How to stop Google Chrome’s annoying keychain access request messages

By , Mar 4, 2013

Chrome wants your confidential information

Have you ever had Google Chrome on OS X present a pop up message that states: Google Chrome wants to use your confidential information stored in the…blah, blah, blah…in your keychain?

Even if you select Always Allow, Deny, or Allow, the message continues to pop up each time you visit specific sites. I tried disabling password syncing in Chrome’s settings, clearing all saved passwords, etc., all to no avail. Basically, I got to the point where If I saw that message one more time, I was going to rip my hair out!

But I solved the issue, and it was actually easier, and more obvious than I expected. If you’re having the same problem, which apparently many Chrome users on the Mac are, then take a look inside for the fix…

The problem, oddly enough, seems to stem from my former use of Safari, a browser I haven’t used in quite a while. At one time, I decided to save passwords with Safari, and that’s where my troubles began. Apparently, Safari saves passwords to the Keychain, and Chrome simply sees them as a plain old “Web form password”, so it requests access from the Keychain. Chrome doesn’t care that you used Safari to save these passwords, it simply request access anyway…repeatedly…over and over, until it drives you to the brink of losing it.

Safari Save Password

Safari asking to save my Reddit password. This is where trouble began

Chrome, for whatever nefarious reason, hits up the Keychain Access to request the confidential password information stored there. Remember, this data was saved to the keychain via Safari, not Chrome. As stated above, it doesn’t matter which buttons you click on this message. After some clicks, the message will go away, but a simple refresh of the website in question will cause the pop-up message to rear its ugly head once more. It’s the definition of insanity.

Chrome wants your confidential information


I’m going to go ahead and take most of the blame for my frustration, because if I would have just read the message and thought about it for a while, I would have fixed this a long time ago. So, yes, I blame myself. Reading is fundamental folks. This message is requesting access to the keychain, not something stored within Chrome’s settings. Hence, deleting password history, and sync settings within Chrome wasn’t going to do a thing. I was wasting my time.

As the pop-up message states, this was an issue with accessing some data in the Keychain, so obviously, I needed to do some snooping around the Keychain in order to see what was up.

To open your Keychain Access, search for Keychain Access via Spotlight. Or, go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access. You’ll probably be prompted for your administrator password to mess around with Keychain Access.

Once Keychain Access is open, do a search for the offending website in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner. In my case, the website in question was Reddit.

Keychain Access Reddit

Searching Keychain Access for Reddit

Sure enough, there it was, a “Web form password” for Reddit. This was the culprit that caused Chrome to continually prompt me for access to the Keychain. This is the password that Safari saved. If I access Reddit via Safari, it’s all fine and dandy, it will reach out to the Keychain, and grab the username and password with no prompts on my end. With Chrome, it’s a whole ‘nother story.

To solve this issue, all I needed to do was delete the Reddit Web form password entry from the Keychain using my keyboard’s delete key.

Delete Reddit from Keychain Access

Deleting Reddit from Keychain Access

Now that Reddit is out of the Keychain, I can now browse Reddit via Chrome without that annoying pop-up message! Since I use 1Password, I’m not worried about saving any passwords to my Keychain, and I simply keep the password options in Chrome disabled. If you’re getting this message in Chrome for any other site, simply repeat these steps. Or you could simply delete all of the Web form passwords from Keychain Access in one fell swoop, just type “web form” in the search box without quotes. I actually recommend that you do this to eliminate any future headaches.

Hopefully, this will help a lot of people out there, though, perhaps you weren’t as silly as me, and you actually took some time to contemplate what the problem might be, and fixed the issue for yourself.

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  • Nina

    Rather than ‘write a script that dialogue mashes’ or ‘delete keychain items’, the way your suppose to fix is to utilize the method Apple builds in for such keychainAccess sharing….. And it’s quite simple:

    1- Open KeyChain Access
    2- Click the “Kind” column so that all of the keychain types sort
    3- Scroll until you see “web form Password”
    4- Double Click the item you wish to edit
    5- Select the “Access Control” tab on the resulting window
    — You will see Safari listed in: “Always allow access by these applications” Table —

    6- Simply click the “+” at the bottom
    7- Select “Google Chrome” in your Applications folder
    8- Click “Save Changes” on the bottom right of the box.

    Repeat 4-8 for other web for passwords.

    It may seem like a lot of steps, but it’s very simple. And it’s the right way to do it. Because by doing it this way you are simply granting another application the right to look at the information.
    It will also….
    – You allow yourself to go back to Safari any time you like.
    … And …
    – You maintain your stored password without having to redo it

    • really

      I bet you’re super hot Nina…call me (:

  • Sean


  • Rachel

    OMG! Thank you!!!! This had been driving me insane for months and your post is the only one I found that actually worked!!

