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We’ve come across some pretty cool tricks in iOS over the years. There’s the six hidden buttons on the iPad’s split keyboard, the long-hold action in the Mail app that brings up your last draft, and my favorite, Photo Stream websites.

Today we’ve got another neat little tidbit to share with you involving the stock Calculator application. I know, for most of you this app rarely gets touched. But for those of you that use it more often, this tip could prove very useful…

Open up the Calculator app on your iPhone or iPod touch, and enter in several numbers. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, just make sure you do more than 1 or 2 for the purpose of this demonstration. Then try to delete them.

Now, the title has probably already tipped you off. But most users will tap the ‘Clear’ button, effectively deleting all numbers at once. This means that even if you only messed up a single digit in your equation, you’d have to start all over.

But there is a way to delete each digit one-by-one that not everyone knows about it. Simply swipe from left to right in the middle of the ‘LCD screen’ box at the top where the numbers are, and the app will remove the last digit entered.

And that’s pretty much it. Again, nothing groundbreaking here. And a lot of you may have already known about this trick. But for those that didn’t, I think you’ll find that this really comes in handy—especially with multistep math problems.

  • *immediately tries*

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Wow! I swear if woud of known this since I first got the iPhone, this would of been very useful! Thanks for the tip, I’ll be using it very often know that I know.

    • Om Soni

      One word. GRAMMAR.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Four words. WHO GIVES A SHIT?

      • Nobody cares, This is not a english class nor your his English teacher. This is so called Grammar Hitler thing .

      • Omar

        I believe the correct word is “spelling”.

      • indeed a Grammatical error is like “I’m the more strongest” because even though all the words are spelled correctly you cant say “more and -est” while a spelling error is something like “Ii L00vve uuu frIND”

  • found it and realised how dumb I was for not trying it

  • sdhn97


  • It works no matter what direction you swipe, or over what distance, not just left to right in the middle.

  • Lol i tried this before.

  • dedegarrido

    It works with one number and two numbers!!

  • YNN08

    You may undo the typed text in the iphone by simply shaking the phone .,,,

    • iDara09

      Right, and I have been hoping that “Activator” should update to have a quick access (you know what I mean). Shaking the phone all the time sometime is not convenience.

      • YNN08

        I agree with you but just sharing my experience

      • Yeah, I find that whilst I’m on the bus and people start looking as I sit there shaking this phone trying to get the darned thing to undo, probably the most horrible feature of iOS.

      • iDara09

        I know, right? It’s kinda awkward!!

  • Yeah, for like a year at least…

  • YNN08

    However, I don’t like if Siri activates itself in your jeans’ pocket when you sit down or iphone is pressed in the pocket…Apple should do something…

    • Kaptivator

      Get looser jeans…maybe?

      • YNN08

        ok sir I will buy iJeans

      • Kaptivator


  • I don’t want to be rude but I actually knew about this feature,I think I saw a tweet of @sentry_nc or another dev,I think ryan,I don’t remember exactly,anyway,it is since ios 5.

  • Jonathan

    We seriously need to catch up with Technology.

  • Been doing this since I got my first iDevice, running 3.1.3. Always seemed obvious to me.

  • Wow hidden feature one of the200 new feature apple always talk about in their new os

  • Like if you tried it right after you read the Topic.

  • Manuel Molina

    I might sound loser but, I actually found this out 3 weeks ago and I’m an iOS user since 3.1.2. Yep, pretty sad.

  • Nash

    Slowpoke much?

  • Fahad Mahmood

    OMG I didn’t know that!! I always get frustrated cause I mess up my equations!

  • girish

    yiap i do know since i got ma iphone 4 🙂

  • anyone notice what it says when you read it upside down?


  • bloodshed

    first i found about attaching photos and videos from the, which is awesome..and now this cool ‘hidden’ feature!
    so the question, is Apple expecting users to know about all these ‘200’ features on their own?
    another reason to appreciate iDB even more.

  • raVOo

    put ur ip deep in water and it will float

  • Jerry

    Really?! Lol they couldn’t of told of this

  • Although pretty cool, I don’t see why the couldn’t just put a damn delete button in


  • seyss

    of course I knew !!!!!!!!!!

  • tariq haidari


  • This is not new. It’s been around since 5.0 at least.

  • YNN08

    But swiping does not work after mathematical operations are done … not very useful ..,