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Earlier this morning, Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to the public. The update contains a fix for the infamous Exchange calendar bug, as well as the passcode glitch that surfaced last week. But what really mattered to us is if it fixes the exploits used in the evasi0n jailbreak.

Well good news. According to evad3rs team-member planetbeing, the new firmware appears to still be jailbreakable. The hacker announced on Twitter a few moments ago that though he hasn’t had a chance to try it on all devices yet, iOS 6.1.2 is looking good…

Obviously, you’ll still want to avoid updating for the time being. Aside from further testing being needed, we’re expecting that, similar to last week’s update, we’ll have to wait for the evad3rs to release a new version of evasi0n to recognize iOS 6.1.2 as a supported firmware, which will apparently be released later today.

But it’s always a relief to hear that a software update doesn’t kill a jailbreak, especially one that we seemingly waited on for so long. I’m willing to bet, though, that now that Apple has fixed the two major bugs in iOS 6.1, it’s going to focus its attention on evasi0n’s exploits.

As always, we’ll keep you updated, and let you know as soon as a new version of evasi0n is available.

  • Joe Benning

    This is crazy. Normally, Apple would have patched things quick. Not to say they won’t, and I hope they never do but, still weird…

    • Vid Logar

      yeah i agree wired

    • Normally, there used to be hackulous & apptrackr. Notice that they disapeared and evasi0n apeared o_O :D.

      • smtp25

        Whats the correlation there? Hackulous shutdown they said because of the lack of community involvement, which might have gained if the JB came out before they closed. Will never know unless they make a comeback.

    • Curtis

      or maybe evasion is just that good lol

    • I think Apple had to fix the Exchange calendar bug FAST, because it’s a priority, and it had not enough time to fix all the bugs used by the Evasion jailbreak.

    • pauleebe

      6.1.2 was rushed out to please enterprise users … since iPhones and iPads are heavily used by Fortune 500 companies. Expect a 6.1.3 to fix the passcode bug (apparently still not fixed) and the jailbreak in the coming weeks.

    • Matthew Tanner

      Its probably because they’re not trying to stop people from pirating this time around

  • Vasco Breitenfeld

    So…can I update via iTunes

    • Wait until evasi0n is updated!

    • z0mki

      Yes but make a back up to restore to once you’ve re-jailbroken. As stated above, Restore using iTunes, set iPhone as new, jailbreak, then restore using the back up you’ve just made. If you have too many tweaks installed you may want to use PKGBACKUP from Cydia to save your tweaks prior to starting the process.

      • I know you mentioned a restore backup via iTunes. But is there a problem with restoring backup via iCloud??

      • Cloud backup is great unless you have multiple gigabytes worth of backup. Considering that the upload speed goes up to 250-300KB/S, it would be much more convenient to backup to a computer which will transfer more like 8MB/S (depending on the HDD RPM or SDD).

      • Does iTunes backup your Contacts?

      • Yep. What iTunes backs up is your contacts, messages, notes, pictures, settings, recent calls, screen layout, app preferences….basically it backs up everything except music and movies.

      • So there’s no reason to use iCloud for backups if I could just use iTunes. Faster too.

      • z0mki

        From what I remember reading, there have been issues with performance when using the iCloud back up. I could be wrong

      • What? Wouldn’t the second restore from back up erase your jailbreak??

      • z0mki

        You’re absolutely right, edited

  • If you’ve already installed the Jailbreak can you do an OTA update from 6.1 to 6.1.2?

    • No you can never just update OS with jailbreak. You always have to do clean restore through computer (must be through computer, make sure to backup beforehand), set iPhone as new, jailbreak, then restore from backup.

      OTA updates and using reset method on phone break phone if a jailbreak is installed.

      • Thanks, decided to Jailbreak for the 1st time yesterday… I’ll wait til Evasi0n catches up and do it again.

      • I know you mentioned a restore backup via iTunes. But is there a problem with restoring backup via iCloud?

