gmail 2.1 ss

Great news today for Gmail users. Google has updated its email client for iOS this morning, bringing the app to version 2.1. The update includes some nice UX improvements, including easier message navigation.

Users with the new app will now be able to swipe either left or right to move between messages, without having to return to their inbox. It also features easier multi-message editing, a handful of bug fixes and more…

Here’s the full 2.1 change log:

-Swipe left or right to move between messages without returning to the inbox
-Take action on multiple messages more quickly: Selecting a message in the inbox now enables edit mode. Once in edit mode, tap on messages to select them and then choose to archive, delete, or more, from the new actions bar. You may select Cancel at any time to leave edit mode.

-And of course: performance improvements and bug fixes

Looking at the changes, this update may not seem like much. But I can attest to the usefulness of the improved multi-message editing mode. It allows you to get through your inbox quickly, sorting and deleting emails.

I also really like the new ‘swipe between messages’ feature, which allows you to move between messages by swiping left or right, without going back to your inbox. It’s convenient, for sure. Every email app should have this.

At the moment, I use the Gmail app on my iPad and Mailbox on my iPhone—they’re the two best iOS email clients out right now for Gmail users. If you want to check out Gmail 2.1, you can find it in the App Store, for free.

  • LiusGustavsson

    Come on, I just got my Mailbox and removed the Gmail app :s

    • Om Soni

      I’ve got both Mailbox and Gmail installed, and I get a notification for an email instantly on Gmail, and the Mailbox notifies me after 10 seconds. Hence, Gmail is better. Just my opinion!

      • LiusGustavsson

        Yeah but those 10 seconds doesn’t really matter for me, I just want the email to work

      • Om Soni

        Lol then you’re good with Mailbox. 😉

  • My Mailbox badge sometimes reads “1” to indicate a new message, but no new message is there… anyone else experiencing this?

    • It’s supposed to show how many messages are in your “Inbox”. If you have read a message, but didn’t archive it, the badge will still show a “1”.

  • Al

    My only problem with Gmail and Mailbox is that I use my Apple email account as my main email… So, unfortunately the two just doesn’t mix for me..

  • Florian Lerch

    Sparrow team should work on the sparrow app and improve it. That’s what I want!

    • Sparrow was bought by google, they will not continue updating it..

      • Florian Lerch

        That’s what I tried to point out 🙁

  • Mailbox to me is useless without the ability to label, and place said email in a nice and organized spot. Mailbox’s sweep the email under the rug actions as I see it are extremely counterproductive.

    Sparrow + Sparrow+ are great, but Google purchased Sparrow a while back. So the app will never be updated again.

    So that leaves me with the Gmail app, or gmail in the browser. It is just good to know that Google is updating, and attempting to put the best product out possible.