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Folks who are fans of the LockHTML jailbreak tweak will be happy to hear that version 2 is now available. The tweak, which is developed by Busche, hit Cydia last week with new code, new features and a number of improvements.

For those unfamiliar with LockHTML, it is (was?) a jailbreak utility that allows you to customize the appearance of your Lock screen with a clock-hider and themeable HTML widgets. And version 2.0 adds a host of new options… 

Those new options include the ability to hide, in addition to the clock, the ‘Slide to Unlock’ label, the LockBar image—which is the image behind the slider—the gradient black slider image, and the camera grabber. And there’s many more.

lockhtml 3

The tweak also allows you to show the time in the Status bar, as well as the dynamic battery graphic that shows up when your phone is charging, whether it’s really charging or not. You can even pick where the battery is located on the screen.

But LockHTML 2’s main attraction is its ability to display HTML widgets. It only comes with one, a weather widget called LS Air (shown above). But developers will be able to create third-party widgets, which could be huge if it gains any traction.

lockhtml 2

All of these options can be configured from the Settings app, except for weather location. For that, you’ll have to pop open iFile and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML/theme/. Find the Settings file, and change the zipcode to yours.

I must say, it feels like this tweak has a lot of potential. I’d get it just for the custom Lock screen settings, but the widgets look pretty sharp too. It’d be cool if devs took to something like this like they did the Notification Center when it first came out.

Anyway, if you want to check out LockHTML 2 for yourself, you can find it in the ModMyi repo for $0.99.

Have you tried LockHTML 2 yet? What do you think?

  • battery and/or performance drainage?

    • It’s a smartphone, battery drain is unavoidable

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  • eddievers

    Works good on iphone 4 6.0.1

  • Sandip

    Cannot change lockscreen knobs or slide to unlock arrow. Please help

    • dedegarrido

      system/library/private/privateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework – modify the bottombarknobgray@2x~iPhone.png ; and It will change the knob/slider 😉

      • Sandip

        Thanks but it change into small barknob. i want to change into theme knobs.

  • Adil Hussain

    Looks nice! But i guess it’ll come with alot of battery drainage, so probably gonna avoid this

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    Nice post Cody……albeit a litle late

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  • There used to be a time when i had jailbroken 3GS with tons of tweaks and yet it used to be fast. But now i have jailbroken 4S with so little tweaks and yet it lags ……..:(

  • pass

  • Winterboard can pretty much do all this. And there’s already a bunch of lockscreen widgets for it.

  • sucks that i have lock info and use it often

    • This tweak support lock info 5???

  • Anthony Hufford

    A shame it doesn’t support the iPad 2. 🙁

    • Damian W

      Very agreed. We keep seeing tons of lockscreen tweaks on iPhone but almost none on iPad. In reality, ipad has the potential to have the most beautiful lockscreen with the help of tweaks like this one here. Yet it is the most boring lockscreen with a huge unused screen space.

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    tell me the source where can i find this for free

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    Has anyone used this with IntelliscreenX?

  • I cannot figure out the weather configurations