Plants vs Zombies (iPad screenshot 001)

Plants vs. Zombies, a tower defense game originally published by PopCap Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, hit Apple’s iOS platform in February 2010. The title has some ardent following and though I’ve never been a huge fan, it’s true that the iPhone and iPad versions helped the game take off in a big way. PopCap announced today that a sequel, unimaginatively titled Plants vs. Zombies 2, will be launching early this summer…

Unfortunately, not much was known at press time by way of detail.

PopCap slipped the release date in a media release announcing the launch of a limited beta of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, a social version of the original game created for the Facebook platform.

“PopCap also confirmed today that Plants vs. Zombies 2, the sequel to the original blockbuster game, is slated to launch in early summer,” the press release reads.

As for Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, the game offers exclusive leaderboards, new plants and zombies along with new ways of obtaining, cultivating and deploying plant defenses.

PopCap Games is now an Electronic Arts property so Plants vs. Zombies 2 is likely to be available across as many platforms as possible, quite possibly on a free to play basis.

The original Plants vs. Zombies costs 99 cents for the iPhone and an additional 99 cents for the iPad build.

PopCap games have been downloaded an astounding 1.5 billion times. I’m a big fan of their highly addictive Bejeweled puzzle game which sold 50 million copies across all platforms.

  • No freemium please. STOP EA!!

    • felixtaf

      Premuim apps are much better than so called freemium…. People will pay for a game rather than to wait to gain energy to play or pay loads of money to buy energy or whatsoever….

    • Then we also know how to answer. “Long live iAP Cracker”

      • Florian Lerch

        I’d say IAPFree 😉

  • Me

    I can’t wait. I love PvZ!

  • Please EA, keep this game a paid game as the first one. You can have in-app purchase for sun, plants and additional items. My family loves this game and we are getting ready to buy it on all our devices. I will take a summer vacation just to play Plants vs Zombies 2. This will be a great summer.

  • WTF? for this game we are waiting more than a year?

  • it will be (paid premium) , you will pay for it & ads will be waiting for you there! #i_hate_EA

  • Pyre

    Considering that EA now owns Popcap, we all know that PvZ 2 will be a freemium shooting game. The end.

  • Tom

    i’d really like this game come to android. Seriously i want one of those days i can get out my touchpad and have a PvZ session

    • pawfyd

      Plants vs. zombies is on Android since I don’t know, forever…

  • Dan

    Loved the first one. Looking forward to this