evasi0n initializing offsets

This is pretty interesting. Pod2g just announced that the new iOS 6.1.1 beta that Apple seeded to developers yesterday does not actually patch the exploits used in the latest jailbreak.

The beta came just a week after Apple rolled out iOS 6.1 to the public, and two days after the release of evasi0n, so it was assumed that the two were related. But that may not be the case…

At least not yet anyway. Remember, this is just beta 1 of what will likely be 3 or 4 developer releases. But for the time being, pod2g says that 6.1.1 does not fix any of the jailbreak’s security holes.

He does, however, say that evasi0n will not jailbreak iOS 6.1.1, so it’s still highly recommended that developers, and anyone else with access to the beta, stay away from the update for now.

And we haven’t found anything in iOS 6.1.1 yet worth updating anyway—unless of course you live in Japan. The release notes for the beta include a number of Maps improvements for the country.

  • So optimistic

    Locked on 6.1 JB for now. Is there a fix for the call screen going dark while making calls?? Once I put my phone to my ear and then look back at the display on the phone, the screen will not come back on while the call is active. Anybody now what can be done to fix this?

    • Colton Piercy

      I haven’t had this problem. Did you back up and image on iTunes. If you did, i would suggest restoring and JBing again.

      • So optimistic

        Well I have the 4S and had no problems with the screen blacking out on calls till the 6.1 and jb. I’ll just keep searching for which tweak is causing this or a fix. Thank for the input!

    • I”m not having this issue either. Maybe one of your tweaks isn’t updated for iOS 6 and is causing it? Some of the ones I used on iOS 5 caused some wonky things to happen once I upgraded and I have to be without them now.

    • If you have an iPhone 5 like me, it happen to me to, but since the day it came out from the box when UPS bring it to my home. Mine is global, I called and they said it is normal just if it happen for at least 5 secs then come back normaly or when u touch the screen or the other hangs up the call…so it is no the jb or the updates; it is something on the sensor to control battery compsumtion!!!…mine only do it like for 3 secs then come on the light 🙂 Good luck man and God bless…enjoy life it is only one

    • lobusko

      I have the same problem on ma iphone4, but I know I have broken proximity sensor. Suggest to install CallLockScreen thru Cydia 😉

  • Yes but final relese probably will..

  • Gray

    There are three types of updates/releases. Full upgrades (iOS 4, 5, 6, etc.), major updates (5.1, 6.1, etc.), and minor updates (5.1.1, 6.1.1). If it has no decimal, it’s a full upgrade obviously, and might remove some old hardware support. One decimal, it’s a major update, and might add new features or important bugfixes. Two decimals, then it’s just a minor update, and is fixing small things that aren’t absolutely urgent but still needed to be addressed eventually anyways.

    Until 6.2, there’s probably no real rush to upgrade. Even less so with a jailbreak, providing you can afford tweaks — I, personally, only have three tweaks I can even use right now. BiteSMS (with ads), Activator, and SBSettings. Everything else I’d want, I can’t use for more than a week (or less).

    • Dan

      imo iOS 6 was not a huge upgrade either. I really noticed the difference from 4 to 5, but 5 to 6 is meh

      • Gray

        I’m new to iOS, so I never experienced 5. But comparing my brother’s iPhone on a redsn0w JB of 5.1.1 to mine on evasi0n JB of 6.1, I can see some significant differences honestly. Enough to justify it being a full upgrade.

      • Dan

        Uhm.. maybe I haven’t played around enough with IOS 6 then.
        IOS 5 brought imessage/notification center/reminder app/email overhaul/news stand and much more… I don’t see anything that major in IOS 6.

      • Gray

        They reworked the UI significantly for many apps, and for the notification center as well. And although it’s not part of iOS 6, the removal of the original Maps and Youtube applications led to the development of even better versions from Google in the App Store. The Do Not Disturb function is really useful. Facebook Integration. Several updates to Siri’s functionality. Passbook is kinda neat, although I haven’t found a need for it personally. Improved security and privacy controls. Added an actual “reject call” button finally, for those who didn’t know that double-pressing the Lock key rejected calls. Panorama mode.

