AppUnzipper Concept

Looking for a different take on app switching? If so, then look no further than this new app switching concept from @Sentry — the designer behind the highly popular Auxo tweak. The currently unnamed concept allows iPhone users to swipe from the bottom of the page, splitting the page in two. The split reveals a column of strategically placed app icons that can be used to quickly switch between apps.

Swiping on the column reveals toggles and volume and brightness sliders. Since it doesn’t have a name just yet, I’ll just refer to it tentatively as AppUnzipper. That’s a good name, don’t you think? I mean, it basically looks like you’re unzipping the currently running app to access an app switcher beneath.

From the looks of the video, it certainly appears to be an efficient way to switch between specific apps. Would you like to see this idea brought to reality? Let me know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

  • Zephyr+ Auxo I must say. REALLY BRILLIANT IDEA!!!

  • Rom3

    This is awesome would love to see it come to fruition

  • Nope. Yuk… This definitely won’t run along side Auxo but still don’t see how it would work with heaps of Apps open.

    Must admit, it is different though.

    • why wouldnt it just infinity scroll up until there are no more apps? I dont see why that would be that hard to implement if you were as good as these devs are.

  • Why not have the normal app switcher/auxo and holding an app icon reveals a preview/snapshot of that app?

  • samdchuck

    Looks like the Auxo creator is sticking with those bombastic (imo ugly) toggles for wifi etc.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I don’t like it

  • Looks really tacky, please Sentry don’t create this, Auxo is brilliant. Don’t need any more app switchers.

  • This guy is so smart

  • jose castro

    plz dont make a tweak like this… its horrible…

    • Just don’t buy it

      • Simple, yet satisfying

      • RIGHT!? How will this phase anyone in the world that doesn’t like it? It won’t. Don’t download it. Don’t buy it. Don’t read articles about it. Problem solved.

      • I agree…. These posts also help to get reviews from users and help make it better……I don’t think that the developers should take it negatively…..It would help him succeed in making more and more people to like it.

  • seyss

    I wish Apple made a Multitask section in Settings with all those tweaks and concepts as options… of course they wont

    • You know that for certain do you?
      Have you seen, used, or currently working on iOS 7?

      Could you perhaps share with use some of the (no doubt) 200 new features that will be launched with this iOS update?
      No, you can’t?

      Then how about you word your response more accurately.

      • Jordan

        Stop being an a hole, man, who do u think u are? The guy was probably right anyway… Im trying to find a nice way of saying to you that you’re a piece of crap…

      • I agree with him. He is only basing his comment on Apple’s trend. The company is linear and wouldnt completely overhaul anything. Just babysteps up to it. Features he speaks of would appear maybe in IOS 10. So word your response more accurately because yes he can speculate and yes he can have an opinion about it.

      • Jerry

        And your a retard to even exercise the thought Apple would ever do this. We all know this shit will never happen so we all suck it up and deal with it.

      • Damian W

        Ios 7 will be as different from ios 6 as ios 6 was from ios 5. End of story.

      • seyss

        Let’s each transfer U$300 to Jeff’s Paypal. If iOS7 comes out with that Multitask section, Jeff transfers U$600 too you.. otherwise he transfers the money to me 🙂

      • Kyle Willis

        Wooooo touchy touchy touchy , you know to well apple will never implement these tweaks to stock firmware they’ve had ample chances with all the updates in the past but seem as though you know more than us you tell us what and why they would suddenly decide to buck the skinflint trend

  • It would interfere with apps in which sliding of finger vertically is used as a gesture, like in settings app, photos, songs, etc, sliding up will slide options up.

    • Also in games like Fruit Ninja.

    • You can disable Zephry to work or not work with whatever app you want, i dont see why you could not disable (in AUXO) the gestures to not work in apps like Fruit Ninja

      • Add the tabs to avoid that problem.

      • If you are just disabling auxo in every app like photos, settings or even in games, whats the point of “Multi-Tasking” when you can’t use it in between apps??

