iPad mini Lock screen

Just like TypeStatus has a special place in Jeff’s heart, SkipLock holds a special place in mine. If you’re wondering why, it’s simply because this tweak was born from a request I made to jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, who was kind enough to create it specifically for me. And now, it’s available for you too.

SkipLock is a very simple tweak that allows you to bypass the Lock screen altogether. Once SkipLock is installed, no more need to “Slide to Unlock” your device. Simply hit the Home button, and you’re taken straight to your Home screen.

I can already hear the skeptics saying “why in the world would you want to do that?” Well, let me tell you how I came to need such a tweak.

My iPad mini spends 99% of its time between my coffee table and my couch. More often that not, it’s actually sitting next to me on the couch. This way, if I want to look up something really quick, it’s right there. On any given night, I pick up and put down my iPad mini a few dozen times. I send a tweet, I put it down. I check emails, I put it down. I set a reminder, I put it down, etc…

For a long time, the Lock screen had been in my way. An unnecessary obstacle to getting access to the information I needed as quick as possible, the Lock screen was one more step (albeit a quick and easy one) I needed to go through to get to my Home screen.

It really never occurred to me that I didn’t need a Lock screen until I started using a Nexus 7. The Android device comes with an option to disable the Lock screen, something so simple and useful that it makes me wonder why Apple hasn’t implemented that yet. Of course, I didn’t use the Nexus 7 for too long, but I really missed this option to disable the Lock screen.

After looking around on Cydia, I found a tweak released a while back that did the trick. The only caveat was that every time my iPad received a new notification such as an iMessage, it would turn on the device, skip the Lock screen, and launch the related application (in this case, the Messages app). Very impractical.

So I turned to Filippo Bigarella, who happens to be one of my favorite jailbreak devs. I gave him two simple requirements:

  1. Make a tweak that bypasses the Lock screen
  2. Make sure the Lock screen is not bypassed if there are pending notifications

Filippo agreed to make the tweak and quickly sent me a .deb fil, which I’ve been using ever since.

After talking about this tweak on Twitter and on our new podcast, many people asked about it. I’m happy to finally announce that Filippo has made this tweak available on his repo (add http://filippobiga.com/repo in Cydia).

If your device is password protected, note that the tweak will not bypass the password. While you won’t have to Slide to Unlock, you’ll still have to enter your password.

Obviously, this tweak is not for everyone – I wouldn’t want to use it on my iPhone for example – but if you find yourself in the same situation as me, SkipLock might be the perfect companion tweak for your iPad. SkipLock is available for free on Filippo’s repo. It works with any device running iOS 6+. I’m really excited about this tweak and I’m sure some of you will find it really useful.

  • I want tweaks like AUXO..

    • RarestName

      Because it’s so easy to make tweaks.

      • How is it related to what I said? When did I say its easy?

      • Guest

        Tú eres un retardo grande.

      • What?

      • Dan

        think he called you a retard, a big retard

        Tu eres = you are
        -retardo… well you can guess that one
        -Grande = tall/big

      • why O_O i just said i want cool tweaks like Auxo :/

      • Kurt

        He’s racist

  • batongxue

    Would be more handy.
    At first, it may feel a little wierd.
    But just as Steve said, you’ll get use to it.

  • ttluv2004

    I’ve set Activator’s Home button to unlock the device.

    • Joonyaboy

      I do as well. Activator helps keep down the number of tweaks installed

    • Damian W

      true, thanks for this one. Activator works just fine when I set “short hold home button” at lock screen. I dont even have to go to lock screen. All I do is short hold the button while device is asleep and my device is a the home screen. Works as good as it gets.

      • Best way to do it, use Acitvator with the Sleep button option. Esp on the iPad with this tweak.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Good idea

    • reachsak

      Double tap the status bar to unlock for me 😉

      • Damian W

        nope, it is not what we want. We are looking to avoid lock screen. So device has to be off.

      • sambuzzlight

        i have been using a iphone device with recently repaired home button and sleep button… to avoid another such incident i decided to keep the those buttons use minimum. One of which i assigned was to unlock device with down press volume button. it works for the first 5-10 mins and then later it doesnt work with activator. Wished they had a tweak for this.

      • Damian W

        actually I recommend using two activator methods: first one is locking device by pressing up then down volume buttons. Second one is to skip lock screen by pressing down then up volume button. Both, work for me at all times.

