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You saw this coming. Since the moment Samsung unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S4 handset yesterday, the iPhone 5 comparisons have been flying about nonstop. So a video comparison of the two devices was inevitable.

This clip from the folks over at PhoneArena shows the i5 and S4 side by side, and their many differences, from display quality to build quality. It also showcases some of the the Galaxy S4’s unique new software features…

Now, this isn’t exactly a fair fight, comparing Apple’s 6 month-old handset to Samsung’s yet-to-be released handset. But keep in mind that the two devices will sell head-to-head for at least a couple of months, so it is relevant.

The first comparison made in the video has to do with build quality. And PhoneArena’s John V. agrees with the general consensus that the i5 wins this category. It’s made of metal, vs the S4’s plastic, so it looks and feels more solid.

Next it shows the differences in the software offerings, and it’s no surprise that this one goes to the S4. Apple’s iOS hasn’t changed much over the years, while Samsung has added several new features to its TouchWiz Android shell.

Finally, the displays. The iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch 326ppi (pixels per inch) Retina display, and the Galaxy S 4 has a 5-inch 441ppi super AMOLED display. From a distance, it’s hard to tell. But up close, the S4 has more detail.

Of course, there’s no mention of performance here, or app quality/selection—two major factors in smartphone selection. But I think it’s pretty clear that the S4 is a formidable iPhone competitor, and Apple has their work cut out for them.

The next-generation iPhone, rumored to be the iPhone 5S, is expected to launch sometime this summer.

What do you think?

  • M Last

    really you think this function will be useful ,move your hand to back & forward?
    it’s new function but……
    I never purchase it 🙂 just keep my iphone 5 & wait for new generation iphone 🙂

    • you never know… what if your cooking something and your hands are dirty and you need to turn the page on an ebook or something?

      • Use your nose. Who hasn’t done this once?

      • I have. Multiple times. Haha

      • ahmed hassan

        So the galaxy is the choice for people with dirty hands 😉

      • M Last

        I am not agree with you,

        when you cooking,back& forward pages are not enough ,you have to type to search whatever you are cooking .

      • Sounds delicious.

      • it was an example, im just happy Samsung is providing new functionality that people can find potential uses for

      • Easy, wipe your damn hand.

  • Boss

    Would be better off comparing this to the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z, iPhone 5 is so last year get up to date

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      iPhone is SO 2007 🙂 Galaxy S4 is Today. Please dont compare the two together 😛

  • Jaye

    iPhone 5, all the way.

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      sadly this will never be true. iPhone died right after S2 came out and you are only making it look worse by saying this ignorant comment 🙂

      • Martin

        it’s ok. you have your opinion. we have ours. that being said, you can keep your shitty, unreliable android phones.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Yet my “unreliable” Android Note 2 consistently beats your “Reliable” and “superior” iphone in any test i conduct :P. You just made my day 🙂

      • Lordthree

        It certainly breaks easier.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        I have a case on it and consistently drop it. Looks like you’re running out of flashcards there bud 🙂

      • Please google “galaxy vs iphone droptest”

      • How is that ignorant? I was commenting on how the galaxy line of phones break easier…. You’re covering up the fact that they break easier by saying you have a case, having a case is besides the point. 🙂 🙂

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Its ignorant because a case on any phone is inevitable. Here read my last post i made about your “indestructable” iPhone. “Who cares what its made of? Im on my second Samsung handset and always put a case on it anyway. I couldnt really give a crap less about the build quality. I used to have an iPhone 5 which you all claim is “superior” in build quality and dropped it by accident. I nicked it, took it to the Apple store, and they said buy their rip off Crapple care, which still didnt guarantee it to be fixed. However, when i switched to my next phone, the Galaxy S3, i dropped it and thought it was a goner. BOY was i wrong! i got one scratch on the plastic (OH MY GAWD!! i SAID THE P-WORD!) back and was easily able to replace it with a new one. Then i switched to the Note 2 after having given the S3 to my pops. I put a case on it and dont even think of what its made of. You Apple folks are completely retarded if this is the one single aspect that you constantly kvetch about.

      • I dunno about it breaking easier, but there is a whole lot that I concider when I am picking a smartphone. Im not ignorant, I tried to S3, anyone who says Touchwiz is a complete experience with no lag issues is kidding themselves, its theoretically a ROM running over the top of Android.