  • rivercityim

    Thank YOU!!! I was going to pull my hair out too. SO thankful I prolonged going bald!

  • YannisDr

    Thank you! Yoy just saved my peace of mind!

  • Chaz

    I’m having this problem with Facebook, but I use Safari for a private personal Account and Safari for my Public Personality. is there any way around this annoyance without having to type a password in Safari every time I go to Facebook via Safari?

  • velociround

    This is ridiculous… this is not a fix, this is getting rid of the feature altogether. It’s just bad programming on Google’s part, and they should fix it.

  • Lisa @chickybus

    Thank you! This was driving me crazy!!!

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  • prittybritty

    Thank you so much for this! It is exactly the solution I was seeking!!

  • rebecca haegele

    My son uses Safari, I use Chrome on the same computer. Will this continue to be a problem?

  • Guido

    This is not a solution. A solution would allow to actually use the keychain with chrome without the annoyingly repeated message…

    • really

      And you’re not a man, you’re a bitch (:

  • Mike Shea

    THANK YOU. Why Google couldn’t just say this in any of the many help threads on this exact topic is a mystery.

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    Sweet! Thanks for providing this. I never save my passwords for fear of getting hacked.

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  • Deborah

    Thank you, thank you. I was going out of my mind.

  • Topcat38

    This fix looks like it might work, but the only problem I have is there is no “web form” anything in the list. I’m running Maverick.

  • Gorgeous Me

    You are AMAZING. Thank you sooooooooooo much. it was driving me insane. All fixed. All good. :)

  • KellyK


  • Rick Dias

    Thanks very much for posting this. The problem cropped up for me two months ago. I appreciate that you explained *why* it was happening, as well as how to fix it. Posts elsewhere had folks recommending just click “Always Allow,” which feels, at best, like stumbling through a problem, and at worst, a recipe for disaster. ;-)

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  • Elena Shaposhnikova

    This was very useful, and also very funny. Thank you!

  • Vic M

    Sorry still not the user’s fault. I don’t know what a key chain is, nor should I have to. I never chose to participate in that

    • GregInDenver

      The Keychain is a major feature of recent versions of OS X. If you aren’t aware of that, you haven’t done your homework.

      • Vic M

        Shouldn’t have to do homework on every product or every software I own. Nobody has the time. It should be right up front and understandable. You’re just supposed to know is the attitude. That’s not right. It’s the responsibility of the people who design the hoops we have to go through.

  • Guest

    Now how the hell do you do all this. I don’t even know what Reddit is or how to get into it.

  • Alex

    Thanks, clear solution!

  • Warrior KM

    It is so silly, realizing how easy it is to fix this keychain bug. You just saved my sanity. I’ve been going through this for about a year and just got used to it until today when I snapped LMFAO!! Screaming. Fake-crying; the whole enchilada. Thank you, my friend.

  • Tia Hain

    Thank you! You saved my sanity. I thought I was over reacting in my head every time this popped up. Then I saw that you had the exact same reactions. So, I wasn’t over reacting. It is/was the devil. Thanks for helping me finally slay the dragon. You ROCK!

  • JW

    OMFG. This is amazeballs.

  • Alvaro

    Thank you so much, you explained it so well there was a few different answers but yours made sense, easy to follow and finally I have fixed it, the most annoying thing ever.
    Anyway thanks again I hope you keep up the good work.

    kind regards


  • Tennhall

    Thank you!!! It started popping up on me right after I downloaded something from GoDaddy. Your article is the only one that solved the problem.

  • Sergei Krueger

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  • Shawn Peterson

    Thank you very much. This was highly annoying. Most times I had to hit “Deny” like six times before the pop up went away.

    Thanks again.. as simple as it was, I don’t think I would ever have thought to check there. I was about to uninstall Chrome.

  • Ngallendou

    Same NSA scam on a new Linux installation that has never seen Safari or Reddit.

  • cloudpurple

    thank you – about to chuck the whole thing out! especcially as related to ex-husband grrr life (mac) saver!

  • Marc Digital

    Thank you! I obviously should have known this already, but I was like the hell let me just google it quick cause it’s been popping up forever and I was like MAKE IT STOPPPPPP!

    So thank you much! A+

  • BigTime_TJ

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  • Leticia ML

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  • shining.genji

    it should have a button, “eat sh-t and die.”

    why is there no “never allow” button? never allow and don’t f-ing ask me again?

  • Shiri B

    You have just changed my life. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders, I can now browse in peace!

  • Rekha

    Hey! Thank you! That worked! Reading is fundamental!

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    Yet another Chrome privacy fail.

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    yes, thank you! The apps today are trying to be so smart and simple that they’re getting very annoying. I want more options without having to search the darn internet for other people having the same ‘issue’. /rant