        There’s other stuff, but, there were enough changes overall to consider it an upgrade. And all of that was in 6.0. If you look at the patch notes or whatever Apple calls them, there’s a list of stuff for 6.0, some of which is minor things, but a lot are adding features or functionality to existing applications and adding new things that didn’t exist before. By contrast, 6.0.1 added bug fixes and a security update. 6.1 fixed and improved things, and added some new functions (mainly to Siri), but only a fraction of what 6.0 added.

        iOS 5 was definitely far more innovative with iMessage and the Notification Center. But iOS 4 was also pretty significant in adding multitasking, Facetime, custom wallpapers, folders to organize apps, etcetera. It’s hard to /keep/ innovating that majorly every single version, so I think iOS 6 did a pretty good job overall.

  • RarestName

    Dirty little Apple, taking advantage of the evasi0n jailbreak to boost their sales 😀

    • What? That makes no sense.

      • It makes sense. A lot of people (including me) were waiting for a JBso we can buy a ios handset

      • Apple makes millions when there isn’t a jailbreak, you think they really care about the small amount of jailbreakers that buy new devices now? Come on dude think about it.

      • Mathieu Dallaire

        Yeah it really make sense, a lot of people bought apple products only for jailbreak (me i bought an iphone 5) !!! 1,7 Million of iOS jailbroken in one day, you think thats not enough ?? And its just the beginning !!!

      • Not really when you think about the thousands of people who jailbroke old devices that were iOS 6 compatible. Its not like all of those 1.7 millions were iPhone 5 and iPad Mini owners, there are people with iPhone 3GS who jailbroke on 6.1.

      • You forget market Share. Also Apple isn’t the easiest phone to operate in the world, J.B makes the OS more user friendly.

      • It makes perfect sense. There are people who only want an iOS device if they can JB. This is a worldwide thing. They pretend to hate jailbreaking but in reality they love the sales boost when a JB is released.

      • True, even though I recently became unemployed, I still have two paychecks to receive, one I’m getting today at 11PM. Gonna buy an iPod Touch 5th gen tomorrow, because of the jailbreak.

      • no.. get the ipad 4 instead..

      • Lol. Too late. I already got the iPod Touch and lovin’ it.

      • 6.1.1 will probably be out in a month and im sure it will patch evasi0n by final release. How does that explain Apple wanting a sales boost off the jailbreak when they are already working on patching it? Jailbreakers make up an incredibly small percentage of iDevice users. If Apple really wanted a sales boost off jailbreaking they would put Cydia in the App Store lol. When there is a jailbreak there is a security hole, something Apple will never accept and stand by. Apple does not like jailbreaks. You guys really need to get out of that “errmergerd there’s a jailbreak” mentality and use common sense. I’ve been jailbreaking for 5 years now and I freaking love jailbreaks but I still think rationally.

  • Apple wants their iDevices to be jailbroken. Tweaks are what brings creativity to iOS.

    • skychet

      …no they don’t. If they did they wouldn’t make it so hard to jailbreak in the first place.

      • Hmmm…, maybe to have the best security researchers in the world crack their security for free and then at the same time prosper from the event causing an increase in sales. Just a thought…

      • skychet

        I’m pretty sure Apple doesn’t see a penny from anything Cydia related.

      • They don’t ur right, but they save time and money by having hackers find their mistakes for them.

      • They see a penny from people who have been holding out on buying new phones.

  • But if evasion wont let you jb 6.1.1, then it wouldn’t be possible to upgrade to 6.1.1 cuz you need jb for That
    Or Will your iPhone still be jailbroken after upgrading
    (Not That i Want to upgrade, just curious)

    • Dan

      I reread your comment 4 times…. all I can say is: what?!?