        I had constant issues, resets, apps constantly crashing, (dont get me started on the shitty android ports of apps), as good as google is, there syncing service just doesnt compete with what iCloud does for me, just seems so much more simple.

        I just got the whole Remote Control shell that Samsung sticks with for their phones, and if anyone wants to see truly how badly its build, try replacing the screen (have fun sticking it in the oven).

        My job is responsible for selling phones to Enterprise companies, that is one area that Android will never win in, the security aspect is just one of those, not to mention third party support and developer support on iOS far outweighs that of android.

        The part is that there is never a BEST phone, its personal preference on what that user wants, but I can tell you honestly that this Galaxy S3+ with some gimmicky software features that people wont care about it a month isn’t where they need to go.

        I have said it numurous times, services is the future, if Apple wants to nail the S3 then improve there services even further, total iCloud support for everything stored on your device, the iTunes radio service, use that massive cash hoard to create iOS exclusives similar to what Microsoft did with Xbox. Ecosystem will win them the war.

      • I wish i could give you 1000 up votes

      • David Villamizar

        A billion is not enough D=

      • He is right.A platic phone maybe looks like shitty plastic but who cares?The fact is that the phone is lighter.Thats the main point.All the iphone user have those silicone bumpers or any other cases with plastic or a leather case.I want a phone who has a longlife battery and if the battery is like the one from the Note 2 then…bye Apple haha.

      • Funny cuz from what side by side iphone 5 test/ galaxy s3 test i saw before showed was both have very similar battery life but the s3 took in the area of 3 hours for full charge while the iphone 5 took in the area of 30 mins and both batteries were tested under heavy usage. And from what i’ve seen the note 2 is a galaxy s3 with a stylus

      • You sound bitter.

      • leart za jmi

        This is apple blog, not the Sushisung blog

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Mature much? Oh wait…Im talking to a fanboy 😛

      • And he is talking back at a Samsung fanboy… 😛

      • leart za jmi

        are you drunk, or you are paid to write bullshit here

      • felixtaf

        Who s a fanboy? A guy like u, who bashes all Apple products with no relevant facts to point out. Yes we are fanboys. Yet our points are right (not all the time though). Yours? Looks like a kid at School saying others tht his Slate is bigger and so its better!

      • You keep dropping it on purpose because you get so pissed off at it for being such a shotty phone.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        No i am very clumsy… but thanks for trying!

      • Damian W

        I have no case on my (almost 3 year old) iphone 4 and i dropped it 100 times and not a single scratch on it. I doubt the android phone would look the same.

      • I know right. And even if you dropped and and shattered the screen your phone would still be usable. Unlike samsungs “AMOLED” display.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        iphone 4? what century are you from?

      • Damian W

        you are either stupid or funny. Since you call most people here an Apple fanboy, here I am the guy who does not worship Apple. I dont buy upgrades every year because I am not retarded.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        and yet you have a single core phone that got an AMAZING update: iOS 6. New features? Forget it. A new Blue tinted status bar? Yes 😛

      • Damian W

        thats why we worship Cydia, which provides quality unlike any developer on android could dream of. Seriously, the android devs should learn from Cydia devs life lessons.

      • We don’t NEED a computer in our pocket. The processing and graphics of the iPhone matches up perfectly with iOS (no lag). The galaxy (and any other android phone) always uses the arguing point of better processing speeds and more ram and more blah blah blah….yet you still experience lag. The android OS still doesn’t run smoothly on it’s devices even though it has “an 8 core processor with 2 GB of RAM”!!!!

      • felixtaf

        That single core phone runs smoother than most of your dual n quadcore phones out there!

      • felixtaf

        Someone give him a trophy plz…. He used to say His Note 2 beats iPhone… Ystrday he said, galaxy s4 is anti-iPhone. And now, iPhone died aftr S2. He s running out of devices now. Shamesung plz release a S4 plus, S4a, S4b or …… Plz….

      • Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet S5 plz

      • Light_man

        🙂 faggggg, u suck bro :), so shut up. kay ;))). no one wants 2 read your stupid made up delusional comments on how Samsung makes better products than Apple. ’cause they don’t LOL.

      • The 2nd hand market answer this question.

        Amazon tarde-in price:

        2011 – Samsung Galaxy S II ~$70.