        Another great tweak replacement for activator is QuickDo. With quickdo you can assign multigestures with 3 or 2 fingers. For example I use 3 fingers swipe down to lock device. Works perfect.

      • sambuzzlight

        for the locking the device i use swipe left on status bar but thats not the problem.. i did not understand your waking/unlocking the device solution

      • Damian W

        when your device is locked just press down then up volume button, or the other way around to unlock it. In my case I chose to unlock this way straight to the home screen. So I dont see the lockscreen way.

      • sambuzzlight

        i went and tried and like i said it doesnt work after 5mins(approx) maybe its just me or just my old iphone 4

      • Damian W

        mine works all the time on iPhone 4. I am aware of one thing, if you keep using the same gestures repeatedly in short time over and over again, then they might stop working. But I will test mine phone again to make sure. Give me few min 🙂

      • sambuzzlight

        hmmm that might be then. oh well thanks

      • Damian W

        so I checked it and you seem to be right. The volume buttons dont respond after 5 min. In order to make them work again I need to wake device normally and then volume buttons work again

        However, the home button activator gesture works all the time.

      • sambuzzlight

        oh haha lol okay.. i would use the home button but then what would be the use of it.

      • Damian W

        yeah I know..it is only useful in case if you short hold it to skip to the home screen

    • asdlb4

      Talk about taking the wind out of the sails…

    • Thanks for this.

  • So what repo?

  • I am 100% agree with you Sebastien.
    I use my iPad just as much as you and having to swipe to unlock sometime is a little hassle.This tweak will come in handy for me

  • David Howe

    Yes finally I’ve been waiting for this ever since you mentioned it in your first podcast

    • Damian W

      actually activator could do almost the same thing long ago.

      • David Howe

        True but I have a passcode and I don’t want to turn off my passcode everytime I’m on break at work the activator gesture doesn’t bypass the passcode and skiplock will bypass code until I disable tweak which kinda sucks because there’s no settings for it like nolockscreen tweak where I have sbschedule to schedule no lockscreen m-f from 9-9:30 11-12 and 1-1:30 and after it disables itself the pass code returns which is what I want but nolockscreen isn’t a clean unlock like skiplock is

  • Ray V

    Other tweaks already do this. I think Springtomize does this.

  • Damian W

    This a great tweak if you don’t have anything special on your lock screen . I have few tweaks that heavily really on lock screen. I use quickdo bar, forecast or lockinfo5, intelliscreenx, powermusic or tempus and callbar. So I would like to see implementation of activator function to bypass the lock screen. Lets say if I double click home button the lock screen would be bypassed , but if I single click the button , it will take me to the lockscreen. Or the other way. I wish it will be possible in the future

  • tim

    that’s too bad. I was hoping for an immediate unlock, without showing the lock slider for a second. like the Smart Cover (lulz how apple auto corrects that into capitals) unlock. surely it’s be easy for him to hook it into that

    • That’s exactly what this tweak does…

      • tim

        not on my iPad 3 6.1.2. perhaps it is a conflict of tweaks

      • Most likely

      • Is there a tweak that allows you to keep badge counts visible after you unlock your phone? When I unlock my phone all my Mailbox badges disappear (just mailbox app for some reason) not gmail.

  • And which tweak turns on the device automatically? I loved “Dim to Black Screen”, but it doesn’t work from so long ago…

    • NoLockScreen is the tweak that would unlock the device and go to an app every time you get a notification. Very annoying.

      • Thanks a lot buddy, working in my iPh5, and yes, u’re rite, very annoying… But usefull sometimes :).

  • Meh, I’m using IntelliscreenX so I wont need this.

  • iHamzaDev

    Quite useful IMO. There are times where I wish there was no lockscreen, especially when I’m constantly talking to someone in text, or skype and such. Even if you have a password on, you can go to your Passcode setting section, and then click on the ‘Require Passcode’ section. You can change it to maybe after 5 minutes, or 15 minutes or so. That disables your passcode for as long as you are using your iPhone. If you stop using your iPhone, after that time period, it locks it again, so no need to worry locking password again. That’s how I have it setup and it’s working perfectly for me, with this tweak.

  • Um, NoLockScreen has been available for years. Is there a difference? Does this feed you chocolates or something?

    • iHamzaDev

      AFAIK, it’s not yet compatible with iOS 6.

