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Yesterday we showed you a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the look of your app icon badges. And today, we’ve got something for those of you who’d rather just get rid of them. Introducing Badge Clearer.

Yes, I’m well aware that there are already a few tweaks out there that clear app badges. In fact, we just reviewed one a few weeks ago called Clear Badges. But this one goes about doing it a little bit differently than they do…

Instead of using a ‘Clear all badges’ button, or allowing users to tap the badges individually to delete them, Badge Clearer presents you with a short menu of options every time you go to launch an app: Clear, Launch or Dismiss.

Choosing the Clear option will clear the app’s notification badge temporarily—it’ll come back the next time you launch it. Choosing the Launch option will launch the app. And choosing the Dismiss option will close the menu.

There’s no settings to mess with, which I like. But there’s also a few things I don’t like. First, the menu pops up when opening every app, not just the ones with badges. And second, I noticed some crashing and other stability issues.

Of course, the latter could be due to a conflict with one of the other 20 tweaks I have installed. But the menu thing still makes it tough to recommend Badge Clear. It’s free in the BigBoss repo, though, if you’d like to check it out.

  • What happened to Jeff??

    • Melvco

      Nothing, he just can’t do a video review for every single jailbreak tweak that comes out. ;op

      • RarestName

        He used to do so until people started whining about their “precious” minutes being wasted.

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    to me it is annoying when the menu pops up everytime u launch any app

    • bloodshed

      yeah very odd and annoying..tweaks are supposed to make experience better not worse!..and for once, why some people hate app badges this much?

  • This is a sub part of Springtomize made more irritating; it’s not every time I tap the app icon that I intend to clear the badge. In springtomize, to clear a badge, simply enter edit mode and double tap the icon.

  • is there a tweak (it was badgeclear on ios5) which does clear badges after I clear notifications from notification center??

    • Tom Canuck

      i too would like to know this

  • Clear Badges is better.. Dismissing when in wiggle mode by a double tap is so much better, as it doesn’t bug you every time you launch an app.. It’s on the BigBoss Repo and is free.

  • iRetardBlog

    Wow, Cody, your reviews are almost as crappy as Jeff’s! Did you visit a “How to be retarded”-course? Or did you just spend a minute with the shit others call Jeff?

  • Ge0rges

    Who is the dev ?