        2011 – iPhone 4S ~$340.

        Know what, what about a 2010 iPhone.

        2010 – iPhone 4 ~$190.

        To all the Samsung fans, speak loud when Bada has 10% market share.

      • markt9002

        Check the prices on eBay, and Craigslist. I occasionally fix iPhones and Android devices, and flip them locally on Craigslist. The iPhone and Galaxy S x resale value, IMO, are extremely exacerbated, and I do not understand why someone would pay $300+ for a 4s, and over $400 for a SGS3. The Note II is still over $500 in my area, which is more, or on
        par with the iPhone 5. I own nearly every high end phone besides the Note II, and iPhone 5. I scratch my head when someone wants $400 for a SGS3 when the Nexus 4 can be purchased unlocked for $299, and is a superior device.

        PS, why would you bring up Bada. Bada is not relevant. I’d personally be happy if Tizen or Ubuntu OS were to succeed.
        They’re both pushing for true open source, which includes open source drivers. I find it funny how so many people are quick to say open source software is insecure (Android). This blog is hosted on WordPress, which is open source, and is probably run on the open source LAMP stack.

        Even OSX uses components that are open source. Hell, the most secure protocol, SSH, is open source.

      • Please correct me if I am wrong, S3 is a 2012 phone, correct?

        Then you should compare that with iPhone 5.

        How much is an iPhone 5 on eBay? My friend just sold a iPhone 5 32GB white-used Verizon version on Craigslist for around $500, and a brand new one for $650.

        The reason I pick Amazon over eBay/Craigslist because they have a standard price, unlike the other 2, they are a private trade, and auction.

        Apple is doing their own hardware and software. What about Samsung? This answer why I brought up Bada.

        PS – I don’t hate Android. I just sick of the people who think Samsung is GREAT but it is all about the OS/app store these days. Would they still buy S4 if the OS is Bada?

        Please Samsung, prove me wrong.

        By the way, I am not the one who voted negative for your post.

      • markt9002

        Again, Bada is not relevant. The Note II and iPhone 5 have the highest resale value of any phone, and the SGS3 is currently worth more money than the iPhone 4s. This is simply supply and demand. The year doesn’t matter, and the SGS3 came out in June of 2012. Because I’m on a iPhone fanboy forum, no one will agree with me, and that’s expected. Nonetheless, anyone with a brain will sell their old smartphone (Android or iPhone) on eBay or Craigslist, and no one that’s coherent will use Amazon or Gazelle (even though Gazelle is looking for Samsung devices). Once again, I don’t care about Samsung devices or iPhones. $500 for an iPhone 5 32GB is huge, and personally, I’d never pay that much, but that’s not deterring others from paying that premium. The same is being offered for the Note II, regardless of what you fanboys think.

        Again, even the moderator can agree that open source software is awesome, I mean, your website, like mine, is running WordPress. I have a Macbook Pro, and it’s hilarious to me how Mac/iOS users DENY reality.

  • Iphone 5 $600 today or tomorrow. the shite $99 or free if u sing for 2 years that is the diference.

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      U literally have to learn grammar my friend. I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

      • You need to take a break, it looks like your vagina is sore.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Im just getting started 😛

      • U obviously didn’t really own an iPhone 5. I have replaced mine with no apple care 2 times since I bought mine last October. Does the S4 have cool features… Yes, but it’s still running shitty android software. It lags in the hands on video lol. It’s still made of cheap plastic, and on top of that Samsung bashed apple for keeping a similar design in product and then did the same thing with their newest device. A jailbroken iPhone 5 is still a contender (and in my mind better) being 6 months old, to the new flagship Samsung handset, which is kind of sad. And yes we jailbreak our phones, but lets remember; it’s not about what the company allows us or wants us to do, it’s about what their product can do, and my iphone can do more while performing better than your Galaxy(s). Which is why ill stick with my jailbroken iPhone 5, the real winner. If I were going to get a device not made by apple it would definitly be the HTC ONE, not this hyped up samuck piece of crap. They get an A for innovation (software) and an Epic F(ail) for their overall device.

      • i dont know too.what is shite?haha

  • Latrese

    As long as the GSIII goes down ,it and the 4S will be the only phones I’m scouting

  • Rolando

    It comes down to preference when choosing between the two. Personally, I will never stop buying the iPhones mainly because I am so knowledgeable about it. That being said, I still think Apple needs to make some changes to the UI and iOS in general to keep me loving the device.

