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The evad3rs just released evasi0n 1.3, an update specifically targeted to iPhone 4S users who are running iOS 6.1.1.

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S users, an update that was pushed to fix spotty 3G issues on the device. As always when a new firmware version drops, the main question on our mind was: will this break the jailbreak? We were quick to find out that even though evasi0n was not working with 6.1.1, it didn’t fix the exploits used by evasi0n to jailbreak your device. Ultimately, evad3rs member PlanetBeing let us know that it was only a matter of time until evasion would get an update for iOS 6.1.1, and this time has come…

In a tweet sent out seconds ago, the evad3rs just notified everyone that evasi0n 1.3 with support for iOS 6.1.1 on iPhone 4S has been released.

If you have already updated to iOS 6.1.1, you might want to grab a copy of evasi0n 1.3 and jailbreak your device. If you have not updated to iOS 6.1.1 yet, you have a couple options.

If you don’t have any problem with iOS 6.1 and your current jailbreak works just fine for you, no one forces you to update to iOS 6.1.1.

If however you are experiencing issues with iOS 6.1 on your iPhone 4S, we suggest you first backup your device, then restore your iPhone in iTunes to 6.1.1 (do not update Over The Air). From there, you’ll be able to run evasi0n 1.3 and you’ll be on your way to a freshly jailbroken iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.1.

If you’re not sure how to use evasi0n, feel free to refer to our evasi0n tutorial for Mac, and our evasi0n guide for Windows.

As always, you can download evasi0n directly from our download page.

[Thanks @intecpsp]

  • cnoTe4


  • So glad I checked this first before installing 6.1.1!! Lol

  • hotdog714

    Thank goodness! Thank you invaders!

    • evad3rs

    • agata buksowicz

      Well, jailbreak doesn’t allow me to use other phone company, as for the att users, go check att iphone unlocking . com, they unlock all att phones up to date, I also did mine there.

  • how quick was that? this guys ain’t human are they? well done guys .. simply amazing …….

    • thetechmaster101

      It’s the same exploit.

  • Hans

    Thanks for their great jobs.

  • ap3604

    6.1 caused terrible battery life and overheating for my 4S.

    Hopefully 6.1.1 fixes these issues.

    So happy we have jailbreak regardless if we update. I thought Apple was going to be real dicks and patch the exploit 🙁

    • There wasn’t enough time. They are going to release an updated build of 6.1.1 with the Map updates for Japan for all devices that will probably patch the jailbreak however.

      • ap3604

        Well… they could have just waited a few more weeks and let iPhone 4S users suffer until they could patch the exploit, but I am glad Apple did the right thing and got out a 3G / overheating fix ASAP and didn’t care about the jailbreak.

      • They could of I suppose.

  • I just downloaded v1.3. However, readme.txt says v1.1 and supported FW is only up to 6.1. Is that ok?

    • They probably just didn’t update the txt file. It should have read 1.2 as well when it got update then. I think it’ll say 1.1 forever.

  • WatchTheThrone

    So should I update and re-jailbreak my 4S?? I’m on 6.1 right now but haven’t experienced any problems with it??

  • pauleebe

    Wow, that was really fast.

  • Jay

    Does this resolve the Microsoft Exchange bug?

    • thetechmaster101


  • Joeleo1937

    If Evasion can jailbreak the iOS, what stopping them from getting information on the iPhone or iPad?

  • Daravan

    Is that Tethered or Untethered Jailbreak?

    • Joeleo1937


  • anonymous

    this ios 6.1.1 work with evasi0n on iphone 5?

    • thetechmaster101

      iOS 6.1.1 is only on the iPhone 4s. All other devices that are currently on iOS 6.1 do not have an update.

    • Joeleo1937


  • Jailbreaker

    Gevey ultra s works with iphone 4s with 6.1.1?

    • thetechmaster101

      Check the official websites. This is not an unlocking forum.

  • So just to get it straight, I have a 4s on 6.1 with JB.. So if I update now to 6.1.1 I can still JB with v1.3??? And thus meaning everything will be fine?

  • Fitzgerald

    My IPhone 4S in which I’ve recently purchased from Craigslist has a passcode on it. It’s using iOS 6.0.1+, is there a way to use evasi0n with the passcode still activated? Too bad i deleted the craigslist users number sp quickly -.-

    • Unless you want to keep what’s already on the phone, just restore it and set it up as new. Password be gone!

  • shinx2ran

    yipee kayee !

  • Jeffrey28

    Hi i already jailbreak my 4s with ios 6.1 before so how do i update my 4s to 6.1.1 coz i am already jailbreak..sorry but i am new in jailbreaking.. Thanks..Send me the steps on how to do it here is my email onesoul_04@yahoo.com thanks

  • el amigo

    what about da battery life .. any good news in 6.1.1 regarding this ..??

  • weather app still crashes, seems to happen after the install of AppCake, if you reboot the weather app doesn’t work. I guess it’s a bug that needs fixing in Evasion.

  • for ios 6.1 whether evasi0n 1.3 is correct or not….

  • for ios 6.1 whether evasi0n 1.3 is correct or not

  • for ios 6.1 whether evasi0n 1.3 is correct or nt????

  • I have 4s and I downloaded evasi0n 1.3 bec I have iOS 6.1.1 but when I jailbreak it it goes ok but when I’m going to unlock the device to tap on the icon I don’t find it what I do to fix it ?!!!!!!!!

  • Najmudeen

    I have a Problem… I couldnt Jailbreak Iphone 4 Locked phone… Evasion asking me to unlock before jailbreaking…its not going through ! any help would be appreciated

    • that means you need to take your iPhones password off so that your not on the lock screen. “the phone needs to be unlocked” means can not be password protected during its instillation phase. read the directions and you’ll be fine

  • Pin Peat

    I need to DL Evas0n. which link that i need to download ? thanks

  • okay i jailbroke my Gfs iphone 4S running 6.0 and everytime im with her, her phone works great. but when a day passes it goes back to regular like it tweaks where never installed and it keeps booting to un jailbroken state every time

  • abdulla

    how to download