      • It is not possible when your phone is already set up. It is an option only available when setting up the iPhone. However, it is recommended to set phone as new, jailbreak, then restore from backup.

  • genXhippie

    Yes! Great to hear. I had taken my iP5 in several day ago to
    be serviced, due to stuck pixels. I was dreading this update simply out
    of fear of losing the opportunity to jailbreak again,once I get the iP5


    • Evasi0n hasn’t been updated yet to support 6.1.2. That’s normal.

    • Mark

      of course evasi0n software still can’t recognize 6.1.2 version of firmware.

  • I just hope that iOS 7 doesn’t take forever to jailbreak like iOS 6 did.

    • smtp25

      I hope iOS7 is so much more than additional features, but instead a complete GUI revamp/refresh/revitalization

      • JamesR624

        Agreed, especially the music app on both the iPad and iPhone. It REALLY needs to be trashed and redone over. Maybe with some actual color and aesthetics that don’t make you feel like you’re starting at a cement wall and makes it so you can tell one interface element from the other?

      • Al

        Although I agree with you, but the problem with a GUI revamp… A new look will definitely be a learning curve or a dislike to some people, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want a refresh. But doing a complete makeover all depends on how they will change it… I always think in cases like this…. “Be careful what you ask for”..

  • Maybe is about time the apple let us do jailbreak on our device 🙂 they know that useless to patch then get jailbreak on future lol

  • Joe K

    Dont update iPad, I tried to update the iPad2 and it wont had to first restore then update and then jailbreak again

  • I wonder if there is still support in redsn0w. I need hacktivations

  • RyanFoley

    I would have a whole new look on Apple if they didn’t make it hard or try and stop jailbreaking, but instead just warn of all the problems that are possible and that it would void your warranty. Obviously they wouldn’t directly say they’ve stopped fighting the jailbreak, but they just stop fighting it in the firmware. We all know that has a 0.1% chance of happening, though

    • JamesR624

      Sadly, that would stop them from having a reputation of having the world’s most secure operating system. Something that has REALLY helped them gain traction in business and enterprises. Huge corporations don’t want to trust their business to something with the same security as Android.

      Not saying Android is bad. I love both equally but there is something to be said for a phone that I can feel safe about putting something as sensitive as my social security number into it. If they stopped fighting jailbreaking (as much as I’d like them to), that security would be gone.

      • RyanFoley

        Thing is, it wouldn’t be something advertised OR supported by Apple, it would be treated the same as it is now, except Apple wouldn’t fight to keep iOS from being jailbroken unless it’s a security issue that must be fixed

      • You’ve obviously never worked with their exchange system. If apple supported the system suggested, there would be no issue programming a switch, of sorts, that would jailbreak the device.

        In the exchange system, an option to disable that switch would be just as easy to implement. At that point, nobody on a business phone would be able to use the switch. With jailbreaking readily available out of the box, tools like evasion are less likely.

        Their reputation with business would be unchanged. Their reputation with users looking to get more out of their phone would increase rather than push some to android devices in order to avoid the jailbreak cycle..

        The security would be fine. Their reputation would be fine.

  • iphone4sgamer

    “We will release evasi0n 1.4 later today that marks iOS 6.1.2 as supported.” Planetbeing twitter update

  • okeyoneill1961@yahoo.co.uk

    says 6.1.2 not supported. ???

  • Maybe someone has thought about putting together a downgrade tool just so we can restore our devices.Wouldn’t that be exactly what we need? If I knew enough about designing tools such as this I would do it myself. I’ll start reading up on it !!!!

  • How does Apple know what exploits to patch, are they public domain?

  • mgzo

    is there no need of preserving the baseband wid sn0wbreeze? plz help i don’t wanna upgrade my baseband. thnx

  • 6.1.2 jailbreak for iphone 4s is it safe?

  • Jordi Bull

    Dont worry , they said thay have major exploits in reserve