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Don’t you hate it when you restore your iPhone and all the progress you’ve made getting your tweaks just right gets wiped away? There are packages on Cydia that make it easy to directly backup your tweaks, but workarounds like PKGBackup can cause issues, especially if you wind up automatically installing software that is no longer compatible with your device.

Source Saver gives you an intermediate solution with fewer risks. With the press of a button, Source Saver will backup the repos you’ve added to Cydia. This way you won’t have to manually add Ryan Petrich’s beta repository to Cydia, or dig through sites to find the address for the DosPad repo…

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It’s always been possible to make a backup of your repository list, but not automatically. If you don’t want to go through the Source Saver app, you can just make a backup of /etc/apt/sources.list.d from your device’s file system.

The benefit of Source Saver is making a backup becomes a one-button operation. Just install the free application from Cydia, and press the backup button. The next time you sync your device with iTunes or iCloud, an archived version of your sources list will find its way into that backup.

Want the list back on your device? Just restore the backup from iTunes or iCloud, install Source Saver from Cydia, and press the restore button in the app.

Source Saver currently works on all iOS devices from 5.0 to 6.1. There are no settings to configure.

  • Tricki68

    This new jailbreak has been a complete nightmare for me. I have never had the problems I’m having. Might just stop me from JB’ing forever, just not worth it.

    • Sean


      • Tricki68

        I completed the JB with no problems. I didn’t even have the long boot or weather problems. My major problem is when I get a phone call the phone (4S) crashes into safe mode everytime. I didn’t install all of my JB apps just intelliscreenX, springtomize2 & ezdecline all for IOS6. I’m stumped

      • Considering ezdecline hasn’t been updated since 2011…

        Try disabling it and see what happens when you get a call.

      • Ali

        Remove the tweaks you installed one by one and see if it crashes again. Something similar happened to me after I installed punch of tweaks that were not compatible with iOS 6.1

      • Tricki68

        I will remove ezdecline first to see. Then go from there.

    • Mojo dolls


  • Zapatista

    How to fix white icons on my 4s/6.1 jailbroken.pls help

    • Jose Juan Grijalva Lopez


  • Nick Darpino

    I had constant crashes to safe mode on my i4. Went back to 5.1.1 & everything works fine

  • The jailbroken phone would be much nicer if you could completely disable a tweak to diagnose crashes and what not instead of having go through uninstalling everything then eventually finding the problem and then putting everything back in. It just takes the piss a bit

    • asdlb4

      Use SB Settings mobile substrate toggles. It’s in the ‘more’ section of SB Settings. It allows you to do exactly what you said. Start by switching all of the toggles off and turn them on starting with the most unlikely offenders first. It’s a bit of a troubleshoot but faster than uninstalling. FYI, you will need to respring every time you turn on or off a toggle or multiple toggles to test the effect.

      • That’s awesome. Thanks man, I knew it could turn them off but not total disabling of them. Makes things much easier

    • christodouluke

      Springtomize and icleaner do this

  • now tell me the secret receipe how to change that ugly icon… WB theme or even manual replacement wont work for me 🙁

    • Joeg1ff

      You could send me the icon you would want to use if i lke it i will use it, I’m not a graphic designer :p

      • I suppose that you will need a 114x114px icon?

      • Joeg1ff

        Actually 144×144 for retna iPad, thank you

  • I’m looking for a specific tweak, and I dunno if it exists but: Is there a tweak to replace the iCloud back up feature with another cloud-storage back-up feature? (i.e.: Backing up your JB’d device to Box or DropBox instead of Apple’s iCloud?)

    • iospixel

      This is good, I can add things to my drop box from iFile which allows me to back up stuff from the raw file system but its time consuming and not worth it. If you find something let me know!

  • What is the max # of repos that can be added? I hit a hiccup when I hit about 11 or 12. Says “wow you’ve exceeded number of ….”