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      i love how when you fanboys run out of flashcards that are supposed to “refute” more advanced and innovative Android handsets you automatically jump to the “preferences” argument. It’s like using the race card in order to get out of a crime! It’s NOT about preference! Its the fact that you have NOTHING else to say and resort to this OLD ridiculous argument.


        I love how you’re so amped up like an excited puppy to come and try to convince us apple fans about your superior android products. Ever notice how we never try to convince you all how much better our apple products are? You’re like one of those kids that cries to their mom, tugging on her shirt, like a little brat saying “come on come on, it’s not fair”

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        You have nothing to convince me of 🙂 Thats also because you have nothing new to say about a feature because 99% of the time it can be found already preinstalled in my device or in the google play store (if not better). 😛


        AWESOME retort.

      • Leo

        gS4 is nothing new kid.. just an extremely flop id say.

      • felixtaf

        You insulted a puppy out there! I condemn!


        Haha, I see what you did. Nice

      • Uhm.. No. It’s about preference. It’s like car shopping. I PREFER to buy a ford car over Chevy because of how it drives. People have preferences. And btw, it has nothing to do with pulling a “race card” that’s just plain stupid and can I point out that you are a bit of a fanboy yourself? “GalaxyNoteFTW96”

      • OK little troll. Go crawl back into your cave now.

      • b_boy

        my galaxy S3 experience:
        -long “set-up” (downloading new keyboard, SMS app, calendar app, and other standard apps)
        -cheap build quality
        -poor battery life (dead by the end of the first day out of the box??)
        -glitchy OS (Jelly Bean not yet available – won’t even touch on fragmentation issues w/ android)
        -feeling of insecurity on android
        I prefer to not experience these issues with my phone. my other flashcards are relevant…

      • Can you explain me what the problem was with your s3?? I think that you are just too fond of sticking your iphone up your ass, that must’ve been the problem. Atleast the s3 gives you true customization-you can change your default calender app, default keyboard, default messaging app. And don’t give that crap. The App Store is much slower in downloafing applications when compared to tje Play Store. I think that your internet too likes to take an iphone up its ass and takes time to download applications on the s3 cause my 3G (yeah thats right not even 4g) takes barely a minute to downliad applications. Sure it takes some considerable time to download applications of 100 b nd above but even they download at the spead at which my iphone could download applications of 25 b. And by the way, can you change your keyboard, messaging app, calender etc on your iPhone? Oh sure you can but you need to jailbreak your iphone first. Poor you..wait six months for the jailbreak to arrive and then spend time to jailbreak it. Instead, isn’t spending time 30 mins on the Play Store better? And also, I believe its a problem with most of the people with s3 cause they (on Android community) have never even thought of changing their default apps but the people on iDB are great geniuses and don’t feel appropriate to use default apps on the s3 cause they are developed by Samsung. Grow up, dude. Ignore all the abuses cause they were meant as a sarcastic comment. Stop behaving like an old man who has to live just within his limits and start exploring the world. There are millions of possibilities out there on Android. Whatever you do on your iPhone after jailbreaking, bitesms, change the notification center colour, change the status bar logo, sb settings and all the other blah blah blah are already available on the Play Store and you don’t even need to void your warranty, no chance of bricking your phone and no waiting. What fanboys believe is the worst thing of android are actually the best things of android. Did you see the video up there? Did you notice that tje s4’s body even after being 5 inches is almost big, is almost identical (in terms of size) to the 4 inch iPhone 5. Do you actually beieve that you will have a problem to move your thumb just 0.2 cm more (since s4 has very small bezel) as compared to iphone 5? What people are calling gimmick (these Air View geature and eye tracking) are actually some of the most revolutionary ideas out there. And what people think is revolutionary (being able to all the components of screen with just one thumb) was actually a gimmick by Samsung. And now please don’t start of that you’re phone can be infected by malaware and viruses and all that crap because I haven’t got a singly one yet. And what for was an Anti-Virus program designed to do? Fyi I’m using an iphone along with a Note 2

      • Fandroids are so funny. Looking up big fancy words in the dictionary to write comments on blogs. Tell me why it’s “Advance and innovative” if people don’t use those features? So you’re gonna sit there and hover ur finger over your email to preview it, but wait, you gotta make sure you’re not too close or too far from the screen for it to work. How about this…I just touch the email and bam! I see the entire email instead of a preview. Dumb dumb dumb. Okay, how about this one. I’m looking through some pictures so I hold the phone with my left hand, and now I have to use the right hand to wave back and forth to switch pictures. Genius right? Or I can just use my digets to swipe back and forth with not lag and it works every time. Oh ya, one handed too.

