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Yesterday, we reported that Vodafone UK has been sending out text messages to its iPhone 4S subscribers, warning them not to upgrade to iOS 6.1. The update is said to contain a bug that affects the handset’s 3G performance, and subsequently its battery life.

But the issue appears to be more widespread than that. We’ve received a number of comments from readers, that aren’t in the UK and don’t have a 4S, that are seeing similar battery life problems. And it’s been discovered that Exchange might just be the culprit…

9to5Mac reports that AOL Corporate has informed its employees that it has temporarily disabled the ability to manage meetings via mobile devices due to a bug in iOS 6.1. Apparently an Exchange server glitch is causing poor device performance and battery life.

Here’s an excerpt from an internal email by AOL CIO Michael Freker:

“We have researched this problem and it appears to be connected to a recently identified issue that seems to cause these iOS devices to continuously loop while synchronizing a recurring calendar meeting invitation. Similar problems have been reported by a number of sources to several media outlets across the Web in the past few days.”

He’s right, even outside of the aforementioned Vodafone report, a number of users have come forward since the iOS 6.1 update to complain of battery life and performance problems. One thread on Apple’s support forum, ‘iOS 6.1 Battery Life,’ is closing in on 20,000 views.

Everyone seems to be seeing the same thing: after updating to iOS 6.1 on their iOS device (all iOS 6 devices are mentioned), they’re noticing an enormous drop in battery life. And they all have similar solutions, which involves deleting and re-adding Exchange accounts.

Here’s one popular answer/solution from the thread:

“The Official Solution from an unnamed source within that fruit company in Cupertino:

The bug in iOS 6.1 is a ping-pong infinite loop trying to talk to the Exchange server. Unfortunately, just rebooting doesn’t fix the issue. Deleting the account is necessary to remove the problematic invitation response from the queue.

The workaround is annoying, but effective:

– Delete your Exchange account

– Recreate the Exchange account

– Do not respond to meeting invitations from the device until 6.1.1 comes out.”

Thinking about it, this sounds awfully familiar to an Exchange bug we reported on back in October—the one where declining a meeting invitation from an iOS 6 device would send out meeting cancellation notices to a company’s entire Exchange distribution list.

Anyway, there’s no word yet on a fix, but Apple did seed its first beta of iOS 6.1.1 to developers this week. It just better make sure it does something fast, because for a company that’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for BlackBerry’s fleeing enterprise users, frequent Exchange issues just aren’t going to cut it.

Have you been experiencing battery problems on iOS 6.1?

  • MadFunny Bruh

    No battery problems for me, but I do have some emails problems. For example, I am getting lots of email over night, some business some spam. But since I updated to 6.1 and jailbreaking I dont get any emails. Well it was ok at the beggining then I re jailbreak using v 1.1 and I got lockinfo 5 and may be the issue is right there? I also updated the files from cydia and today the iphone was silent but I still get all those emails on my mac. Any ideas, fellow jailbreakers?

    • What kind of email is it? Like Gmail or Yahoo!, or is linked with Outlook/Exchange?

      • MadFunny Bruh

        I already did it yerterday when I first time noticed it and it didnt help me. Looked thru Lockinfo options, everything seems fine there. And those both Yahoo mails. I think the cydia update is the issue, because I intalled it yersterday and the emails worked fine even with lockinfo the nite before

      • Lockinfo 5 is a beta

      • MadFunny Bruh

        is it? well then I hope the update will come soon, but thnx for the good info

      • I’ve just look through cydia and it seems that lockinfo 5 is no longer a beta.. It must of come out of beta in the last day or so ..sorry but it looks like I gave you false info ..sorry.

      • Damn, I’m not sure. I hope you find out though.

      • MadFunny Bruh


    • I’d delete the account then re-add it and see how it goes. I’d also look into lockinfo and see if removing it stops the problem.

    • It was strongly recommended to do a fresh restore with 6.1 before jailbreaking. Not just an upgrade. I did a fresh restore on my iphone 5 before using evasi0n and i really have no problems at all and my battery life seems to be much better than with 6.0.1. i would suggest you try this too.

  • No battery problems, but my iMessages keeps crashing… 🙁

  • Well, before I got my iPhone I was primarily using my iPad as my main iOS device since my iPod touch was desimated by yours truly. So anything less than ten hours is a problem, lol.

    Though I am having another issue. I can’t think of anywhere better to ask than here. I read this blog every day and I’m sure there’s someone who might be able to shed some light.