      • Weird, it doesn’t say it’s incompatible, but I guess it hasn’t officially been tested and/or updated. Well, let’s test this out & see! Yep, doesn’t work. Doesn’t crash, just doesn’t do anything. Oh well, thanks for the tip.

      • David Howe

        It works for me on 6.1.1 4s

    • I have NoLockScreen on iOS 6 (4S), it works. Not sure if it’s the phone, but if I use the Power button to turn the screen on, the screen shuts off. Gotta use the HOME button to properly turn it on.

    • I tried NoLockScreen. It’s actually the tweak I refer to in my post. This tweak didn’t work well with Lock screen notifications. It’s also not as smooth as SkipLock. Try it for yourself and you’ll see. Believe me, SkipLock is the best way to bypass the Lock screen

    • EpicFacepalm

      So does the QuickUnlocker.

  • iHamzaDev

    Whoops, extra comment by accident.

  • Lupius

    I’m looking for a tweak that bypasses the pin code entry that’s enforced by my company’s exchange server. Can that be done?

  • Mr. E

    Is it compatible with clever pin?

  • good for ipad bad for iPhone

  • EpicFacepalm

    QuickUnlocker does the same thing.

  • Nick Darpino

    While on the lockscreen tweaks does anyone know the name of the one that shortens the slider?

  • So optimistic

    Can someone help me? I have a 4S and I think its in safe mode, but I see the clock. If I try to instal to resping or reboot, it will go in to resping until I hold the power and home to restart. I can go into Cydia and use some of the tweaks, but most like winterboard, sbsettings, springtomize…do nothing. I’m on 6.1.2.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    So you’ve requested something that’s already available and have many ways to achieve it and you run a website that covers the news and discussions about i-devices. Am i the only one who see the irony here?

    • As I explained above, NoLockScreen doesn’t work as well as SkipLock.

      First, it “unlocks” the device in a terrible way by first taking you very quickly to the Lock screen, and unlocking it on its own. SkipLock doesn’t do this. It goes straight to the Home screen.

      Second, the Activator workaround is just a workaround. If you have pending notifications on your Lock screen, the Activator workaround will bypass them so you might actually miss them.

      So about that irony?

      • Damian W

        the advantage of activator would be that you can choose whether you want to use activator method of normal method at any given time. For example I chose short hold home button to bypass lock screen. I am not sure if you can set activator method for SkipLock. Can you?

      • No

      • bw00ds

        I have been using NoLockScreen for several years now and it works quite well. For me (iPod Touch 3G, iOS 5.1.1) it goes straight to the Home screen. The only thing I have noticed is with the latest JB for my device whenever I have the Music player running as the active app is when it displays the behavior you describe.

    • You should try reading the article before commenting.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Never mind it was my mistake, how can i forget that the iSheep follow the iShepherd.

  • Beta382

    This *would* be nice, but it has a bug where it breaks using the power button to unlock the device. Whenever I am in an app or at the springboard, and I turn my screen off/on with the power button, it just flashes the screen and then turns back off. 🙁

  • Joe Bobbins

    i use a tweak called nolockscreen

    • CC

      nolockscreen cannot work on iPhone 4s on 6.1.1

  • Kurt

    I used to use nolockscreen (I think that was the name) for iPhone. It was more practical on the iPad. I forgot about this type of tweak. I’ll have to put it back on my iPad. Thanks ~

  • You mean file* not fil.

  • CC

    Cannot work. The screen shuts off if I use the Power button to turn the screen on. Using iPhone 4s on 6.1.1. Disabling the dylib file for now until further updates from Filippo.

  • CC

    Cannot work. When I switch on using the power button, screen just on and then off immediately Basically, this tweak renders my power button useless. I have disabled the dylib for now until the developer update this tweak. Really really looking forward to having this work on my Iphone 4s on 6.1.1.

    • Bunny

      Encountered the same bug as you. Only works when pressing the home button but not the sleep button. Any update from the developer?

  • Downloaded. Hate it when i press sleep button and it immediately goes to sleep again

  • Dan

    I agree, I prefer not having a lockscreen, I use my device so often it becomes annoying

  • it’s so buggy on the iphone, if you accidently hit emergency call on the passcode page, the screen goes black and only shows the status bar, if you then lock and unlock it you cant open any apps and end up having to restart it.

  • zian

    Cannot work…….IOS 6.1.2.. The screen shuts off if I use the Power button to turn the screen on. I’m looking forward to having this work on my Iphone 4S on 6.1.2.

