iOS 6 (Siri, Restaurants)

Apple and Samsung are still battling it out in post-trial hearings left over from last fall’s high-profile infringement trial. And they have another one coming up this year that involves a whole new range of devices.

But there’s alway room for another case in the world of patent lawsuits. And Judge Lucy Koh just gave Apple permission to move forward on a third lawsuit with Samsung here in the States involving its Siri patent…

Reuters reports:

“A judge on Friday refused to suspend Apple Inc’s patent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, a case that includes search technology in Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

The ruling came from U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California. Apple’s Siri lawsuit involves different patents than the case that went to trial in California last year.”

Koh mentioned last month that she might suspend the Siri case because she felt that it could be folded into the first lawsuit, saying “I just don’t know if we really need two cases on this.” But obviously she reversed course.

Apple won a settlement worth over $1 billion last August when a jury found Samsung guilty of several counts of patent infringement. But earlier this year, Judge Koh cut that amount in half, citing “impermissible legal theory.”

Of course, Apple will appeal the ruling, as it’s doing with the rejection of its sales ban request. But we won’t see the results for several months. In fact, the proceedings will likely postpone the start of its next v. Samsung trial.

But back to the Siri case. The infringement suit includes a couple of patents, but the big one has to do with the digital assistant. Apple believes Samsung infringes on its IP with its S-Voice feature, which is similar to Siri.

This trial is scheduled to begin in March of next year.

Wow, what a mess.

  • Kristel Tallaksen

    OMG. Apple p*uh*lease…………. This is getting ridiculous.

    • The lawsuits or the plagiarism?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Apparently, you love monopolism and lack of innovation on the market. And apparently, not even straight out ripping Apple off cannot force those corporate morons to start innovating.

    • chjode

      Right… because Samsung came up with S-Voice all on their own.

      • JamesR624

        To be honest. If the lawsuits were ONLY the ones on Wallet an S-Voice, that’d be fine. Those were the ONLY things that Apple has sued about that samsung ACTUALLY copied. (I’d much prefer google now on a galaxy Note or SIII over S-Voice. Even google is getting worried about Samsung’s control over Android.)

        I am just sick of Apple suing only because they’re a threat. Suing about the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy Nexus shows that these lawsuits have NOTHING to do with the alleged copying. That was just an excuse for Apple to use the American legislative system for anti-competitive practices.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Yes, right. And Apple never stole ideas from others. What are you smoking, because I want some! They don’t give a shit about protecting their patents, they’re only in it for the money!

  • ap3604

    God I hate our patent system sometimes.

  • yay

  • it’s not apple who decides it’s the judge and the jury who decides, so stop blaming apple for suing samsung for copying

  • Leo

    Samsung Wallet, S Voice, whats next? Why do they copy?

    • anonymous

      Cuz they are stupid

      • AMB_07

        which is why they’re making tons of money off of it. Samsung is many things but stupid ain’t one of ’em bob.

  • seyss

    why didn’t you put up a photo of siri and s-voice side by side so the “oh my god more patent battle” ppl would know what’s going on

    • JamesR624

      Because those people actually care about technology and not the almighty apple abusing whatever it can to make more money to avoid spending any on innovation anymore?

  • Nith Man

    ehh emm iris….

  • siri and s-voice look the same. google voice search on android looks different from siri. no wonder apple does not sue google.

  • JamesR624

    Today I learned that “literally” now means “mostly”.

    If it was “literally a carbon copy”, it would be EXACTLY the same. It is not. Yes it IS a pretty blatant rip-off but it is NOT an exact copy.

    • pauleebe

      Since you seem partially blind, let’s go through the copied items:

      – “conversation bubbles” are on left and right for user and voice service
      – gray/black theme (at least google now used white/lighter colors)
      – mic icon is identical, and in same exact position

      There is nothing samsung did to be remotely creative here.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Why should i care if someone else phone can do what mines does….

    I think people are just mad because android can do what an iphone can do…and some without the epic apple/jailbreak battle. Google embraces its custom root community and share their ideas while Apple shuns upon its jaikbreak community…they only want you to use your phone the way they feel you should. I learned that over the previous years of supporting iPhones. Its a great phone but damn its not the end all be all. Neither are Android phones. Theres room for both to exist and share technology.