    For some reason two applications, and the only ones I’ve installed after evasi0n, are hanging. They’ve loaded up and installed but after awhile they sit there with an empty bar. If I tap one they both pop up normally sometimes, other times that doesn’t work. In the AppStore they allow me to open them, but on my home screen nada.

    • Sorry that this is totally off topic. Does anyone think I have a tweak that’s causing this? I’m pretty modest when it comes to Cydia and only grab things I use. I also purchase so its not a bug from a crack.

      • Do you have Cydelte installed? and I am guessing your on 6.1?

      • No, I was going to get that but there’s a giant red banner telling me not to. I don’t have the balls. Yeah, 6.1.

      • maybe you should put device in safe mode and see if applications open from the first run? if not it’s not a tweak that is the problem then it’s your device; if it is a tweak you should read every installed packages to see if they might not be updated for ios 6.1yet

      • That’s the kind of idea I was looking for. I’ll see if that works, thanks dude!

      • So the funny thing is in safe mode the icon didn’t show up and the app wasn’t spotlightable… Strange huh? So I went into iFile and started picking. I was able to find it’s info.plist and poked around a bit. As it would turn out one of its strings said I was running 6.0. I edited it to say 6.1. The issue seems to have been solved for now hopefully it stays that way.

      • Accidentally replied to myself.

  • mafo5000

    I feel like my battery lasts longer with 6.1.

    • yeah i think so too. Before 6.1 i was struggling to get over the day without battery dying around 17pm. Now it’s nearly 1 am and my battery is lasting with 11% on my iphone 5 since 9am. So much better battery life with 6.1 for me.

    • I’m not sure, all I know is I had to shell out for another lightning cord for my office.

    • yes.i feel it…6.1 much betrer than 5.1

  • My iPhone 4S died in less than 5 hours today. I never used it once, it was just in my pocket… Please Apple 🙁

  • I’ve had a signal problem since ios6. used to in a building I’d roam on Verizon and now I can’t.

  • I have noticed some battery drain. But nothing that is too horrible, I am on my iPhone 5 constantly now and I have all kinds of tweaks installed that I have bought and paid for. So maybe it could be my vast tweaks and that I am on it all the time it may seem to die faster than a boring non jailbroken iPhone. So at this point for me I am not sure.

    As far as the crashing, i had a similar bug that everytime I deleted an official app store app, it would spring me into safe mode instantly, I could reproduce it almost every time. Found at that Cydelte’s page has been updated to say “Do not install on 6.1” and it def fixed my issue.

  • i do have problems with my battery on ios 6.1, when i had 5.1.1 jailbreak my phone wow was amazing with the battery i charged may once for 2 days, now with 6.1 i have charge it twice for 1 day, i miss my long battery with 5.1.1

  • I think that iOS 6.1 is a bit buggy
    Because i have 2 problems so far on my iPhone 4S
    1) lots of ram is used ( i dont know where ) ( compared to iOS5.1.1) and i don’t like any wasted rams .
    2) battary problem even when lots of options are disabled ( wifi,3g,location services , etc.)
    It ends too fast ( compared to 5.1.1)

    I think apple may fix these bugs in 6.1.1

    • Ipsum Lorem

      You do realize that RAM that isn’t being used is actually ‘wasted’. The whole point of having RAM is to allow for applications to have access to fast read/write memory so that it can smoothly and quickly perform the actions it needs to. Not using that RAM is in fact a waste.

      Efficient use of RAM is a different matter. That depends on the coding and logic process behind the app.

      You make comparisons to your previous iOS version capabilities in terms of RAM and battery life without making any direct references or examples. Relative and anecdotal statements aren’t enough to justify your claim that ‘iOS 6.1 is a bit buggy’.

      • SimonReidy

        LOL at the edit. I guess he doesn’t want to discredit his world-famous name with false iOS advice 😉

      • Actually that was not an advice it was a personal comment on my ios 6.1 😉

      • I am having a problem with loging in with safari

        I think i post it twise with two accounts or not
        In safari it shows the post twise but chrome only one !!!
        Its just odd

        And what i meant with my post is with no apps running or any thing the free ram is 150~170 mb And when i respring it returnes to 200~300 mb
        I have no idea why and when i open some games that need high ram the game crash or the iphone respring !!
        I dont think that this is caused by any tweak

  • Can you please post a tuturial or tell me your post if you have saying how to upgrade iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak to 6.1 on iPad and don’t loose any tweak and it’s data/settings? My email is

    • Impassible .
      You cant use ota ( over the air update on a jailbroken device )
      And you cant jailbreak if you used ota

      You can backup your data from itunes and restore from itunes
      after that just remember your tweeks and install them again
      Its that simple 🙂

      • I know but I’ll loose my preferences and it’s hard to put the same, specially activator… I know they mentioned on a post here some cydia backup trough Dropbox but can’t find it…

      • There is some tweaks to save appstore apps data and to save cydia packages

        But i dont think that there is a tweak or a way to backup cydia tweaks preferences or data
        Good luck finding what you want

      • So when people upgrade from one jailbreak to another they always have to install all tweaks again and then configure them?

