If you’re currently rocking an iOS 6.1 tethered jailbreak on the iPhone 4 or the iPod touch 4th generation, then you have a decision to make. It’s being recommended that you go ahead and reinstall stock iOS 6.1 back on to your device, but you can, however, opt to remain as you are, and instead install a debian package that will provide the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak.

Just as with the previous Rocky Racoon jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1, users who already have access to Cydia by means of a tethered jailbreak can “convert” their tethered jailbreak into an untethered just by installing the debian package via Cydia once released.

MuscleNerd does state that the debian hasn’t been put through its paces like the app has. For that reason, if at all possible, it’s best that you jailbreak iOS 6 using evasi0n with a clean and fresh iOS 6 install. Either way, it’s good to have options, because opting for the debian route means that you won’t have to reinstall all of your cydia packages.

Stay tuned, there’s lots more coming today.

  • cydia is not working very well just jailbroke my iphone 5 cant install anything

  • Yaaayyyy! Jailbroke my ‘Pod 5th Gen in less than 5 minutes. Now, doing it for iP5 & ‘Pad(s) 🙂

  • kim w


  • jschaff

    So my ipad3 is on 6.0. If I jailbreak and then want to go to 6.1 can I do it without losing and having to redo the JB?

    • Jose Gonzalez

      you should have just updated to 6.1 since it has been a while since they said it was safe. Now in your case, if you update, you will lose the jailbreak. But easy enough just back up on iTunes, restore or up to 6.1 and when thats done, synce back your backup. finally just redo the evasi0n jailbreak and your DONE and jailbroken on 6.1!

  • Jailbroken Iphone 5 BUT cydia aint working wont install anything!!!

    • Rockstar

      That’s because millions of people are using cydia at this moment and cydia can not handle more 🙁 don’t worry it will be fine after 15-20 hrs

  • kim w

    what sources are you all downloading, mine are acting funny

    • im using the standard ones, i have tried a few others with no joy i think it will smooth over tomorrow

      • kim w

        yeah they wont download fully

  • Anyone having problems with Cydia after the Evasi0n jailbreak? I cant seem to download anything, nor view my account page. Im guessing the servers are overloaded?…

  • when is the debian package going to be released

  • lorenzo

    cydia doesnt work u cant download anything when will it work let us now!!

  • Hey guys,
    What is the best tweak for getting icon notifications in the status bar for emails, messages, facebook, etc ?