With speculation of Apple’s growing interest in wearable computing and a smartwatch-like gadget the company’s reportedly working on, it’s worth remembering Google entered the space in a big way with last year’s astonishing on-stage demonstration of its Android-driven augmented-reality eyewear, Google Glass. One of CEO Larry Page’s moonshot projects, the Glass is still in its infancy, but watchers predict it will become the next big thing in wearable computing.

While only Google developers are allowed to buy the $1,500 sci-fi eyewear, Google is working on mainstreaming the technology in order to get even more people use its services all the time. And in doing so, the search Goliath has released new footage showing what it actually feels wearing the Glass.

In case you were wondering, everything you see has been captured through the Glass…

The video takes us through capturing first-person footage with the Glass, sharing, taking pictures (as easy as saying aloud “take a picture”) and more.

Directions are right in front of you. Speak to send a message, or translate your voice. Get the notifications that matter most. Ask whatever’s on your mind and get answers without having to ask.

9to5Google points us to Google’s ‘If I had Glass‘ contest to get the $1,500 Glass.

We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass. We’d love to make everyone an Explorer, but we’re starting off a bit smaller. We’re still in the early stages, and while we can’t promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting.

More information about Google Glass can be found at the official web site.

I cannot recall the last time I was lusting so much about a Google product. Setting aside for a moment the fact that average folks might dislike wearing a computer on their noses, Google’s technology has tremendous potential.

Google Project Glass (image 002)

Heck, even Jim Dalrymple of The Loop likes it!

I’m sure Scott Forstall would call Google’s Glass a blow away.

If this were an Apple project, one could imagine augmented-reality FaceTime calls, notifications and rich Siri answers being delivered and overlaid over your field of view, Star Trek style.

Here’s the Glass prototype video posted in April 2012, just ahead of Google I/O.

And this is the epic Glass skydiving demo from Google I/O.

A month later, Google posted showcased life through the lens of Glass.

And Google Glass at the DVF Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week in September 2012.

Are you impressed yet?

Is Google Glass a new game in town and should Apple respond?

  • Chris Eko

    this is really something, but lets see

  • Anonymous

    Dont ya feel sometimes the articles go out of niche?

  • CollegiateLad

    This is awesome!! I would buy these as soon as Samsung copies and makes affordable. Lol

    • Kurt

      you and your typical comments. Zzzzz

      • CollegiateLad

        Try commenting on the article for once. With that being said, I still find your man crush flattering.

    • max

      You meant as soon as apple copies it, and patent it as their own, adds retina display and charges people like you 3 times its worth.

      • CollegiateLad

        Right. Like they did the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, App Store, etc… Lol

  • Haha I can’t wait for someone to root the google glasses

  • hocus86

    Simply wow.

  • Freaking awesome. I wonder if we could read each other’s power level Saiyan-style. Lol

    • Ernie Marin

      they tried it, by reading Tim Cook power level, but the glasses broke

    • power level over 9000!!

  • Guest

    As long as I can jailbreak them …

  • Daniel

    I would really like to have this glasses.

  • A real piece of work….here goes Apple and Samsung to copy the idea and make something “like” this……let the race begin but Google is the real mind behind this amazing closer to reality.

  • DomPerignon1

    The most amazing thing that I’ve seen in quite a while.

  • wonderboydave

    still waiting for the “eye-phone” that futurama did. =P

  • FlamingOzone

    As long as the price is reasonable

    • KingKon_NL

      Depends if you think $1500,- for a pair is reasonable.

      • FlamingOzone


      • Damian W

        for an average user it is not reasonable at all.

      • KingKon_NL


      • Jude2017

        1500$ for the current prototype to specific persons who win the lottery to be able to purchase it. Like athletes and developers. Google stated in another interview they would like the price point to be 400-600 for the final product when it hits the shelves.

  • This is pretty awesome, but… I’m never wearing glasses unless I have to for medical reasons.

    • Also no sunglasses? 🙂

      I would definitely make an exception for this! Imagine the moments you wish you’d captured but didn’t have any device with you or you were too slow.

      I thought this was only a concept. But since it’s already available for $1500, I can really see this becoming a thing in the future! It has a lot of potential. For firemen for example!

      • I might be able to make an exception for sunglasses 🙂

      • They have made lenses for them. If u look on the website for them you will see an example of the different colors and one with lenses installed. They are pretty freakin cool though. But 1500…

      • hipster style non prescription lenses

  • twited21

    I’m actually holding off getting a new iPhone for these and this add makes me want to get hands on even more

    • AforAppleAforAndoid

      that ain’t no phone you dumbass

      • twited21

        Did I say it was my iphone replacement NO YOU DIP SH1T
        I’m not getting the new iPhone because I want these not that it will replace my iPhone for them DUMB ASS

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        Lol you’re such an ass

        Sent from my iPod

  • I have the money, might buy one 🙂

  • but it feels like i m constantly monitorable by whomsoever.

  • I like it. I’m think how long b4 these will b band from driving. How many people will get in to an accident. It’s awesome concept. A lot going on if u are moving while wearing them. But I like it

  • JoblessGuy2

    P.S.; about the contest, the ‘winner’ actually has to pay up $1499 for the product. So it’s not really the kind of contest you’d look for.

  • KingKon_NL

    So how does this work if you already have glasses? The website only shows images of the unit complete with frame, which is useless to people with normal glasses.

  • Ernie Marin


  • Boss

    Ok Glass, tell Siri “You’re fucked.”

  • Porn on the go!!

  • smtp25

    Yeeeh, get back to me when its a contact lense type deal

  • Ramon101

    I’ll buy a pair of those. Now i can record all the hot chicks in my class and not a single f*ck was given

  • Imagine this but instead contact lenses 🙂

  • ic0dex

    I will so pay $1500 for them right now if they function exactly the way on the video.

  • notewar

    Once jailbroken…
    Me: glass…give me a transparent view under that chick’s cloth

    Glass:Processing…here you go


  • maverickmax

    except asians ^…^

  • momerathe

    voice control is horrible

  • tubek

    now apple fanboy looking for google product

  • tubek

    should apple respond?? come on…apple hardware cannot face the high end android device

  • MagicDrumSticks

    lol shit looks ridiculous

  • Eduardo Malheiros

    I think it’s a great piece of technology, but it’s use will be “trickier” than it’s videos imply. First, we all know how good or bad voice commands can be sometimes. Two, I think the real state space it provides is just too little to greatly accomplish important tasks like actually sorting through different possibilities for a search topic (a watch would be far better and almost as much accessible in this regard). And three, there’s almost no visual or tactical feedback for anything, making it’s learning curve and usability very complex even for geeks, let alone average joe’s.

  • marks

    i hate the whole freaking idea..