brilliant iphone ad

Apple has posted two new iPhone commercials this evening. The first one is entitled ‘Brilliant,’ and the second is ‘Discover,’ and both of them follow the Cupertino company’s recent marketing trend for its iOS devices.

The spots start out with a slew of quickly flashing descriptive words, landing on a final one just before jumping into a quick app demo. And they repeat this a couple of times to an upbeat soundtrack. Check them out…

Here’s Brilliant:

And here’s Discover:

Obviously the big focus here is Apple’s app ecosystem, which features nearly 800,000 titles. Some of the apps shown in the above ads include Cards, Maps, GarageBand, Infinity Blade 2, iPhoto, Starbucks, and Philips Hue.

Apple must be getting positive feedback on this new style of ads, given that it’s already done a few for the iPad and iPad mini. But the flashing words seem kind of chaotic, making you kind of wonder how effective they are.

Anyway, what do you think about these new iPhone ads?

  • Brilliant ad was great .

  • Sentry

    The ending frame with the iPhone text next to the Apple logo looks really, really weird to me. Like something out of a fan made apple video or something.

  • TesticularFortitude

    Not bad.

    • Kurt

      You spelled good wrong 😉

  • I think Apple should advertise new things about their products rather than just new ads bragging that they have the most apps. Honestly I’m sort of getting bored…

    • Kurt

      Just show one single feature of the iphone/ipad that’s running an app. Just one Apple! This is why our phones fall so behind Android. Apple is not feature-centric but App-centric.

      • Yes but the app offering on Android sucks in comparison. How many Apps on Android are still the same mobile App blown up for the Tablet? Many I believe… That sucks.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        You sir… have NO idea what youre talking about.

      • You sir gave got it wrong. I have a house full of gadget, iOS and Android, both mobile and tablet. My opinion is based on first hand experience. A few good apps do exist on android, for example clipboard is pretty good as it is on iOS, but generally speaking things suck in comparison to iOS. More so on tablet.

      • Kurt

        You’re a fanboy of a company. That’s pathetic. ‘A few good apps” Really, am I wrong there are more than 700,000 apps for Android and you minimize it by saying there are only a few good ones? Obnoxious.

      • Kurt get with it pal. I’m speaking from personal experience! What do u expect, me to use all 700,000? Don’t get all defensive of Android. It’s simple, from sampling both platforms offering I know which I prefer!

      • Kurt

        You and your extremes. First your extreme of “a few good apps” and then the extreme of “use all 700,000″…and you tell me to get with it

      • Yeah KURT… Get with it. 😛

    • MarcPhilippeB

      It’s not about the features. It’s about the message Apple wants to send out: you don’t buy an iPhone because of its specs, you buy one because of the experience. Excite, discover, learn, play, feel. Get inspired. People don’t buy what you do, the buy why you do it.

      • Jimothy

        That and they’ll get more money if they advertise the App Store. They get like, what, 60% of all transactions or something like that.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        30% 🙂

      • Jimothy

        Ah. Well thank you. 🙂

      • GalaxyNoteFTW96

        Typical fanboy response right there 🙂

      • It’s not about the features, it’s about sending a message – Joker

    • I think Apple has many different strengths it can base it’s advertising appeal for iOS devices the App experience being just one of them.

      It’s nice to see that Apple is using these strengths to sell its products which is more than can be said for the likes of Sadsung.

  • Does someone know which is the guitar tuner app that is shown on “Discover”?

    • Mac_Guy

      It’s called Cleartune, says it at the bottom of the app… I just purchased it after seeing this video. Quite pricey for $3.99 but that’s what gift cards are for 😛

      • And how is it? It seems to be cool, it has a really nice ui

      • Mac_Guy

        First thing I did was tune my guitar with it. For $3.99 you bet your ass its going to be an accurate tuner and it is! Can’t complain one bit

  • I have never seen any Samsung phone doing such an intelligent Ad on their phone, because android lacks the flow.

    • Kurt

      This was a poor attempt at a joke right? Sorry I didn’t get the sarcasm. Please tell me you were being sarcastic

  • Anyone know the math app shown in the brilliant one??

    • beet

      MyScript Calculator

  • theresonemorething

    Does anyone know what the weather app featured in ‘Brilliant’ is?

    • David

      Finally found it. Snce no article seemed to mention the name of the app, I had to search for the words on the iPhone screen in the video…scenes, settings, speed, screenshot, weather, etc.
      The app is called Magic Window.

      • Cynthia

        Hi guys, Where should I unlock my iphone 5 for a cheaper price. It is locked to Fido. Any suggestions! Cynthia

      • geochief

        Fuckin’ thank you!!! I have tried several times to find the name because I was curious what app it was. I ended up finding your comment by searching google with “scenes settings speed snapshot”. WTF would Apple not itemize the featured apps?!

  • Anyone know the Rock app??

  • What’s that beautiful weather app, under the “Brilliant” ad?

    • David

      The app is called Magic Window.

  • I hate these fucking ads shouting words with a burning passion

    • Kurt

      One of the worst set of ads from Apple.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Not true.

      • Kurt

        I didn’t say ‘the worst’, but one of.

      • Joonyaboy

        Must be working cause everyone in this thread is asking about the apps featured in the ad. Multiply that by millions who watched the commercial.

      • Kurt

        Good point. Thanks for replying with substance. Much appreciated.

  • Karl Kurtz

    Definitely not a fan of these new ads :/

  • What’s the app with the square root ?

    • Mohammed Sahib

      My script calculator. It says so in the ad, and I had it when it was free. May be it still is, idk.

  • Garageband and The Elements.

  • Anyone know what skateboarding app that was?

  • I think these kind of ads are one of the best I’ve ever seen. They just show you how many things you can do with these unbelievable devices. The fact that you can’t read all the words is not chaotic… it just shows you how many things there are to discover. Just my opinion

  • Joonyaboy

    These are better than the first few ones. Still not as great as some past commercials, but flexes the variety of the phone

  • apples ad agencies are faltering… oh and touch screen controls suuuuuuck….

  • I think these ads could have been a lot better if they didn’t have the voice calling out the word. It seems kind of childish.

  • Whats the helicopter app named??

  • Whats the helicopter app named??

  • Does anyone know app in the discover ad that features the Tellurium element and provides details about it?

  • 11designerz

    jeff can u please make a post with the names of all apps used in these ads..i ll b highly thankful to u and i am sure many will b too..

  • Logan Mathis

    Dinosaur App in the ‘Discover’ ad?

  • Guest

    Anybody know the name of the app where the guy swipes the tail of the dinosaur and it show it being covered by skin. its right after the Discovery word and the Solar System app. Thanks

  • I have been trying to find the Guitar app. Can anyone help me out? Driving me nuts!

  • orlandopirate

    Can anyone identify the translator app in ‘Discover’? It was shown translating a Japanese menu. Why these apps aren’t identified anywhere on the web other than in comments is like is a mystery. Whatever about the quality of the advertisement – this seems like the real marketing fail.