      • There IS a way to back up your cydia tweaks. Openbackup or pkgbackup. This guy is giving you some horrible advice.

      • guess what both of those apps are broken in 6.1 lol pkgbackup breaks icloud backups haha… and is just a mess it always has been and it’s far from what its slogan claims of keeping it simple stupid.

      • Pkg works just fine and it always has for me… And I have never had a problem with iCloud whilst I’ve got pkg . Both work as they should.. But I would never use pkg to restore from 5.1.1 to 6.1, I just use it on the same OS

      • pkgbackup has the same issues iCloud has. And they just patched the iCloud issue it’s on there log. They just need to figure out the database issues and hopefully it will work how I want it to work.

      • You cant always rely on tweaks like pkgbackup as you may be upgrading to a new iOS and many of the tweaks you had on previous iOS may not be ready for new update which can cause problems. As a long time jailbreaker my preferred method is to take screen shots of your sources and tweaks in cydia for a major iOS upgrade then syncing to dropbox then then adding the tweaks that will work from your photos. Sounds labour intensive but is also a great reference of your tweaks over the years.

      • Fucking smart finally someone who knows what there talking about.

      • I do this too, I also find it useful to look through what you had installed and trim down the excess tweaks you don’t need, each jailbreak I install less gimmicks and more stuff I actually use.

      • .

      • Not true. I updated OTA to 6.1 and I was able to jb with no problems.

      • Thats garbage! You can jailbreak if you updated to 6.1 via OTA update. The reason eVad3rs recommend not to is for saving your SHSH Blobs. The OTA update changes the makeup of the blobs making itt harder to downgrade/restore with tinyumbrella if need be.

      • Thats my bad i thought that ota update is not supported in the jailbreak . 🙂

  • This takes 1 Infinite Loop to a whole ‘nother level.

  • Jerry

    My iPhone 5 on 6.1 has been lasting alot longer then ever. Actually very impressed. Maybe this is only effecting people without the 5.

    • ReanimationXP

      No, I’ve had terrible battery life since I got my 5. Abysmal compared to my 4S and I have a similar jailbreak and loadout. Only real difference is 6.1.

      • Jerry

        One of my 5’s had horrible battery. I went to the apple store because my camera had a crack in the crystal they swapped it for another 5 and this one had amazing battery compared to my last one. So you might want to go get your phone swapped. Don’t tell them is the battery tho because they always deny that is a battery problem and a software restore could fix it.

  • @dongiuj

    They must be new to the iphone because rapid battery drain is normal.

  • kizzer

    ok new to all this kind of stuff but after jailbreaking to 6.1 battery is going down fast even with everything turned off, people saying something about this mail exchange no idea what they mean lol, but what is it i need to uninstall and install exactly please to make my battery go back to normal thanks for any info and sorry for sound like a noob because thats what i am when it comes to this just thought best to ask here…

    • Exchange has to do with Outlook and business. It wouldn’t affect you most likely. As for the battery drain there are many things that could be causing it. You’d have to use your head and only install a small amount of tweaks that you will actually use daily. Keep it to a minimum. Also install screendimmer it does wonders.

      • Most likely ? I believe even if he doesn’t have an exchange account it’s still going to affect him. I had a gmail account on the iphone. It kept pushing mails to me everytime even though the PUSH was set to off. I did exactly what another forum said , delete all acounts , power your phone off with just the power button and the readd all accounts. that issue stopped for me now.

  • iOS 6.1 is a joke! Wait for iOS 7. It’ll be MUCH better. I’m testing the beta for iOS

    • go home Jacob, you’re drunk.

    • SimonReidy

      Yeah and my holographic iTV is running iOS 12.2.

  • zapatista

    for me the battery issue is normal because since i bought my iphone the battery issue is, specially when you are in a jailbroken iphone your phone is so busy unlike when you are in stock it only waits for an email,text or a call.