  • sadaN

    It’s funny how things are, I’ve emailed this dev a couple of times, pointing out a bug and requesting a feature, but not answer so far, and it’s been a while… never mind a tweak made specially for me hahaha

    bug: everytime I leave one of the Wifi connections I’ve set up to skip passcode, the next time I try to unlock the phone, it still skips the passcode, even though I’m not even connected to any wifi. No, I don’t have any of the other options enabled.

    feature: the ability to skip passcode when connected to certain bluetooth devices, that way we could use with car stereos for example, so no password when in the car 🙂

  • Nice tweak, thanks.

  • Does this tweak has battery problem?

  • Brilliant idea but sadly, it is not working on iPhone 4s running 6.1.1. Slide to Unlock is the most brainless invention for people who do not use passcode IMO. So much of my precious time is spent doing ‘slide to unlock’ every day for the pass 3 years.

  • !Cek@

    I’m using StyleUnlock.

    • But this does not let me skip the lockscreen completely.

      • !Cek@

        You can choose the gesture to unlock device in settings.app
        I selected ‘one finger double tap’ and working fine.

  • bw00ds

    I’ve been using NoLockScreen for years and love it. I HATE the extra step of unlocking the screen. I just want to turn on my device, darn it!

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Off topic, I want quicklock 2 to be updated to ios 6. Tired of using my sleep button to lock phone/iPad.

  • steve finkel

    A little buggy, but I like bypassing the lock screen. nice tweak.

  • s0me

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Dave Middleton

    Love this tweak! I’ve encountered no bugs. Love how you get notification screen only if you have them to read. Nolockscreen didn’t allow for that, and it hasn’t been updated to work on ios 6 anyway. Great idea and good implementation.

    • CC

      Which iPhone and what IOS version are you running. You are so lucky to get this to work. I have been waiting for something like this to work ever since I upgraded to IOS 6 last year.

      • Dave Middleton

        I’m on a 4s on 6.1.2. So far no bugs! Works as advertised!

      • CC

        I’m on 6.1.1 and I can’t upgrade to 6.1.2 even with shah saved as I’m on iPhone 4S…

  • johnm

    Been using skiplock since reading this article. I like it a lot, but with a few issues. I use this in conjunction with autoprotect (like cleverpin). this way if i’m at home, then i can skip the lock. if i’m away, my passcode will enable. here are my issues, since power/sleep button seems to be buggy, why not make that show you the lockscreen. so home button will bypass and sleep button will take you to the lockscreen. another issue is that after some time, wifi will disable for power saving (at night when i’m sleeping), once this happens, i’d need to enter my pin. i encountered a bug – i have an alarm set in the morning and my phone did a short vibrate and displayed the passcode entry screen. it pretty much killed the alarm. same with the timer. perhaps i should test out cleverpin and use the bypass while charging toggle.

  • CC

    Any updates from the developer of this fantastic tweak to make it work on iPhone 4s on 6.1.1?

  • Why develop something which most people can’t use? I don’t mind paying $5 for a working version. Can the developer please fix the deb?

  • Phillip Fierro

    I have an iPad one and I uninstalled nolockscreen and installed this
    instead. It’s as if all I did was uninstalled nolockscreen. So either it
    has conflicts with other jailbreak tweaks I use or it doesn’t work on
    iOS 5 on the iPad.

  • Why is there no update on this at all??

  • CC

    Hello? Is this thing dead? So many people cannot use it… what is the point of releasing it? I agreed with Chung and I am willing to pay even $10 for a working version. Time and sanity is more precious than money.

  • Joshua Eron Miller

    So… I installed SkipLock. When I leave the house with the iPad, how do I get it to lock? Because now it won’t lock at all. I have AutoLock set to 5 Minutes, and RequirePasscode set to 15 minutes. I installed SkipLock on my 4S and after 15 minutes, the phone relocks itself and requires passcode again, as it should. The iPad on the other hand, just keep letting me bypass the code even after the 15 minutes.

  • Buffet

    My droid displays nine dots when I leave it unattended. I am compelled to trace the figure “L” over these dots to gain access. It’s maddening!
    Will SkipLock get rid of or bypass that?

  • ezz

    I have a second-hand iphone 4s,i reseted the phone and now i can’t access the phone because i don’t have the previous owner information
    How can i access to my phone without the previous owners informations?
    please help me