Zephyr 1.6.1 Keyboard

We love it when developers really take the time to listen to their user-base. That’s exactly what Grant Paul (a.k.a. Chpwn) did after receiving feedback about his latest update to Zephyr.

Apparently, more than a few people were unhappy about the tweak’s new keyboard features. So much so, that Paul received over 200 some-odd emails and tweets expressing dislike over the changes. His response? Push out another update a few hours after the previous update, fully addressing the concerns.

Zephyr 1.6.1 Screen Area

Not only that, but additional screen area options were also added at the suggestion of Zephyr’s many users. The 1.6.1 update brings the total number of Screen Area options up to nearly a dozen. As we told you in our previous post about the 1.6 update, the Screen Area option allows you to specify a specific area of the screen where the app switching left/right swipe gestures will register as valid gestures.

Here is the full change log for the 1.6 update, which includes the 1.6.1 additions.

Zephyr 1.6.1 Change Log

Are you pleased that the keyboard disabling options are now restored?

  • sadaN

    The design of how it’s done is terrible though.
    There should be a more-visual way of choosing, so that we can know what exact portion of the screen were dealing with.

    • sadaN

      How about an “only across status bar” option??? That’d be cool! No one uses sbsettings that way anymore anyways…

      • Damian W

        i use them 😛

      • sadaN

        hahahahaha really?
        sorry then, its cos i dont like having redundant functionality so i just prefer to have sbsettings in notification certer.
        again, sorry about my assumption 😛

      • Damian W

        but i dont use them for toggles so much.

        I use sbsettings for mobilesusbtrate extension and clearing the memory hogs,

      • sadaN

        not trying to persuade you into switching to NC but these are available there as well if im not mistaken 🙂

      • Damian W

        not really. SBsettings is the tweak of its own kind, It runs as root and is very stable comparing to other tweaks which rely on NC. I love NC, but sometimes i get my ipad crashed because of the NC tweaks on it.

        sbsettings might be a bit outdated but it works like a charm. Works even when my ipad is stuck and nothings opens except sbsettings. I cant say this about NC.

      • sadaN

        youve got a point there!
        thats one thing i had forgotten after having switched to NC for so long now… there were occasions when only sbsettings would respond to my commands when nothing else did, so i could at least respring….

      • David Villamizar

        Springtomize is better for that I think, just harder to reach so deep in settings

      • Damian W

        as you said, it is too much digging in settings in case of springtomize. But good point,

      • Wrong, I still use SBSettings by swiping the status bar.

      • sadaN

        Happy statusbar swiping my friend!

      • Kurt

        not all apps have a status bar bud

    • David Villamizar

      If you can jailbreak, you can deal with this, I know it would look really good to have some highlight of the working area or something, but it is not worth the work, Chpwn is the only one developing Zephyr, so stuff like that means too much time that won’t really be appreciated. The best he can do is add features like the ones he is releasing with today’s update, relevant features that make the tweak more functional.

    • Top quarter, top third, bottom half… that seems pretty descriptive to me. May I suggest dusting off the old ruler and creating your own guide?

  • iPhoneShqip

    Can u do a video to show all news thanks

  • Damian W

    Great update. Fixed the quirks from other version.

  • (✨^✨)

  • sadaN

    I emailed the developer asking him to add an option to prevent open folders from closing when the switcher gets pulled up, that would make the icons in the switcher instantly available, otherwise they’re not clickable until the animation of the closing folder finishes. Trust me, if you do move around really quickly, it would make things even quicker.

    He was just so arrogant about how perfect Zephyr already was saying it was gonna confuse users n bla bla bla.

    I even insisted it was against the jailbreak ideology to not give users the choice to just enable/disable it, but he also insisted on bla bla bla, such a shame…

    • Damian W

      yes chpwn is a bit stiff or strict. However, he is a good guy if you look how much time he spends on answering the emails.

      Every time i emailed him about some issue he tells me it is not zephyr fault and it must be the other tweak. Then he tells me i am the only one with this issue. OK?

      • sadaN

        I’ve had that said to me a bunch of times too hahahaha
        especially by him!

    • sambuzzlight

      yes please implement this!!

    • If this doesn’t get implemented, just download Springtomise 2 and turn on Custom Animation Speed. Set it to the smallest animation time and you’re good. You’ll be able to whizz around! Also, turn off folder animations as well; my folders open instantly when pressed and it’s so much better that way IMO.

      • sadaN

        Thanks bud!!!

      • or download Accelerate from Cydia, which is free and does the same job…

      • sadaN


      • Or support a developer with a small purchase of $2 or whatever it is? Anyway, Accelerate doesn’t let you change folder animations.

  • Nice! Grabber in apps like whatsapp was getting me nuts! Haha