome, great to hear. I like darker grays than lighter values of gray. ie beautiful webOS. This will be a useful tweak!

  • Looks nice so far
    This is the type of tweaks that make iPhone awesome

  • Great!

  • I’m liking what i’m seeing so far. But I don’t want to get all hyped up about it so soon. I don’t know exactly just from this short video how I would use it everyday on my phone but with the though of this simple tweak so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if some big things were incorporated allowing me to get it as soon as it hits cydia.

  • Grnot

    I’d recommend implementing a swipe down (or up) gesture on an icon to trigger it, since it’s a bit tough to tap the badge due to its small size. Other than that, it looks great!

    • Aehmlo

      There will be multiple activation methods to choose from.

  • Nice tweak!

  • I like that the UI will be themable/ customizeable. That is a must in many tweaks as we all have our own preferences. Also, just tapping the badge to open the notification then exiting the shortcut would make the badge disappear right? I hate so many badges cluttering up my icons.

    • ReanimationXP

      I’d want them to stay until they’re ‘actioned’, but agreed this should of course give an option to clear it. Swiping away individual notifications would be a nice feature.

      • Aehmlo

        You’ll be able to swipe away notifications, and possible clear all of them.

      • ReanimationXP

        Excellent! Perhaps a hold on the badge could pop a ‘clear all?’ dialog.

        Really great to see a dev take such interest in user feedback, especially here on iDB. Thanks!

      • Aehmlo

        That’s a good idea. A short hold on the badge will also be an optional activation method, though, so maybe not just due to conflicts.

  • they should somehow divide the app icon into two pieces with a diagonal line, that way, tapping on the right side will view the notification but not open the app, and vice versa.

    • ReanimationXP

      Disagree. The badge is big enough to click on its’ own, and this shouldn’t interfere with normal icon operation.

      • Click? Do you have an iPhone compatible Bluetooth mouse?

      • ReanimationXP

        I do actually.

      • Awesome! Happy clicking. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to use my thumbs..

      • ReanimationXP

        Cool story. Tell it again.

  • Scott

    I am all for tweaks but how is this better than just going to the notification screen? I use that all the time and works well. I can also see a lot more of my message in there as well. And with tweaks like intelliscreenx I can view, read, call, mark as read, or reply right from there in any app that I happen to be in.

  • Michael Edwards

    It just makes so much sense. Great idea imho. I’ll definately give it a try

    • No Whammy

      Let me get this straight: instead of just opening the app to read your messages, you tap the badge to open a preview. Then if you want to read more or reply, etc. you tap another button to open the app?

      Can someone explain to me why you’d want to make an easy task more involved?

      • Aehmlo

        Because of the amount of time that it takes to open the app and browse through several screens to get to the notification. It takes up to a minute for me to launch an app, let alone navigate through it, on my iPad.

      • Scott

        Hmmm, takes me < 5 seconds to pull down notification screen and click on the message notification and then have the app launch directly to the message. Or better yet read and reply to the message right from notification screen via intelliscreenx.
        On both my ipad 3 and iPhone 5

      • Aehmlo

        To each his own, but you’ll be able to do the same thing using Badger.

      • Scott

        True to each their own but unless badger is going to be able to do a lot more than just preview a message I think the money is better spent on another tweak. But we will see. I was a diehard a settings guy for awhile and now I mostly use ncsettings instead.

      • Aehmlo

        It’ll let you do far more than just preview messages. Like Jeff said, this is a /very/ early version. Nowhere near done.

      • Scott

        Well if it does, then it has my vote but based only only seeing on feature of it at the moment which doesn’t really improve upon the stock message/notification center or some of the other tweaks that are already out I am not impressed yet. But will keep my eye open for more info and its release.

      • Michael Edwards


  • Is it me or your black your avi is nice u been gone for couple days bro keep it up i depend on your feedback side note isx best tweak ever worth the 10.99 s/o to IDB

  • Am the only one that wanna see wat jeff phone has on it

  • this looks very redundant… and unnecessary… too bad no dev sees value in fixing the backrounder tweak so we can really maximize the power of our iphone5s…. 🙁

    • Aehmlo

      Backgrounder is completely irrelevant to this tweak.

  • itz cool but can u say which software yu using to take the video on your i5?

  • Ace Vin

    Is here have any tweak same as this for ios7?