      • Lets not forget that in order for the swipes to work the front camera is on and running. All these supposed features are going to suck battery. Ensuring the proximity on the screen is on and working properly. To me all these extra “features” are going to ruin the experience of using a phone.

      • jo-macral

        I suspect these features will be a battery drain, but thankfully they can also be disabled as is evident by some of the early screen shots. The fact the features even exist is a plus, even if you don’t think you have a use for them right away.

        I believe the hand swipe will be detected by the proximity sensor, and not the front facing camera as well.

      • Grow up, boy!!

    • Kuzz2354

      Totally agree with you …

    • I totally agree. When my iPhone 5 contract is up next year, I hope the iPhone 6 makes a bigger jump than iPhone 4S-5

  • seyss

    S4 “full” specs from the end of their keynote

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Pardon me Cody but I laughed when I read “Now, this isn’t exactly a fair fight, comparing Apple’s 6 month-old handset to Samsung’s yet-to-be released handset” because we all know the 5S will be so similar to the i5 that it doesn’t matter much, that is unless Apple changes its 5 years old iphone strategy.

    • The S4 may as well be called the S3s. Even though they will be sold during the period, it’s still not really a fair comparison. Who knows the enhancements any new iOS updates will have or if Apple realises they need to step up their iPhone product and start releasing faster updates to their product line.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Here’s hoping that iOS 7 will have useful and innovative features without changing the overall feel and design, and that they will all be available on the i5 and i4S as well.

    • Hey man, don’t forget all the bashing that the s3 got when the iP5 came out. Everybody said that tje s3 is so slow, iP5 outperform s it so easily and all that crap. Did anybody consider that the s4 was a 6 months old then?? Why did they compare tje 6 months old s3 with iP5 and they that since the i5 is already 6 months old, it isn’t fair to compare it with the s4? And by the way, the s3 on jelly bean (which is 6 months older) has outperformed the i5. Everybody was comparing s3 on ics with i5 but it struck nobody to compare the s3 with the latest jelly bean to i5. S3 on ics was slower than i5 by a few miliseconds but s3 on jelly bean is much faster than the i5. Leave the s4 alone. It will bash any iPhone anyday.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Big screen would be nice on the iPhone

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      Are you still on the subject of iPhone? lol like thats EVER gonna happen 😛

  • TouchWiz sounds awesome but screams “BATTERY KILLER” in my ears. Might be wrong though

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      you are completely wrong because my Note 2 holds up for a good two days with medium usage.

      • So in order for Fandroids to keep their battery life, they just don’t use their phones? Samsung really does have it figured out now (doing a golf clap).

      • felixtaf

        2 days? What u will do? Use incense and worship ur phone?

      • you are right .your battery is 3000mah.2xiphone i like the note 2

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Not touchwiz, but the new features, like hand gestures and stuff, made me really think about the battery life. Perhaps this is why they increased the mAh and they clearly said in the unpacked event iirc that it was to make the phone last through the day. So they are not advertising super battery life after all.

      • I actually meant Air Gestures, not touchwiz. Sorry I’m still not used to the 47 witty names Samsung came up with :p

      • stan

        Block me all u want 🙂 ill keep making new accounts and owning ur fanboy readers. Android is clearly better and the fact that u have to censor me shows how mature and tolerant u are. I will tell people how u treat your readers. This site is a joke.

      • Its an Apple fanblog, what are you expecting? Even Huawei has its fanblog.

      • markt9002

        The big.LITTLE architecture will help greatly with battery life. The four A7 cores are there to conserve battery, and the four A15 cores are there when the system senses a demand for extra processing power. It’s essentially taking Tegra’s low power “companion core” to the next level. Also, the GPU in the international SGS4 is a PowerVR SGX544MP3 @ 533mhz, which will put its power close to the iPad 4 (which has an extremely powerful SoC). The hypothetical iPhone 5s will probably use the same GPU, with a similar number of cores, but will probably be clocked a bit lower.