  • Get off the creator of Auxo’s d***k already. Haha just joking. I was just imagining what the people from the last Auxo post would be thinking right now.

  • For the time being, instead of making new concepts. Please can you ppl work on the iPad version of Auxo. Its been almost 2 months. New news on iPas part.


  • wonderboydave

    won’t work with zephyr

    • Why would it need to? From the looks of it it’s doing the same job as zephyr.

  • luke tea

    this looks like it could be used to enable split screen multitasking on an iPad. mm.

  • Safari in the multi task tray is making Auxo crash and going into safe mode. Anybody else having this issue?

    • Lawry

      Yes..not only in safari but in many apps…Auxo is a brilliant tweak, but still need to be more stable. My iPhone 4S crashes at least 3 times a day!!

  • Make it real and ill jailbreak!

  • Bob

    Not really feeling this one.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    What’s the point of the UI splitting in half in the middle? That only makes it harder to preview the application. Why not just leave the switcher as is, and instead of swiping from the bottom and sliding up and down, swipe up from the bottom edge, keep holding and slide left and right to preview the apps while sliding the finger over them?

    • Martin

      You really need to preview the application? I don’t know about you, but I can tell what application it is by looking at the icon…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Live previews, for example would be the next step from there. Glancing at a YT video playing in the background, for example…

  • Lordthree

    Prefer Auxo for ipad

  • Thomas Gehman


  • Seems like the kind of thing that looks great in concept but in practical everyday use, would just p*ss everyone off.

  • omg please no more damn app switchers can a dev please work on a proper backgroundinf tweak instead please ??!!

  • makedonii

    this guy shure knows how to think different!!

  • Another app switcher , really?
    Why can’t people see that apples app switcher is the best!
    And Multiflow is right behind!

  • sambuzzlight

    and the bugs and springboard crashes comes free as a hidden package 🙂 just like auxo.

    • It’s not Auxo, it’s conflicting with some other shit on your phone. Been using Auxo on 4S since it came out and had 0 crashes and no problems so far.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Holy Shit…

  • Auxo 2

  • notewar

    I prefer switchy (2 rows app switcher)+activator

  • Sentry

    Hey everyone, just thought I should mention this is simply a UX thought exercise (hence why I called it experimental) to dive into different means of app switching. It’s not a fleshed out concept (like Auxo was), but I appreciate that so many enjoy it regardless. 😀

  • Hey Jeff, Are you familiar with the Zenbar switcher concept video? Way cooler and visually more appealing than this one. I’m hoping it gets designed and launched. I’d buy Zenbar in a heartbeat.

  • Lawry

    Pls make Auxo more crashes many times

  • I’d buy it!

  • Damian W

    developer should invest more time in developing Auxo. For example, they should include the big card live previews once you slide finger on the icons in the switcher. Sort of like cardSwitcher+Auxo

  • Auxo is awesome. I like it a lot. My favorite switcher, and imo the best on a mobile phone ever, is/was that of WebOS. Card system was gdlk.

  • disqusted

    Is it included in the concept that this one also randomly crash springboard and use all of my memory? I kid. Auxo is great… I think it just still has some memory leaks probably. Probably. Just speculating and being facetious as well. I can’t fix them / make a better product so my jabs are of no value anyway. I respect the creator(s) for pulling it off, I’m sure it was not simple, by any means. What was my point. Usually I don’t have one, so I’ll go with that. Develop Auxo to fuller potential before expanding into new concepts— I can think of 50 ways/options to improve Auxo even further. Without trying. That means to me that there’s plenty of potential left. I’d suggest an Auxo Vegan and an Auxo Carnivore. One is barebones fast and efficient at the expense of features; the other finishes my phone off by implementing a plethora of robust customizations. For those who are willing to play the “will my phone boot up even?” game. LOL.

  • Court Kizer

    It should be circular given concerns apple would have about accidentally triggering that gesture in other apps. Spin in a circle twice, it comes up icons arranged in a circle. Drag through any icon to access what you just did, and dragging through it an new circle slides in with all the options for each app.