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Yesterday, we told you about Tapbots’ entertaining way it deals with folks who pirate its popular Tweetbot app. If you download the Twitter client without paying for it, it will auto-insert an embarrassing phrase into its Tweet sheet.

But the guys on the Tapbots team aren’t the only ones having fun with pirates. Jake Marsh, creator of the new Conditions weather app, also takes a creative approach in dealing with people who steal his work. Check it out…

Conditions, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, is a minimalist weather app for the iPhone released earlier this month. Where most weather applications looked cluttered, with too many details, it offers a more simple UI.

I’m not sure how many apps you need to tell you the weather, but for those looking for an alternative to the stock one, it’s a solid choice. Its flat text and graphics look great, and the data it provides is straight-forward and accurate.

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That is, unless you download it illegally. Then it actually becomes quite inaccurate, displaying a picture of a pirate head and a weather forecast of ‘ARRmageddon & 666 degrees’ with daily fire and brimstone showers. Every day.

If you’ve been reading iDB for a while, you know how strongly we feel about piracy. Besides the fact that it takes money from our good friends who work hard on apps and tweaks, it also—by association—gives jailbreaking a bad name.

That’s why we’re really liking this new trend with developers, of putting in special code to recognize pirates. It’s both entertaining, and in Marsh’s case, somewhat effective, since it would essentially make the app useless (right?).

What are your thoughts about it?

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  • notewar


  • Trolling level: developers >:)

    • I cracked it after I bought it for 99 cents. Unfortunately, there are no such ARRmageddon images presenting on a cracked Conditions. : ( I may guess the developer just wanna a promotion of sale by saying so.

      • If you bought it, the validity check might return all-ok.

      • I am curious about the “ARRmageddon mode” Conditions. Where can I get it?

      • I cracked the Conditions on my iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, and then install the cracked app on my iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2. The UI on the later one functions normally.

      • Uhm if you use the same Apple ID – which I guess you do – it would probably return a valid check there too, much like Niclas mentioned.

      • Nope. The cracked app, Conditions, owns the app signature of “”. Also, the cracked app can run normally on my friends’ iOS devices which have not the same Apple ID. You can try the link, consisting the cracked app, below.

  • I’d pirate just for the fun of it. That’s great. I don’t use weather apps at all but it would be a good joke.

  • How do you know? Did you pirate it in the first place? 😛

    • There is a way to check current app signature with device signature, but I do not think its possible in iOS6. It is not that easy and therefore most developers just check if your device is Jailbroken.
      I am a developer and do not condone that, and do not do that!

      Most, if not all, methods are flawed.

    • There are rational doubts against the app, Conditions. First, you cannot find any related images of ARRmageddon in all files of the app’s route. Second, the app has the limit for iOS 6 devices only and as result it is more complicated to crack because Crackulous no longer exists. Last, I have cracked it and the Conditions functions normally. : ( Where is the anti-piracy mode???

      • It’s likely a scare tactic to make pirates think it’s not worth pirating.

  • bloodshed

    well if that’s an effective approach and cannot be bypassed by people cracking the apps themselves, soon pirating will be doomed..just in case other app developers join in and do the same.

  • I always wonder why people would spend $ on a weather report..

    • Anon

      I’ve always wondered the same. Apple’s weather app is just as simple and works fine. Best of all, it’s free.

  • Am i being a pirate if I download apps for free? If i feel like i really like the game and i think it fun awesome, well built, addicting ,then ill buy it because i think they deserve it! Does that mean im pirateing?

    • iHamzaDev

      If those apps are PAID apps and you are downloading for free from a third party source, then yes, you are pirating it. It’s PAID for a reason. If you want to test it out, find someone who already had it and test it from them. Then if you like it, buy it on your own. If you can’t cough up the money to buy it, at least don’t download it illegally.

      • Ah okay thank you man makes sense Also thanks for the good advice 🙂

      • But what if he doesn’t find anyone who doesn’t own the app? Then the developer has less of a chance to get any money from their hard work. I’m not saying pirating is okay, but his rationale has a better way to get the developers money than yours does.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        I fail to see how downloading an app is equal to sailing with your crew to unknown islands and drink Rom.

        Then again you’re developer so you’re butt-hurt when you hear piracy. Interesting though why iDB starts to make so much idiotic posts about piracy. YOU CAN”T GUILT PEOPLE INTO BUYING SHITTY APPS.

      • There’s no philosophical difference between downloading illegally and finding someone who already has the game, and playing it there.

        Either way, the dev isn’t getting paid.

    • Tikimaker

      You need someone to tell you that downloading a paid app is pirating?

    • It doesn’t matter how or why you pirate. If the app has a price and you aren’t paying the price, you’re pirating. (Yes, it’s still pirated if you purchase/purchased it.)

  • Who would bother paying for some a stupid app. I don’t condone piracy, but I don’t think we should be condoning moronic apps in the App Store.

  • Tikimaker

    I have a stock weather app that works fine and weather channel app for free so I don’t see the need for a paid weather app or cracked.

    • Alex Janko

      …it is supposed to be similar to Google Now weather….visually appealing, but simple as hell

  • I am fully behind this. I’ve never supported piracy and as a new developer, I support it even less…

  • Kurt

    do tweetbot and this app have two apps, one being legit and they sell it on the appstore and the other one tweaked to mess with pirates and then they themselves post them on places I won’t mention, but places to get downloaded by pirates? or is done by code to see if it was legal bought?

    • EpicFacepalm

      It is coded I don’t know how but there is a workaround for devs to detect pirated apps. I heard it was very hard and worthless. It is still possible to pirate it by patching the app itself though, like we see in PC.

  • Geez, now people are going to *want* to pirate this one just to get the graphics.

  • John714

    no worries… the geniuses who pirate apps will figure a way around this trend….