  • Hopefully a fix will come out in cydia on how to fix this without restoring or waiting for the next ios update.
    Which will more likely be no jb for a while and comes out this jb was useless with so many people having battery problems like myself with a iPhone 5.

    Maybe we can edit some files to disable the Microsoft exchange thing and fix this?

    • i wouldn’t want to disable anything. That’s pointless. Apple released a shady product. Im so dissapointed turning things off. hopefully ios 7 will be a polished product ?

  • i found a new exploit hehe

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I’m jailbroken and I have no problems

  • Zapatista

    Pls help.everytimei turn my iphone to lock mode the wifi automatically turns to fix it?
    I already did a reset on my network setting but the problem is still there.

  • Is this affecting those syncing their Hotmail accounts too? I’m on 6.1 i4 and seeing crappy battery life, even before jail breaking.

    And AOL? I thought they’d long since died into their rightful place in the past.

  • Eddie Morales

    iPhone software has been going down since Steve Jobs. Steve wouldn’t of let this happen

    • ExRoot

      Jesus. Steve is dead. Gone. It’s over. Move on! Who the heck knows what Steve would have done. Did you know him. Did you work with him and at the round table? Or are you an expert because you own an idevice?

      Come on!!!

    • You are such a dumbass lol

    • big Rafa


  • I went from an average of 5 to 6 hours of usage on my 4s to 7 to 8. I am definitely happy with 6.1 and the battery life.

  • Zapatista

    Any update on wifi disables during sleepmode?pls help.

    • i started having this same issue out of the blue…any idea what can be done on this?

      iPhone 5, iOS 6.1 Evasion latest version

      • Zapatista

        What i did is i removed my aquaboard app from cydia and it turned ok..but i am not sure with this fix man.i only used trial and error method.

    • Chris

      Try wifi port

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    iCloud Drains Battery:

    I found something good and also troublesome when using iCloud yesterday. Its drains your iDevice battery a lot. 

    The Good: keeps everything updates and sync together which is what we want


    The Bad: I use Apple’s Note app all the time. With iCloud On, all my note sync and get updated all the time. I notice the notes updating before my eyes over LTE with WiFi off. I type a message to myself. First note typed over wifi, second note I typed on LTE. Guess what they both updated. My point is iCloud is updating in the background when ever you add something to your contacts, email, notes, apps uses, etc.. draining your iDevice battery even when on standby mode. I couldn’t believe it myself. I deleted my iCloud account for a day and my battery was amazing. It lasted so much longer than usual.

    Tip: I got this tip from a friend he told me just delete your iCloud when your using your iDevice normally. Than enable your iCloud account make a quick iCloud Backup. When the Backup is done delete iCloud off your iDevice again. All your apps, notes, and everything else thats in iCloud will still be there when you reenable iCloud.

    This helped my iPhone 5 battery last so much longer. Hope it helps you guys too.

    • Wow that sounds like horrible advise!
      iCloud is not the issue here because iCloud does not make use of it’s services unless called for by the app. The iPhone only makes full backups of you’re phone when plugged in. What I have found developers sometimes don’t make the most efficient use of background services. Another reason is email and push notifications. I want to kill every developer out there who uses these in the wrong way. Why are developers advertising threw push notifications?, to me this is wrong. So make sure you disable notifications on an app per app basis. Push email is a big one because some of us get hundreds of emails a week and we have our phones set to push email. The only accounts that you need push enabled for, are your work email accounts. Anything else that’s not as important use manual fetching.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I pull all my emails manually. I use the note app all the time it always syncs new notes that a make from my MBP. Automatically sending them to my iPhone 5. Using Safari (Safari Tab enable) with iCloud enable will always pull your reading list, iCloud tabs, etc. Set a Reminder on my MBP and it updates my iPhone 5 automatically. All this is great but it drains battery. Think of this like instant push emails or pushing emails every other minute. You don’t think that would drain battery. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see the difference in battery life.

      • sbailey4

        no need to delete it just turn off the switches.

    • RarestName

      Your tip is not that efficient.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I understand iCloud enable is very useful. I miss it a lot too but try it and see for yourself. My battery is at 62% right now. I been using it the past 4hrs. My Battery App shows me. I got 5 & a 1/2hrs left using Internet over LTE. The is pretty accurate give or take. Which is about 8 to 9hrs of use. Which Apple Advertising on iPhone 5. Before I did this I got about 6 or so hours of use.

      • RarestName

        You can disable syncing, but there is no point in deleting the iCloud account.

  • Is 6.1 better on the iPad as my battery is pretty good on 6.0.1 but I’m curious if you ipad users on here get more battery life on ios 6.1.