    • Guest

      Do you know what a gun is? Please, do us all a favor and take one to your head. Thanks.

    • Tikimaker

      Any updating always removes the JB.

  • Sidenote: Beta iOS releases expire. Do not expect to stay at one with a jailbreak indefinitly.

    • Miguel Reyes

      There is no expiration date for this beta actually 🙂

      • Oh I’ll be damned.
        It does have a typical beta designation though, so It wont be final.

  • This betta is nothing new to what apples do!!! No need to fear…we got a great team of people fighting with us and for us like the evaders, devs, saurik, and others!!! I will love some day apple stop trying to block the jb’s !!!! But with these CEO’s they have that are so against helping and on favor of the users…I dont think it will happen some day…so for now we still need to fight for our right of freedom of what we buy!!! I payed for it, so I can do wathever I want with it…it is not a living thing!!! 😀

  • @dongiuj

    They also need to sort out facetime over LTE in Japan cause i’m getting cut off left, right and center. Or is it my carriers’ fault?

  • Apple just learnt that no matter how non-vunerable they make iOS, eventually hacks will find a way in. SO THEY GIVE UP!

    ‘Evaders’ – Live long and prosper.

    • JaeM1llz

      Apple will never give up, as long as hackers keep finding exploits for them, they will keep patching them. It’s likely this revision was in development before the jailbreak was released, I am 100% sure it will be patched by the final 6.1.1 release.

      • The details of how evasi0n works has been released on the web so It most definitly will be patched. Apple reads the forums.

      • skidz

        but apple might try to let us do these if the stock keeps falling… if you really need to earn, sometimes you have to let the customer be happy…

      • JaeM1llz

        No. Apple will always patch exploits regardless of their stock prices. Period.

    • Apple must patch the exploits. Otherwise, bad hackers can use it to install virus…

  • To anyone that has installed the beta, do you know if the youtube background audio bug has been fixed? Thanks

  • tim

    That’s good, I’m still in two minds about updating my iPad 3 from 5.1.1 to 6.1..

  • It’s just the first beta give it time..

  • 3 or 4 betas for just minor update?

  • Is there an app that let’s you lock landscape orientation? I remember there were many back when I had a jailbroken iPhone 4 but I seem to be missing something now that I’ve been out of the jailbreak scene since getting my 5…

  • OMG, pod2g need to be quiet about this news. Now these exploits are much easier to fix by Apple because pod2g announced this news.

  • Michael Luu

    My Verizon iPhone 5 now says AT&T o_o

    Any clue why?

  • batongxue

    Sheldor says:”INTERESTING!”

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Ah huh. Thts precisely what I thot.

  • hey i though jailbreaking the ipad was illegal now…lol no one talks about tat anymore..hahahahhahah

  • Alex

    I ve the same problem, I think it cause of some unoptimized ios 6.1 tweak, but which one?

  • The reality is that the Jailbreak makes the phone BETTER! If it wasn’t for jailbreaks I would have jumped ship to Android! Apple is stupid if they patch this.

  • Take a look at the sales numbers in the last 2 years for idevices. They have come down a good amount, from earlier idevices. For example even apple said that iPhone 5 sales where way down compared to the iPhone 4, not 4s. So yes, u can conclude that many users wait to purchase new idevices until there is a JB released for that device running the latest firmware. If apple keeps up with fixing exploits for jailbreaking, consumers r going to start using other devices. Why? Cause apple builds their devices with some much potential, then screws themselves with limiting what the consumers can do with their devices. Then JBing comes along and gives consumers what they want, which is being able to customize and use the device how it was build to be used. Once apple finds a way to permanently slow down or stop jailbreaking, I fear it will be the down fall to apple. Cause we the consumers like to use our devices how we see fit!! And all us JBers are 100% aware of the dangers of jailbreaking! Later peeps