        I don’t understand the comments here saying the SGS4 is essentially a “SGS3s”. The international version of this phone is an absolute beast, and nearly every aspect of the device has been updated, including the WiFi chipset. I don’t fall for the gimmicks like hand gestures, and bloatware applications, but if this phone ever falls into my hands, it will be running Cyanogenmod, and Touchwiz will not be relevant.

        Also, I personally believe a version of the big.LITTLE arch. will make its way into an Apple chip in the future, because A7 cores, while not as powerful as A9 cores, are much more energy efficient.

        Hopefully at this time Samsung has ironed out the power consumption issues with its 4.99″ AMOLED panel, because that’s the primary reason why the SGS3 has sub-par battery life. Regardless of what people think, AMOLED is the future. When displaying black nearly zero power is being consumed, and black is dead BLACK — the pixels are actually turned off. However, the panel consumes a lot more power when displaying white. You can hate Samsung and AMOLED, but advancements in AMOLED technology benefit everyone.

        This entire post may seem a bit off topic, but I own 4 Android phones, and an iPhone 4s, and believe both operating systems have their merits. However, I hate how I’m nearly “forced” to jailbreak for certain features in iOS. BTW, the Note II does have excellent battery life, and to say that it doesn’t is simply ignoring reality.

        I’m not a Samsung fanboy, and I try to stay fairly neutral on Android vs. iOS. I’m simply a big fan of technology, and this competition is great. It’s AMAZING how fast mobile tech. is evolving. BTW, my daily driver is a Nexus 4.

  • GalaxyNoteFTW96

    Who cares what its made of? Im on my second Samsung handset and always put a case on it anyway. I couldnt really give a crap less about the build quality. I used to have an iPhone 5 which you all claim is “superior” in build quality and dropped it by accident. I nicked it, took it to the Apple store, and they said buy their rip off Crapple care, which still didnt guarantee it to be fixed. However, when i switched to my next phone, the Galaxy S3, i dropped it and thought it was a goner. BOY was i wrong! i got one scratch on the plastic (OH MY GAWD!! i SAID THE P-WORD!) back and was easily able to replace it with a new one. Then i switched to the Note 2 after having given the S3 to my pops. I put a case on it and dont even think of what its made of. You Apple folks are completely retarded if this is the one single aspect that you constantly kvetch about.

    • That happen to me my 4s went blank when it drop so I took it to the apple store they told me I have to buy a new iphone for retail price I said no, I just got the Samsung galaxy 3 which is better.

    • Apple doesn’t FIX the iPhone, they exchange it…

      We can ignore all your posts, because you don’t/never have an iPhone.

      Enjoy the Samsung.

    • seyss

      then get a phone made out of shit

  • why’s he acting like the iphone 5 just came out? why don’t you wait until the 5s comes out to compare the two. Wouldn’t that be more fair? i’m not saying the 5s is going to be that different but it will offer better specs than the 5 and it will have a new OS. and the iphone 5’s design is not just like the 4s with a larger screen–it’s thinner, lighter, and its “unibody” design makes it more durable.

  • I love love my iphone 5. Those big phablets are so dumb and look crazy when I see people using them talking on the phone.

  • dan lavender

    As I own both an iphone 5 and a galaxy s3 I can say that this new s4 excites me. I like iphones for their simplicity and integrated ios system but no one can take away the fact that samsung are now major innovators and taking it up a notch or 2. Apple in my opinion have alot to catch up on because people who are into tech generally want more from their devices and are swapping apple for samsung. I will never really like android but because of what it can do I find myself using the s3 much more than I thought I would

  • Isa Altintas

    The guy in the vid has nothing else to say but plastic vs premium feel. S4 wins hands down. Just be honest. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop using all my iDevices. Just be fair about it’s abilities.

  • This is like comparing a Ford Fiesta (s4) against the Lamborghini (iPhone 5)… Lamborghini in a different class..

    • Nope (s4) Nissan skyline with mod 1000hp vs (iphone5/5s) lamborghini 800hp which one would you take?

      • The Lamborghini all day long… The skyline would just crash faster (s4)… Speed and power is not everything! It’s the whole driving experience that counts..