  • I’ve had no real problems with battery drain since updating my ipad mini, iphone 5 and ipad 2 to 6.1 and then jailbreaking them all. All of my devices are using 2 google accounts still set up via exchange and are loaded with all the major cool tweaks. No iOS update will ever be perfect as not all devices are the same. Clearly you hear many differing stories about peoples devices that dont affect many others. There are so many factors involved that could cause these problems. Look at the eVasi0n jailbreak, no matter how much beta testing was done there are always problems due to a world of imperfections.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Only the people who use MS Exchange are affected by this bug.

  • I’m running iOS 6.1 JB on iPhone 4s and actually my battery life improved with the new software

  • I have been having a problem with the battery since I upgraded to iOS 6.1 and i came across this site when i googled “iOS 6.1 battery”

  • I do not use any email account besides iCloud and my battery under 6.1 drops from 100% to 55% while I’m asleep. Sooo must be something else too.

    Not jail broken, tried turning off various things – location, lte, cellular – one by one to no avail. Le sigh.

  • Luis Finke

    I’ve noticed 6.1 is much more stable with my jailbreak than ever before

  • Seriously. If you don’t connect to a corp exchange account and accept invites from your phone then this isn’t the thread to talk about how your battery is fine.

    Mine was too until I started accepting/declining calendar invites and nothing my battery literally went from 100% down to 20% in 1 hour. Was then dead 20 min later. I could visibly watch it timing down even though I shut down all process via an app and the homepage double click method as well. For Corp users who actually manage their calendar on their phones this is a pathetic excuse for a release. My phone overrated twice. Felt like it was in an oven. Wasn’t until I read this thread that it all made sense. I deleted and reinstalled my account. Will NOT be responding to invites on my calendar.

  • John

    I have severe battery drain issues (100% to less than 50% in 2 hours without touching the phone) plus the phone is very hot. The temporary work around of disabling push mail and changing to manual fetch for my exchange servers does work, but clearly not a long term solution. Definitely a conflict between iOS 6.1 and Exchange – I am not using the Jailbreak.

  • Elizabeth

    I have 3 IPod touch 4’s in our family and all updated automatically to IOS6.1 last week. Now all 3 have extremely short battery lives! Mine works approximately 45 minutes on a full charge and then the battery is drained and shuts itself off. The others dont last that long! What the heck? All working perfectly fine prior to the update.

  • PDCLarry

    i don’t know where you have been for the past 5 years, but this problem with Exchange has been around as long as the iPhone has supported Exchange. It isn’t unique to 6.1, and isn’t any worse with 6.1 than it was with any other version. For some reason on some phones Exchange accounts start eating battery life after an update – ANY update. Going back to iOS 2.2 in 2007. The fix was posted 5 years ago also, the same one you just posted.

  • JJPLaw

    Removing the exchange email account fixed it for me. It actually went away on it’s own a couple of days after 6.1 install, then I received a meeting invite yesterday and all the sudden my Usage was always equaling my Standby and my battery life plummeted. Leaving off email account for now.

  • aMakUzr

    At various times, we (my wife ‘n I) have had problems with rapid battery drain on our 4S iPhones. At one point, I used the device-monitoring capabilities built into Xcode to see what was happening. I discovered that one application that showed GPS status info was constantly (about every second) getting GPS data and that was seriously burning power. Removing that application solved the issue for then (iOS 5.x).

    After updating to iOS 6, I noticed that the battery drained quickly on some days, but not others. I found that AirPlay, which we use nightly to watch the PBS NewsHour videos via Safari, was no longer turning off when the browser was quit (even when it’s process was killed) — it seems that, after using AirPlay, you now need to turn it off manually (double-click home button, swipe left-to-right 2 times, turn it off or double-click home button at lock screen and turn off AirPlay). Leaving AirPlay on (i.e., set to play to an Apple TV or an Airport Express) will significantly affect battery life. This is still true as of the 6.1.1 update.

    Personally, we use manual updates for email, etc. and avoid the push notifications for everything. We also don’t use iCloud for anything except “Find My …” and Siri requirements (I really don’t like the privacy issues and lack of control that iCloud entails). We also keep location data restricted to a very small set of apps. We’re also in range of WiFi about 90% of the time and push a reasonable amount of traffic through the iPhones that way (over 100 MB/week in small chunks).

    The result is that we find that our 1.1 year old 4S iPhones normally only run down to 60-40% during a full day, depending upon how they were used that day.

  • lunieboy

    6.1.1 is worse