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The developer who goes by the name of Lordscotland should call himself LordOfAwesomeTweaks. His backlog of jailbreak apps includes incredibly useful freebies like Safari Download Enabler and PDF Printer for Safari. His latest tweak is called Photo Organizer, which provides users with more control over all their photo albums including the Camera Roll.

Want to reorder photos and videos in your Camera Roll? Delete photos from your camera roll without removing them from every other album? Move photos without constantly making duplicates and wasting space? If so, Photo Organizer shows us that Apple’s default methods aren’t always best…

Photo Organizer SafemodeBefore renaming the Camera Roll, after renaming, and Safe Mode

Since the Camera Roll still functions as your device’s Camera Roll for all intents and purposes regardless of what you rename it, I suspected that the name of the actual system files wasn’t changed. It turns out this is the case; disable the tweak and the name changes back to Camera Roll. This is probably a smart move, as I would suspect actually renaming the Camera Roll file would break compatibility for several apps.

More substantive changes do stick, however. For example, when you move photos around in the Camera Roll (as you would in any other folder) the pictures stay wherever you put them, even after you switch on Safe Mode.

Photo Organizer works seamlessly with the stock Photo and Camera apps. There are no settings to configure. Just install the free tweak from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. If you really like the tweak, you can donate to the developer from Photo Organizer’s page on Cydia.

Share your thoughts on Photo Organizer in the comments below.

  • If this works as promised I’ll be elated!

    • It works fine with me. But I still prefer PhotoAlbum+.

      • PhotoAlbum has a flaw as it can duplicate content at a filesystem
        level and it’s pretty annoying when you are trying to backup things
        directly to your computer when you plug your iDevice to it. You can
        check it out for yourself- just create several albums and move things
        around and see what happens.

        I’m wondering if someone else used this new tweak and moved stuff around on several albums and then checked how the whole folder structure would look after plugging it to a computer.

      • Humbold

        PhotoAlbums+ duplicating on file level is simply not true or even technically possible.
        Please be sure what you write before doing so – the USB mapping duplicates has nothing to do with the actual file system. It is just reporting multiple virtual albums containing the same files. This is due to apples filters and has no disadvantages at all.

      • It looks like several users experience the same so whether it is true or not, there should be a disclaimer coming from the developer.
        I’m not using the tweak for this reason, so be it. 🙂

      • I’ve also stopped using PhotoAlbums+ because of the duplicate photos all over the place.

    • While I’m a fan of lordscotland’s, I have no connection to him. It worked with both my iPhone and iPad.

  • Where can i find a tweak that lets me take control over itunes-synced photos? I can only control the cameraroll and albums i created but thr synced albums.. Any tweak for this?

  • Works great!

  • I’d to tell those who bought iPhones from Middle East, with FaceTime feature blocked, that there’s a tweak called “MiddleWhat” to unblock it. It’s free also. Tested on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1

    • WTF does this have to do with the article?!?!?

      • sambuzzlight

        he is just helping?

  • Photoalbums+ does this and much more already

    • For free?

      • Falk M.

        Nope, it’s payware.

  • Works phenomenally

  • Milad Khahil

    It doesn’t work for me …
    Verizon Iphone 5 🙁

  • This tweak is cool, but it has flaws; if you delete an album it states it won’t delete the pictures when it actually does.

    Both PhotoAlbums+ and Photo Organizers do not get along very well if you plug them into your computer and the Camera Roll is empty as you will notice- nothing will happen when you plug your iDevice in UNLESS there’s at least one picture in your Camera Roll; this is pretty bad because if you try to back up your media while this album is empty, you won’t be able to do so via your computer.

    PhotoAlbums+ creates duplicates so if you have a low capacity device, you may definitely run out of space with ease.

    Is this even compatible with Photo Streams?
    There needs to be much more improvements on these tweaks.

    • Humbold

      PhotoAlbums+ duplicating on file level is simply not true or even technically possible.
      The USB bug is interesting and will be looked at!

      • P.K. Hunter

        It IS possible. You’ve now written that at least three times here. You are wrong. No simpler way of saying this. This happens for MANY users. So get with the program.

  • Falk M.

    Anyone else think Apple needs to merge iPhoto with the stock Photos app?

    It’s so jumbled and iPhoto doesn’t even sync to the Mac…

    Pure madness and clutter…

  • sambuzzlight

    photoalbum+ on io6!!

  • H5ire

    Does anyone know how to add your previously captured videos/photos again in your camera roll?
    any tweak or tricks?

    • You could try uploading them to Photostream then use this tweak to transfer them to your Camera roll

  • This is PhotoAlbums+ at an unbeatable price!

  • Ian

    This is so awesome… I was just thinking yesterday “I wish I could do that”, which is what this tweak does!!

  • El Ne

    It’s nice free tweak but yesterday i was testing it and find flow in the app. I copied some photos from camera roll to new album and tried to deleted them as i had them in my new album. Guess what, it deleted the pictures that i selected with my latest 40-50 photos which i haven’t backed up yet. And i’ve checked it has removed theese photos not just a their names from camera roll. So IT SUCKS!!!

  • Jibon

    Somebody needs to make a tweak to share pictures straight from the camera roll through other apps like whatsapp.

  • Well, this tweak has some flaws even though if they were not there I’d use it in replacement for PhotoAlbums+ since it doesn’t create duplicates (virtual or not, for the sensitive ones around who prefe it on to of everything else); one of the bugs is that if you delete an album it apparently screws the photos contained in it, and this can also be confirmed when plugging the device on a computer- big downside and hoping the developer fixes the issue on the next releases.
    It’s a good alternative and I’d stick to it if it worked well.

  • mmmmmm

    does this work on any jailbroken iphone? mine is a 3gs…so would it work?