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Users have been voicing their disdain for Apple’s decision to stay the course with iOS for years. The operating system, albeit the addition of the App Store and a few new features, has remained largely unchanged since its introduction.

That disdain has sparked a number of iOS-related concepts, and we’ve just come across a new mockup. In an effort to change things up a bit, it adds widgets, toggles and a new unlocking mechanism to your iPhone’s Lockscreen…

The concept comes from The Verge forum user white.noise (via iFans):

“The first thing you’ll notice is that about every inch of space on the lock screen is being used. First, let’s talk about how you unlock the device. You’ll notice in the center a circle with a lock in the center, just drag that around the circle until your device unlocks […]

Next, lets talk notifications. Notifications are now displayed in the center of screen (inside the unlock circle) At the top of the circle is the icon of the present notification, and underneath is the context of the notification. […]

Lastly, let’s talk about widgets. Widgets are displayed at the bottom of the screen, there are many type of widgets (I have made 3 concept ones which will be attached at the bottom). Widgets can be interactive, or static.”

So, a few things about the concept. First, I’m not going to critique the UI here, this is obviously a rough design. I’ll just stick to the ideas presented in the mockup: the clock, the unlock circle, and the widget table shown at the bottom.

clock ios mockup

The clock looks virtually the same as it does now, but with AirPlay and volume toggles surrounding it. It looks cluttered, but I guess in this concept it’s the only place to put these things. Honestly, I think I’d rather them be hidden.

unlock ios mockup

The new unlocking mechanism, as you can see, is a circle and displays recent notifications in the middle. Not only does this look more congested, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this circle play on Android handsets before. And I don’t like it.

widget ios mockup

I do, however, really like the widget idea. I would love to be able to pick out one or two apps to show constantly-updated information on the Lockscreen. Think Twitter, Facebook status updates, or as depicted above, emails and weather.

All in all, I think the entire concept is cluttered and unappealing. But I do think that with some tweaks and some polish, it would make for a nice jailbreak tweak. And wouldn’t you know it, the iOS6 jailbreak looks to be just around the corner.

What are your thoughts on the above concept?

  • Not bad but way to messy

  • Guest

    This first made me think about the Ubuntu Phone “homescreen”. Not exactly the same thing, though.

  • RarestName

    The circle thing looks like the one from Ubuntu OS

  • The circle thing is annoying to look at.

  • FlamingOzone

    How else are you going to use up all of the empty space?

    • Solowalker

      Um, your lockscreen image? Don’t be afraid of empty space; sometimes it can be your friend. You don’t have to fill every inch of the screen all the time.

  • I still real don’t get why people use the “OH MY GOD IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME SO IT SUCKS” excuse when they talk about the iOS. The mockup above looks cluttered and I certainly would not even consider using it. I know ios has its shortfalls but I really don’t mind the look of it. Staying with the same theme of things isn’t necessarily a weakness. I’m sure a lot of people will shit on apple if they do drastically change the LOOK of ios. I would rather have added features then a drastic change of look to make it “different”.

    • Well said.

    • And cody made it sound like a good thing that every inch of the screen was covered maybe theres a reason you have wallpaper

    • Seriously

    • Yuliang Wang

      Cann’t agree more.The reason I choose ios is not LOOKING well, but WORKING well.

  • it looks alright, the circle thing is abit confusing and unnecessary

  • actually this looks amazing to me

  • Chris Eko

    Thats cool, but i think its really not apple style, just too complicated

  • i like the idea, any sort of concept to change it. its getting very booring. also im frustrated with the fact you have to go to setting to change the birghtness or the 3g/4g on or off same with wifi etc its so anoying. you would think they would make a standard sbsettings !

  • ItAllLeaks

    The circle thing looks really ugly to be honest, everything else is just cluttered.

  • put this idea into a tweak pls

  • Apple will never change the slide to unlock. but it looks cool.

