iPhone 5S assembly line (image 001)

At last, some pretty credible parts apparently belonging to the iPhone 5S are starting to emerge. A set of images posted by a Chinese tech site and allegedly depicting the iPhone 5S parts on an assembly line include several shots of the device’s internals, including a vibration motor that looks to be a linear oscillating vibrator like that of the iPhone 4S.

That would be a departure from the iPhone 5’s more noisy rotational motor which uses counterweight. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the leaked images are authentic or perhaps show an iPhone clone being assembled somewhere in China, though latter seems to be the case. I’ve included a few more snaps right past the fold…

Chinese web site sjbbs.zol.com first published these images Monday morning.

Unlike previous blurry leaks, at first blush this batch of snaps appears to be the real deal.

iPhone 5S assembly line (image 004)

It does resemble an Apple-like smartphone.

iPhone 5S assembly line (image 003)

German web site PCgameshardware.de observes that Apple appears to have gone back to a linear-oscillating vibrator akin to that inside the iPhone 4S, which is quieter than the oscillating vibrator found inside the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S assembly line (image 005)

9to5Mac notes that the spyshots also indicate that the iPhone 5S likely has a new internal layout for components, which was expected as Apple would use the opportunity to optimize the manufacturing process and costs based on the knowledge gathered from iPhone 5 manufacturing.

On a close inspection, however, iPhoneinCanada.ca doubts the authenticity of these images and suspects they represent an iPhone 5 clone. The smaller 1150 mAh battery gives it away. It doesn’t look right either as the battery should be black with white writing.

The blog notes the images probably originate from the same plant which makes an Android knock-off called the Goophone. Indeed, we’d have a hard time imagining Foxconn, Apple’s prime contract manufacturer, assembling iPhone clones and Apple not doing anything about it.

iPhone 5S assembly line (image 002)

Theres even an image of workers relaxing on the assembly line.

iPhone 5S assembly line (image 006)

If the rumors pan out, the iPhone 5S will land later this year with beefier CPU/GPU, a higher-resolution camera and the same industrial design like its predecessor, the iPhone 5.

Apple could offer the iPhone 5S in several colors. Also worth mentioning, another iPhone with a larger 4.8-inch display could also be in the works, though it might not launch in 2013.

  • Abraham Aphraah

    Oh poor Apple… Please don’t disappoint iPhone fans. Looks pretty much same

    • ReanimationXP

      You thought the 5S would look different than the 5?

      • Ruslan Dimitry

        Yes motherfucker, we dont need to buy the same phone again and again. It has to be different but in this case only name of the phone changes. We are in 2013 and we expect a phone which suits 2013. We need to respond to our competitors like samsung with something exceptional. This is the feelings of iPhone fans around the globe!

      • ReanimationXP

        Whoa there buddy! Are ya mad? Cuz ya sound mad.

        How about those of us that actually enjoy being able to use our accessories for longer than a year?

      • Nah he’s not mad

      • pegger1

        You’re really expecting a completely redesigned iPhone inside and out, every year? Apple has yet to do that once, why would they start now. Just because you want to make a huge upgrade every year doesn’t mean it’s possible. They don’t make their handsets assuming a user upgrade every year, they base it on 2 years.

      • Buy I different phone pal then it will look totally different :-/

      • Really? What planet do you live on? I remember doing pattern problems in 1st grade. Find the pattern. XXsOOsXXsOOsX_? Fill in the blank. I’ll give you a hint it ends in s. Lol!

      • crazy_moo

        Actually the next letter would be X, dumb ass especially considering your the one that made up the sequence. Next time count to at least to 20, you being in the first grade and all, before you post again here.

      • franklivinglife

        “fill in the blank. i’ll give you a hint it ends in s” maybe Xss

      • Or maybe he was referring to the iPhone 5S, saying based on his pattern, it’s certainly going to be the 5S…

  • I’m looking forward to a coloured iPhone!! and not just black and white.

    • I think that a different coloured iPhone would look aweful.

  • Those of you expecting anything radically different than the iPhone 5, WAKE UP! The iPhone 5S will look the same and deep inside we all know it.

  • miro21

    damn it i’m really tired of this shiiiit ,apple i have been pation for 3 years good bye.

    • Alastair Hall

      What’s pation?

  • thedarkknight80

    And in other news, Samsung is set to introduce its octa-core processor with the next gen S4 and Note 3, along with a new finger floating gesture technology while operating the screen .

    2007 is over, but Apple seems to be stuck in it……

    • iospixel

      Just had this same conversation with a friend.. Although ours started from aesthetics. Please give me translucent materials, edge to edge screens, an a B1 CPU that really pisses on the market. Oh and please give me a fully integrated flash player so my web browsing can truly go mobile.

      Joking aside, we pay a premium and Id like to think it doesn’t all go on that fucking aluminum. One hopes…

      • thedarkknight80

        Agreed. Also, and i know this is not related, but just like the physical music CD is dead and everything is digital now, the same analogy is starting to apply to the phone market . Customers nowadays are interested in what software technology a phone has to offer before they buy,as opposed to what material it’s made off .

        My opinion of course…

      • Guest

        thats whats samsung said in 2007,,making smartphones with only touch screen is a bad idea,, apple did it, so kids, watch and learn again

      • ReanimationXP

        lmao at flash being “truly mobile” web browsing. Even Adobe knows mobile Flash is a bad idea. Hell, Flash itself is a bad idea.

        HTML5 and CSS3. Learn it. Use it. Love it.

  • To be honest I like the iPhone design, but considering the screen is what most people see and respectively use 99% of the time on the phone, iOS has a big influence on how the device looks.

    Do a complete overhaul of iOS which NEEDS doing this year, then yeh, i think the iphone may look good again and not so boring.

  • Jerry

    Why did they widen the sensor next to the earpiece?