airplane mode

Airplane mode is a setting in iOS that allows users to disable wireless radios while the mode is active. This includes all cellular reception, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are initially disabled but can be re-enabled with Airplane mode still active). It’s intended to put the device in a state where it is safe to use on a plane, but some users have taken to the feature as a power-saving mode.

AirplaneScheduler is a very comprehensive timer tweak that presets toggles for Airplane mode, allowing users to toggle Airplane mode on and off automatically on a recurring basis…


The AirplaneScheduler tweak was designed with the purpose of disabling power-hogging radios at night in order to save battery life while the user is sleeping. AirplaneScheduler provides comprehensive settings for scheduling for each hour at night the radios should be disabled, and at what point in the morning they should be switched on.

Since my devices are generally charging while I’m asleep, I’m not so sure if using AirplaneScheduler to save battery life at night is such a great idea. I prefer keeping my devices active and in Do Not Disturb mode, since I can still respond to urgent phone calls if needed. If I wanted to save the battery life and didn’t want to be disrupted by phone calls, I would just switch my phone off.

If you’re still interested, AirplaneScheduler is available in the ModMyi repository for $1.49. The tweak requires iOS 6 and otherwise works on every device.

What do you do with your devices at night? Do you plug them in, turn off their cellular radios, or switch them off altogether? Let us know in the comments section.

  • luckyarcher

    Is there any app on Cydia that schedules Wifi connectivity?

    • RarestName


      • luckyarcher


  • Okay I think this kinda silly, cause at night I normally charge my phone.
    But I think if this tweak would have been made for the ‘Do not Disturb’ thing it would have been really cool. Espically if u think about the possibilty to make certain apps not show push notifications during night or work…

    • Jonathan

      you can already schedule Do Not Disturb

      • How ?

      • WCKD

        update to 6.1 and go to setting notifications then schedule it

      • Jonathan

        You don’t have to be on 6.1, it is also there on 6.0

      • Yeah but u cant choose certain days. Neither can u choose certain apps to be on ‘not disturb mode’.

  • I wish that ishedualler or battsaver were updates to iOS 6 , now those things are battery savers

  • Overnight when I’m asleep & intend to turn off wireless radios, bluetooth and what not? I simply just turn the phone off. Alarm? Been using just the traditional alarms that sit by the bed. Alarm goes off playing music i wanna hear. No need for toggles, modes, tweaking to save battery life.
    Life should be so simple.

  • dedegarrido

    Why don’t you try out SBprofiles? its free and it does a lot of things… better than this dump tweak.

    • eskem

      Jeff should really review sbprofiles. I googled it and found no really good review of it. I have been using it for the past year or so, since iOS6, its even better now with GPS/Bluetooth toggles.

      • RarestName


  • Save battery at night!?! At night everybody charges their phone.

    • Exactly! I was going to say the same. Every night I put the phone to charge. Who cares what radio is active or not that time. This tweak is not even worth trying.

    • ExRoot

      Yep….My first thought!

    • RyanFoley

      Maybe not at night, though. In my school, cell reception is shitty, so my phone’s always searching for a better signal. That would be a good time to schedule airplane mode

  • Everybody charging in the night

  • This is actually better than do not disturb essentially because the radios are still active while do not disturb is engaged; the iPhone is still discharging battery as the radios fetch information leaving it there when you wake you phone. It just prevents notifications from coming through is all. It seems like a pretty cool idea but I just turn off my iPhone at night anyways.

  • I think this tweak is awesome for the way i use my phone. I charge it at night but i think there is no point in having the radios on for 6-8 hours next to my head-brain. If there is an emergency you can always call me at home. I don’t go to work till late in the afternoon but i really can’t afford to lose morning phone calls if i oversleep. If my “massive attack” alarm won’t wake me, my “linkin park” ringtone sure will when this tweak turns on the radios.

  • My battery lasts 2 days when I switch it to airplane mode at night.
    So for some of us it’s a good tweak.

  • Eldaria

    I been wanting this for ages. I use the app SleepCycle Alarm Clock, where you put the phone in the bed to measure sleep patterns. But since the phone is almost next to my head the whole night, I usually turn on Airplane Mode to make sure all radio etc. is off. What I would like is a tweak that turns it off when I connect the charger, perhaps with the extra option of only between certain times. This since I 95% of the time charge at night, but also occasionally during the day.

  • Okay, this tweak is absolute must considering some of the following info. The world Health Organization has classified cell phones (wi-fi, anything wireless etc.) as carcinogenic. Cell phones and there towers are likely the culprit for the bee collapse and discoveries are being made every day on how cell phones cause cancer, reduce sperm count, and there’s been a study done that proves that after ten years of use of a cell phone, there’s a 290% chance increase in brain tumors. no thanks!

    in a nutshell, this tweak saves you from your phones death dealing radio waves as you sleep, the body’s most crucial time for recovery, and I will be purchasing this tweak for all my family and installing on their phones. it even warns in the legal -> RF Radio section of iOS 6 that you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR POCKET as it will pass the limit for RF radio exposure. Protect yourself while you sleep and buy this tweak!

    • Where are you getting your facts from? The WHO listed cellphone use as “possibly carcinogenic” in 2011. It’s in a very broad category of risk that includes exposure to lead and chloroform , as well as coffee and pickled vegetables.

      There’s currently no known mechanism for low power non-ionizing radiation to directly cause cancer, which, again, is why it’s in the category of ‘possibly carcinogenic’.

      Speaking of, I bet people who make half-hour cell phone calls everyday drink a lot of coffee…

  • “What is a microwave doing to your food? It’s heating and exciting the water molecules in the food.”

    While I didn’t pursue physics beyond high school, ‘heating’ is the same thing as ‘exciting the water molecules’. That’s 1) redundant and 2) the literal definition of heat. Comparing a microwave oven to cellphones is like comparing sticking your head in an oven and sitting outside on a sunny day.

  • christopherjacques

    I think everyone is hung up on the “at night” part of this. Think about it during the day.

    I teach, and it don’t need or use my phone during class. So it would be great to save battery life by scheduling the phone to be in airplane mode while I don’t use or need it, and then on for just a few minutes while I need it.

    And since I tether my phone to my iPad, it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about the tethering completely killing my battery in a couple of hours.

    This is exactly why I searched for and found this tweak. I’m happy.