siriproxy home control

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen any good SiriProxy hacks. If you recall, setting up Siri proxy servers to program Apple’s digital assistant to execute custom commands was all the rage last year. But the movement has since quieted down.

There’s a new video out, though, of a guy using Siri and a Rasberry Pi-based SiriProxy server to control almost everything in his house that may rekindle interest in the community. Watch him control his thermostat and TV, open his garage and more…

The video was created by YouTube user Elvis Impersonator (via The Next Web), who says that after purchasing an iPhone 5 and receiving a Rasberry Pi computer for Christmas, he spent a long weekend hacking together the system you see above.

And in an effort to help spur interest in the SiriProxy development community, he’s posted all of his plugins used in his project to his GitHub page. He’s also uploaded a card image with SiriProxy pre-installed, and shares a list of the components he uses:

  • Elk M1 Gold security panel (
  • ISY99i Series X10/Insteon lighting controller (
  • Trendnet IP cameras (
  • Nest Thermostat (
  • RedEye IP2IR controllers (
  • SiriProxy running on a RPi (
  • iOS mobile apps MobiLinc HD ( and eKeypad Pro ( for iPhone/iPad touch control. (not in video)

So what possessed him to take on such a massive project? Well he says he started home automation and control in 2008. And once he saw SiriProxy for the first time in late 2011, he couldn’t stop dreaming of using voice commands to control his house.

  • Cool. Lets hope Apple does this.

    • Bob

      apple does what?

    • WCKD

      apple already did

  • john

    This is what happens when you have a rich, bored, genius. Impressive.

    • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

      I wouldn’t say genuis and having a Mustang is not exactly reach. Given that fact that its probably leased.

  • notewar

    Thief: let me into the haaaause.

    Eeeeek door opened

  • Muhammad

    Name Siri Jarvis
    Controll house with Siri
    Become ironman

  • Holy Mustang :O

  • pretty cool, but some things he told it to do seem suspect especially after what was obviously a video transition. Impressive, but tsk tsk.

  • Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    “Siri, turn the central heating on.”
    “Opening all windows, formatting all computers, activating all alarm triggers.”

  • JamesR624

    Too bad the living room lights portion of the video (specifically at 1:26) exposes the editing done. He did a pretty good job with the rest of the video, but you’re not gonna fool anyone unless you fake the WHOLE THING properly.

    • JaeM1llz

      lol, it’s not edited, I have used the temperature control plugin and the webcam plugin myself. Anyone can do this with SiriProxy and some plugins.

    • i would do that with a iphone 3g …Psst Wife…go and hide yourself behind the light….

  • Him: Wipe my Ass.

    Siri” Okay, Wiping your ass.

    Him: Flush my Turd.

    Siri: Okay,Flushing Your Turd.

    • That is some funny s!*t hahahaha… Made my day!

  • Mr. E

    What if someone was in the background changing the stations? Video editing seems sketchy :/

  • Hey, Elvis Impersanator. That’s the guy that helped me get my Raspberry Pi SiriProxy up and running 😀

  • Justin

    The security system one seems like it would be kind of insecure. I mean, anyone can connect to a WiFi network if they know the code.

  • Siri open 3d …channel and start forward backward machine…Siri:Have you opened your trousers?-yes…ok.i will make your life easier…haha…but serios…takes to long for me…

    • if siri would reply all the time it would be faster…

  • Like if you read every bodies Siri comments in her voice :p

  • thats sick , f haters

  • This is pretty cool, I’ve got a raspberry pi running siriproxy, had it doing some random stuff but I’ve more or less got Siri to control my 3 Wemo Switches 🙂