  • Is this all the GS4 has? More gimmicks that won’t get used after showing it off to your friends. The demo videos I’ve seen, shows lag on the “wave your hand” feature. All these gimmicks seem to have a 1 second delay. Also, have you noticed that with all these gimmicks, you are pretty much required to use two hands to do them all. Lame. I will admit, Apple needs to step it up with fresh stuff in iOS7, but the GS4…seems ok and that’s just about it.

  • Too be honest, I would love all these features in an iPhone. I personally like the look and feel of the iPhone over the galaxy. I also hate how ugly the operating system is on android phone. But that’s just a preference. Putting that aside, I feel apple would do better implementing these features into an iPhone, but that’s just me. I like that ascetic appeal of iOS and iPhone and that is what mostly drew me into buying one.

  • Albort

    Cant wait to see the Galaxy 4 drop test! 😛

  • We want iPhone 6 with 5-inch screen

    • Damian W

      why not 6-inch or more.

    • Tbh, i would enjoy a 4.5 inch full hd screen, but nothing more. 5 inch is just too big. I have an iPad for a reason.

  • most of the extra features in Android phones are stupid and pointless

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Galaxy S4 is a monster. Yeah its plastic but when you hold it next to the beloved iPhone 5 it just trumps it. More screen real estate for more detail on the screen. Better ppi which you really cant tell with naked eye but still means SHARP display…1080p by the way. Camera options and share functionality trumps iPhone yet again (i say again cause on current and previous galaxy devices the features outpace whats offered on iPhone ALTHOUGH i will admit iPhones take better pics than current gen galaxy devices. Cant say for the GS4 just yet) anyways although i may not be getting the GS4 (due to contract reasons) im still hyped over how technology has evolved. Time for Apple to up the ante.

    • Nothing you said here actually mentioned how the S4 is better, maybe except more screen real estate. The rest i saw was ‘its plastic’, ‘better ppi but no point’, ‘iphone still has better camera’.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Open sourced operating system. Better camera with more featured options ans sharing capabilities. IR sensor for more direct romote capabilities. More hands off features and voice control. Ability to dictate text just by using camera and translate it into different languages without having to type it in. On board memory and external storage. 1080p display for ShARP crisp display. Record in 1080p. Add audio to pictures taken for those memorable moments. This is only just to list a few….thats exclusive to the phone. One feature i found amazing is to be able to snap a photo and remove unwanted people from background. That eraser feature is pretty next generation. Multitasking…wait am i still going?

        Typical response: oh well none of those features appeal to me.

        My response:good for you. The phone still trumps

  • SoCoMagNuM

    The people that say iPhones dont lag are kidding themselves. I had an iPhone for over 4years (3G/i4) and both of which lagged even without being jail broken. My friend has an iPhone 5 stock and has noticable lag and app crash issues, lost of signal, wifi issues. My girlfriend has an iphone 4s and bitches about apps not launching or trying to open and just go back to home screen. No crash report or anything. Dont get me started on the double text issue with imessage. List goes act like iPhones dont have flaws. My GS3 lags sometimes, apps crash, but at least when it happens i can send a crash report directly to the developer explaining the circumstances to help fix the issue. iPhones jist say fuck you hwy home screen.

  • Milad Khahil

    The honeymoon is already over for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 with one leading analyst, who deems the new flagship smartphone “inferior” to Apple’s current-generation iPhone 5.

    Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets said Friday that the Galaxy S4 is “less refined” than the iPhone 5 and should not be viewed or promoted as a proverbial “game changer.” While admitting that the S4 is an improvement over the S3, White expects Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5S to “handily outsell” the refreshed Samsung device.

    “We are amazed by how analysts and the media have turned on Apple during the recent stock downdrafts with statements that Samsung is ‘out-innovating’ Apple,” White observed this morning. “One would believe that Samsung is crushing Apple in the mobile phone market. We believe this is complete nonsense.”

    Despite confessing that the S4 has a pixel density of 441 per inch (which is superior to the screen resolution of the iPhone 5’s display), White says the S4 is “heavier” and “fatter” than the iPhone 5. He also derides the S4’s plastic casing, saying it’s “no match” for the iPhone 5’s aluminum unibody enclosure.

    Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray largely appears to be on the same page as White.

