The first PSP emulator for iOS now plays games at 60FPS

By , Mar 14, 2013

A few days ago, we told you about PPSSPP — the first PSP emulator for iOS. While the initial screens and video looked promising, at the time, the frame-rate was really low due to some technical issues. Now, it appears that those technical issues — the lack of JIT compiling — have been ironed out, as new video has surfaced showing PPSSPP playing Wipeout pure at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second.

Check out the video above, which showcases Wipeout Pure running at a silky smooth rate. Again, thanks to our friends for the heads up. Again, be sure to visit the official PPSSPP website for more information.

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  • Joe Jonsen

    PSP and VITA are dead… just give me a real IOS controller please

    • Stefano

      I like the way you think!

      • genXhippie

        ” just give me a real IOS controller please” Same here.

  • rud0lf77

    Nice, but too bad that many cool games didn’t release for PSP since years.

    • エディレオナルド

      All the good games wont ever see a English release :( the PSPs are super popular in Japan and are always having Visual Novels and great Games released all the time :(

  • Roystan Ang

    PSP Emulator, gonna be awesome! How is the performance on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

    • Sigurd Bøe

      Guessing It will run butter smooth on iPhone 5, gonna try when I have time. Which I hope I have to night.

  • tiago

    Where do i download?

  • Muhammad

    I went to their website and couldnt find the ios option

    • Sigurd Bøe

      There is a repo in the description of the youtube movie (on youtube not on this page)

      • Muhammad


  • Muhammad

    does anyone know how to actually download any of the games?

    • Qiren_94

      You can get them from Torrent sites.

      • Muhammad

        where do you put them in ifile?

      • yiiidddooooo

        var/mobile/documents. i used ifunbox for it

      • Muhammad


  • jlsk8r

    I want this just for playing patapon which should have been developed as an iOS app in the first place

  • ignotum name

    give us a ps4 emulator haha

    • ignotum name

      hey aren’t you the guy that replies to his own posts?

      • ignotum name

        yeah why?

      • ignotum name

        just wondering….

      • Bob

        lol you’re awesome

    • genXhippie

      That’s goofy. :/

    • EpicFacepalm


  • seyss

    60fps in which device?

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      iPad 4

  • Nando Asmawidjaja

    I’ve played this game like crazy and this is not what I would call “buttery smooth” xD No offense to the people behind it of course ^^ ~ this is amazing. Looking forward to future updates on this project, keep it up!

  • Roger Riekki


  • Sleetui Chan

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on this would be amazing, if it could run… BUT STILL AMAZING!!!!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    This with Blutrol 3 will be awesome

  • O’Naje RnbCelebrity

    Ok great! But what about the long waited nds emu?!!!

  • Crowned_59

    oh wow can’t wait for this, I want to play me some Valkyria Chronicles

  • besweeet

    And there *STILL* isn’t a working/usable/modern PS1 emulator for iOS.