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T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier and the only major U.S. telco without the iPhone and LTE network, will discuss the iconic smartphone at tomorrow’s event, one publication has it on good authority. CNET has confirmed that the iPhone will play a part at T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” event tomorrow, meaning we can now confidently speculate that the Deutsche Telekom-owned telco will formally announce it will be carrying Apple’s handset and share details regarding its unsubsidized pricing structure…

CNET reports:

Yep, T-Mobile will finally get the iPhone.

Apple’s flagship device, long a gap in T-Mobile’s smartphone line-up, will play a prominent role in tomorrow’s “Uncarrier” event, according to a person familiar with the launch plans.

A T-Mobile representative declined to comment to CNET.

T-Mobile’s event starts at 11:00am Eastern tomorrow.

Earlier today, T-Mobile launched a set of new off-contract plans as part of the “Uncarrier” initiative, with all tiers including tethering, unlimited voice and text and up to 12.5GB of HSPA+ data.

T-Mobile previously confirmed it will start carrying Apple’s handset later this year and promised to start the commercial deployment of its LTE network later this month.

Meanwhile, AT&T last week introduced new 30/40/50GB shared data tiers.

Both AT&T and Verizon said they will be monitoring T-Mobile’s initiative to drop contracts in favor of monthly installments.

However, neither carrier would specifically pledge to update its policies in turn.

  • bob

    t-mobile sucks

    • yup i told them to go to hell with samsung and android…

    • Manuel Molina

      Not sure if you got the memo but, they might be the company that everyone wants in the end. And if their Unlimited data plan stays intact with iPhone’s running LTE, it would be impossible not to see an influx of people jumping ships or waiting their contacts out and heading over with their already brought out phone.

      • They are just 6 years late.

        The 3G channel that they picked is just wrong.

        I hope they can come back but it is kind of tough…

    • Matthew Tanner

      Your a troll too

  • Jerry

    t-mobile works great here in new york city. I get zero reception at my house also with att so if t-mobile lte speeds are great then I am jumping ship.

    • jgr627

      I’m on the same boat…..I have 4 iPhones 5’s 2 iPads with LTE on AT&T on a shared 15GB plan……I will def be pay attn to tomorrow’s announcement

      • Good luck with all those cancellation fees.

      • jgr627

        Thanks but I won’t need it

  • intelxtreme

    T-Mobile has the best low cost plans

  • Rodney Coleman

    Man… Tmobile getting the iPhone… Bad move apple.. Now your gonna see a spike in America iPhones going out the USA…. Blocked imei cause people cash in on iPhone for quick $$$$$. Tmobile sucks period

    • Matthew Tanner

      Your a troll

      • Matthew I am with you… I woke up this morning at my house my service said Edge but, on my way into work heard my phone make a noise that I haven’t herd since I left Seattle. I had 3G service since I am using a Verizon iPhone5 on T-Mobile network. I ran my Carrier Compare program and notice that of all four providers in my area T-mobile had the best signal. So stop by my local T-mobile store and ask what was the deal. I was informed that five towers went live with T-mobile LTE network today in Columbus GA. And also change my two year contract three months prior with no charge saving me a crap load of money with no penalties what so ever. AT&T and Verizon watch out I feel allot of your customers are about to jump ship!!!!!

  • Kurt

    About 10 seconds ago I got a call from KT (Korea Telecom) they wanted to give me and my wife free iPhone 5’s (we are with that company now with iPhone 4S) We said, noooooo thank you haha

    Christian, why don’t you write an article about how unpopular the iPhone 5 is in some countries? Here in South Korea they have been giving free iPhone 5’s away. Now look at the phone call I got now

  • Guest

    Hey, iRetardBlog. Fuck yourself.