Vodafone UK don't update to iOS 6.1

Vodafone UK subscribers with an iPhone 4S who haven’t upgraded to iOS 6.1 may want to hold off on doing so. The carrier is currently sending out text messages to customers stating that there’s a bug in the new firmware.

According to the warning, the issue has to due with 3G performance. Apparently 4S users on Vodafone UK have been experiencing problems with both cell service and battery life since updating to the latest version of iOS…

Here’s the text from the message shown above:

“If you’ve not already downloaded iOS 6.1 for your iPhone 4S, please hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues. Thanks.”

Apple on Wednesday seeded its first beta of iOS 6.1.1 to developers, so it’s possible, as Vodafone indicates, that it’s already working on a fix. The firmware’s change log, however, only mentions Japan Maps improvements thus far.

It’s also worth noting that (via The Next Web) numerous threads have popped up in Apple’s support forums in recent weeks regarding similar problems, suggesting that 6.1’s issues are not limited to Vodafone UK’s 4S customers.

If there really is a widespread problem with iOS 6.1, that would explain why Apple pushed out the 6.1.1 beta just a week after the previous update. There has been some speculation that the quick turnaround was jailbreak-related.

Have you been experiencing any problems on iOS 6.1?

Thanks James!

  • I have a problem with my 3G and im not on Vodafone

  • But as far as we know this seems to be limited to 4S ?

    • Melvco

      Actually iPhone 5 owners on other carriers are complaining of similar problems since updating to iOS 6.1

      • Pepeloso

        I’ve Noticed My 3G Speed For Sprint Slow Down Since 6.1 On The iPhone 5

  • Nope works great, since 6.1 even LTE 🙂

    • Voda UK don’t have LTE yet..

  • Chuck Finley

    I’ve always had a problem with my 3G but that’s mainly because I’m with Orange.

  • Just got the text, haven’t noticed anything so far and I’m connected to 3G as I type on a jailbroken 4s running ios 6.1 on Vodafone.

  • Me i also face some issues since 6.1. I randomly loose my network connection for about 10-15 seconds. I even assume that this also happens with wlan.

    The best way of how i can recognize this is, when im in whatsapp..

    It shows me good signal on the statusbar (3g and wlan) but my messages arent delivered and fail.. I have to repeat them sending several times.. This just happens from time to time..

    • Tr1pTr0p

      That kept happening to me, completely randomly, since 6.0. Status bar indicators show everything working perfectly fine, but the phone is simply disconnected. Toggling airplane mode fixes the issue.

      • you still wait until reconnect.. also without toggling airplane mode its connected after 10-15 seconds.. :/

        it didnt happen to me on 6.0.1


        have to add: I am on Telekom (germany)

      • This actually happened before iOS 6 for me with Vodafone Ireland. I was losing coverage and returning with everything okay but no phone or SMS functions. I never found out why exactly. But it was on ios5.0.1 not 6. I’ve had no problems since I switched carriers. Hate Vodafone. Overpriced.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Oh, yeah! Phone calls and messages too! I completely forgot about those… I’d start a phone call, and nothing would happen. The timer would just go on indefinitely, and nothing, as if the device just cannot connect to the network for some reason… Once I just let it do its thing for 2 minutes, and it just kept on counting. I kept trying again several times, but it simply would not work until I toggled airplane mode. 🙁

        We don’t have Vodafone here (in Croatia), but we do have Vipnet, which is owned by Telekom Austria, Vodafone’s strategic partner. They’re also overpriced as hell…

  • Mark

    Too Late, I just got my text as well.

  • It happen to me the same issue here in UAE with 3G since I upgraded to iOS 6.1
    Not only 3G but also Facebook. It always crash when I open to see photos or read long post on FB.

  • Efraín Chávez

    Yes, i have problem in iOS 6.1 iPhone 5 with battery consume.

    I’m in México

    • This is about a 3G bug not not a battery drain

  • @dongiuj

    I experience problems on every ios version.

    • Me too.. I think their workaround to avoid paying data related license to nokia and samsung is the real culprit.

  • That screenshot looks fake! there isn’t a + sign in the messages app, it’s a camera logo instead, also the font colour of the date stamp of the messages is blue instead of a faded grey??? something is a bit odd!!!

    • I think it’s bite sms…

    • Yes it’s fake there trying to con you with a fake post..all because you don’t know what the screen shot is from does not mean it’s fake ….biteSMS..

  • mohammad

    the same problem with “3” carrier

  • who uses vodaphone anyway? poor coverage, expensive contracts for what you get and no 4g for the foreseeable future. 3 mobile FTW

  • Well, to compare my ip4 and my entry level galaxy y duos, I suffer more frequent disconnection and slow browsing on ip4. It’s just an apple thing irregardless of the ios version. Just open the the youtube app on both and play the same videos, tell me what u see.

  • Faizaan Mohammed

    I’m on Sprint in the US And my 3G is actually noticibly faster after updating to 6.1

  • I have noticed exactly what is described above. My battery drains in half a day since the upgrade. It’s an absolute joke. What is seriously annoying is the fact that I went to an Apple Centre in Manchester (UK) and they seem oblivious to this issue. Not happy, to say the least.

  • Sean Jones

    i wasnt sent a text by vodafone when i updated to 6.1 i lost my signal at 2pm yesterday it came back on at 2pm today but has since been going on and off since then

  • I have problems all the time because I’m using android