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Apple has long been known for its army of loyal followers. They use Macs and iPhones, and swear by them. And they constantly argue with Android and Windows users that their choice of platform is superior to theirs. You know, fanboys.

But there’s more to being an Apple fanboy than just carrying around an iPhone, and scoffing at the competition. So to help separate the real ones from the fakes, the folks over at Mackeeper came up with this ‘How Apple are you?’ infographic…

The following infographic features a short 16-question quiz to test your level of fanboy(ism?). Each question has a point amount that you can award yourself if the answer pertains to you. And yes, some of the questions are extremely ridiculous.

You know, you’d actually be surprised at how many people have done some of the crazier stuff on this list. I’ve heard—multiple times—of people selling their body parts for Apple gear. And ‘Apple’ was, believe it or not, a fairly popular baby name last year.

Anyway, if you scored less than 50 points, you’re only 1/4 the fanboy you thought you were. If you scored between 51 and 100, you’re halfway to full fanboy status. And if you scored 250 or more, we’re not sure if we should be impressed, or worried.

So, how’d you do?


    Btw 105pts 75%

    • Kurt

      Happened in china. He bought an iPhone 4 and the original iPad. Now that he has these out of date products, how does he feel? I can’t imagine.

      • David Villamizar

        LoL, I can’t imagine how he should feel about Siri being not available for iPhone 4

      • Kurt

        He’s still a teenager now, so I assume he really wishes he waited a year 😐

  • 30 points. Not too shabby, then again I’m not an apple fanboy, I love Android and iOS.

    • trumpet444

      why would people downvote? He’s “Thinking (for himself) Differently” right? Not going along with the herd, right?

      • Kurt

        shhh, he said the A-word

  • If you didnt know, some kid a China actually sold a kidney to fund his iPad.

    • Kurt

      iPhone 4 and iPad 1.

  • RarestName

    lol I have 10 points (iPhone 4S and iPad 3)

    • Kurt

      Don’t forget the iPhones/iPads/iPods you used to own also. That’s why I have 20 points. iPod 1, iPhone 3gs, iPad 1, iPhone 4S

  • They I forgot one:
    If you visit Idownloadblog at 50pt

    • They forgot one:
      if you visit Idownlaodblog add 50pt

  • if your device is jailbroken, you should deserve 10000 points

    • blu

      No, you should remove points because Jailbreaking is anti apple.

      • Kurt

        That’s what i thought. If you think iOS crap without jailbreaking thats not very fanboyish.

  • That’s stupid.. i love apple and i can’t afford most of their products. this doesn’t mean i don’t like them, does that test also apply for rich kids out there ? nope.

    • Lol. Pissed-off fanboy. I know you a fanboy, you know your a fanboy. That’s all that matters. Also I’m joking about calling you a pissed-off fanboy.

  • 145 75% hhahah because number 15

  • I don’t need a test to tell me what I am or am not, it’s Apple all the way!

  • five..points.

  • Mohammad Ridwan


  • Kamal Ostwal

    i am the Next Steve Jobs ..! So I own a Fair 1000 Pts.

  • @dongiuj

    What if you own a non apple device as well? Should we deduct points?

    • felixtaf

      Double the points! U own another device, yet u r a loyal Apple fanboy… lol

      • @dongiuj

        But what if we bought a different device after we bought apple devices?

  • felixtaf

    I cant afford most of the apple products. Yet i own and iPhone 4S and an iPad 3. Nokia N95 8GB and Samsung Innov8 were my first smartphones. I owned them both. It was in 2009 my uncle gave me his used iPhone 3G. I used it for a week. Thats it, i gave my Well Loved N95 to my bro and sold the innov8. Since then, iPhone s my primary phone. Gone into cellphone resale 2 yrs ago. Tested and sold most of the devices in market. Yet iPhone!!!! I am a fanboy. I think i may get only 10 points in this. But, I cant live without my iPhone!

  • Chuck Finley

    See, I’ve owned a lot of iPods but that’s because they all break eventually and I have to replace them.

    The only reason I’ve not switched to another brand of MP3 player is because nobody else does an MP3 player with over 100gb of storage.

    • observer1959

      Seriously? I’ve owned a number of iPods now replaced by iPhones. They were either passed down or still used. My wife and I still have a green and pink mini she uses in a Bose player that work fine.

      • Chuck Finley

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone, it’s just that I have 90gb of music and I like having it all with me.

        It’s the inherent problem with it having a hard disk drive instead of flash storage, normal bumps and stuff from use will eventually kill it.

      • Jason Hargraft

        iTunes Match…

      • Chuck Finley

        >Subscription service
        >Relies on having a good internet connection

        Yeah, I’ll stick with having a physical copy of all my music at hand, cheers.

  • blu

    I actually scored 40 points just due to iPod/phone/pad, Iphone 5, 4S, 2 3GS (which are not used), Ipad 2, a iPod touch 3rd gen, iPod Shuffle 1st gen (freebie) and an iPod shuffle 2nd Gen (freebie, sold without ever using it).
    I am by no means an Apple fan. I do not like Macs, can’t stand iTunes or quicktime. I do like iDevices though, they just work. Android devices are just now equaling the quality of iDevices and IOS, Windows phones are also nice, but I have already invested in iOS. If the current SWindows phones were aout 3 years ago I may have been a Windows Phone user.

  • I scored 70. I camped out overnight for my iPhone 4S and that bought me some extra points. I didn’t include the iPad 2 or iPod Shuffle I’ve bought my daughter, but I did include the Apple IIGS I had in 1987.

    • observer1959

      I had an Apple IIci in 86/87. That was a nice Mac I learned on. I had Aldus Pagemaker, Photoshop and Freehand.

  • Well, I only scored 110 points, which puts me in the 50%. I’m average. That sounds about right 🙂

  • neutrino23

    I don’t think you can buy a logo shirt at the company store in Cupertino unless you are an employee. I’ve been there a few times but not lately.

    • erickwong

      You most certainly can buy a logo shirt at 1 Infinite Loop. At the Google store, on the other hand, you have to be accompanied by an employee.

      • neutrino23

        Thanks. I stand corrected.

  • Love this!! Thanks for passing along..

  • Cjoue

    30% :p

  • erickwong

    Young whippersnappers. 175 points here, over half of that from #1. Just made the t-shirt pilgrimage a couple weeks ago. The infographic is broken: there’s no category between “up to 150” and “over 250”!

  • s0me

    I scored 10 points…

  • 95 pts

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    5 points…. not too shabby.

  • observer1959

    You can sell body parts? Hmmm…

    When my grandson was being born 2002 I made the suggestion to name him Mac. Everyone liked it until I mentioned it was short for Macintosh. I should have stopped while i was ahead.

  • Thomas

    10 points. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple to death, but I think their “walled garden” approach isn’t for me anymore, so I’m switching back to Android. If you’re so close-minded that you can’t see past your own ignorance and aren’t open to change, even for the better, then you’re a fanboy.

  • sgs2&iPhone5

    30.. I taughet ill get more hehe

  • deepdvd

    4 iPod touches + 1 iPhone… so 25 points. All jailbroken, so I should lose 2 points each for that. So I’ll give myself a 15

  • 155 Points

  • 195 pts

  • 50 punti

  • JomanJi

    Just 30 points.. well, the problem is im not 18 years old, so I can’t do most of the things :/

  • Paul Dunahoo

    Yikes. 375 points. I’m almost concerned for myself.

  • Peter

    5 points