    “While the S4 is likely to be the iPhone’s biggest competitor this year at the high-end of the market, we remain confident in our iPhone estimate for this year of 177.5 million, which includes a cheaper phone in the September quarter,” Munster says. “We view the S4 as unlikely to meaningfully impact iPhone share of the high-end over the full year, but do expect it to take share from other Android phones.”

  • Lets not forget that in order for the swipes to work the front camera is on and running. All these supposed features are going to suck battery. Ensuring the proximity on the screen is on and working properly. To me all these extra “features” are going to ruin the experience of using a phone. I can see all these things coming back and being ridiculed once it is in use. listening to music and it will skip songs thinking your waving your hand. Watching a video and cracking your neck causes a pause, or it just randomly does because of fuzz on your camera. All these “features” are going to kill the battery, look for a ton of S4 battery cases coming soon.

  • Light_man

    Only thing that attracts me about this ‘new’ S4 is the 441ppi. But the Retina Display on the iPhone 5 is unbelievably beautiful ;’) i find it hard 2 believe there can be much difference, if any, in the real world.

  • WTF u need that huge ass screen for? To get a better view of your GS4 gay porn?? iPhone 5 is a Bugatti and the GS4 is a Honda ’04 civic

    • Metroview

      More like a 6 year old Bugatti (iOS) that has its engine (hardware) spec’d up a little each year. Not to mention that the Bugatti is an ugly overhyped piece of shit.

    • You got that comparison right my friend…all hype and good looks on the outside but underneath it ain’t shit!!

  • I would not compare the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S4. I would definitely compare the 5S running iOS 7 to the S4 as the iOS 7 will (hopefully) bring some new innovation. Obviously the screen will be smaller than the S4, but still, I could care less about an iPhone 5 vs. S4 comparison. I’m only here to check out the S4 and see what possible features the 5S will have to compete against. I tip my hat to Samsung even though I’m not a fan, they’ve done a pretty nice job. But I enjoy the Apple products I have and feel I still will.

  • iOS 7 really will make or break Apple in my opinion. It has stayed too stagnant for far too long.

  • As the owner of a cell phone repair shop. I see both Samsung and iPhones on a daily basis. They both break the same. It just depends on how it hits the surface. Samsung phones however constantly have software issues. Just about every Samsung phone I have in my hand displays the “forclose” error message. I rarely see any type of software issues with the iPhone. Samsungs charging ports are also constantly breaking. Samsung phones cost double if not triple to replace a cracked screen compared to most iPhones. Except the iPhone 5 which does cost about the same as a gs3 cracked screen repair.

  • philadelphia

    Ugh… More fandroid-ery here.. The only question I have about the S4 is will it blend?

    • jo-macral

      Probably about the same as the iPhone did

      • philadelphia

        Sure, they both blend, but I’ll bet the iPhone does it more elegantly.

      • jo-macral

        I think sparks and dust is far from elegant.

  • iamnotfan

    ios – simple but reliable.
    Android – well it’s complicated

    for any typical user I would recommend iPhone.

    But I use Android and I love it.

  • Metroview

    “Now, this isn’t exactly a fair fight, comparing Apple’s 6 month-old handset to Samsung’s yet-to-be released handset.”

    GTFO with that. Weren’t you Apple fanboys comparing the S3 with the iPhone 5 a few days before release with that benchmark shit even though the S3 still beat the 5? How long was the S3 out when the 5 released? You guys even went as far as comparing the iPad 4 to the S3. LOL sad.

  • Don’t get me wrong I’m an apple fanboy but I have to admit the s4 does look pretty good. Not enough to convince me over an iPhone but still nice big screen and it has a high pixel quality. But overall, the iPhone is made with much better quality. Not plastic.

    • Most of the time you keep your phone in a case anyway. I have a note 2 and I must say that it does not feel like a cheap phone in any way and the screen is great for consuming media. iPhone is an eye strain for almost everything imo.

  • Oh but wait if the same features came out on IOS, you guys would bragging about them too. As a long time iPhone user I can say I have moved on to bigger and better things. No more Apple choke hole!!

  • Leo

    iPhone 5 takes the cake… Samsung keeps implementing tweaks not everyone will use and makes it way more difficul for dummies and even people who knows about tech. They didnt impress with this phone i hope the iPhone 5S comes out with some new specs no one has ever made. SAMSUNG FLOPS with this phone.