  • Solowalker

    PUKE! Wow, just totally awful. Cluttered, confusing, gaudy. So much information thrown in your face that it’s just unusable and therefore becomes less informative. Not intuitive at all. And while I understand it’s just a concept, there are TONS of usability questions unanswered here, like:

    * How do you know how to unlock the phone? The current slider tells you. This circle does not.
    * Are you limited to 3 notifications in the circle? What happens if I have 10?
    * Are you limited to only one widget at the bottom? If not, how do I get to others and how do I know that? How would I customize the the widgets?
    * There’s a lot here that looks like it’d be very easy to invoke accidentally. How do you prevent that if all of these are here all the time? Particularly the camera and Do Not Disturb. Accidentally turning on DND could be quite awful and cause me to miss very important timely information. And having the camera as just a button again is a step back from the current implementation.
    * What’s with the duplicate information with Messages? Inside the circle AND a widget below? No, thank you.
    * If this is showing all the time, what’s the point of having a background image on the lockscreen?
    * What does the circle look like if there aren’t any notifications?

    And those are just some examples. I’m glad people are trying to rethink this type of thing, but this particular concept is the complete opposite direction of what Apple and iOS stand for.

  • Wow is this ever cluttered. There’s a reason why Apple keeps the number of things you can do on the lock screen to a minimum.

  • bigzjoseph

    yeahh it’s not it’s not really working for me

  • All that is required to evolve the LockScreen is LockInfo 5 integrated into iOS, simple as that.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like it

  • The only thing that I’ve always hated is how half of the lock screen is covered with this black bar thingy under the clock and the slider.. I always use jailbreak tweaks to remove them and show my beautiful wallpaper. And what I’m seeing in these pics is just worse than it already is! You can’t even see your wallpaper!
    They need to make something clean, plain and simple.

  • Jake Whitaker

    Very nice!

  • pauleebe

    Looks too complicated and un-Apple like, though I would welcome refreshes to the lock screen more so than adding the camera shortcut!

  • BLABLABLA concept again… its really svcks…. we need it in real…

  • Hi! I’m the creator of those concepts, and I would like to thank you for writing about them! Also I was wondering if you would check out the ‘v2’ concepts here:

  • demonoidmaster

    Wow what a poorly written faggoty review and these comments… Oh these comments. Fucking isheep, you don’t like change ? Enjoy your ever so unevolved ios UI (except however those ideas crapple stole from the jailbreak scene) you whiny arrogant asshats.

    • bloodshed

      stfu’re stupid.

      • demonoidmaster

        Fuck you, you’re the fucking moron here.. Just like everyone else bashing this fucking lockscreen concept. Go kill yourself, you’d do the world a favor.

  • demonoidmaster

    Ignorant tools, reviewing and talking shit about something you havent even fucking tried. Have you considered the fact that it would be easily customizable and the stuff would pop up via actions set up in Activator? Fucking morons (you’re a massive fgt cody)

    • O. Bakerman


  • That’s awesome!!!!!!! If Apple really does that a lot of people would come back to iPhone a it’s a new experience for iOS!!!!!

  • David Christian Elisa Dengah

    OMFG that looks so ugly it looks like an android!!

  • Jonathan

    No, it provides no overall advantage compared to the current lockscreen.

    The circle is in the middle of the screen and that makes it harder to reach and slower to unlock.

    The camera swipe is currently right next to where your thumb is naturally (for a Righ hand person), Moving it to the top of the screen and making it a button not a slide action makes it more awkward and less convenient.

    With is design you can only see one notification at a time and the shape of the text is not standard making it harder to read not only the visible notification but making it less obvious there are other notifications.

    Also there is no distinction between slide to unlock, and slid to unlock and open the notification as there is currently, so thats another thing this concept does worse.

    While I find Apple slow pace of evolution quite boring, its definitely best. Change for the sake of change is hardly ever good.

  • PJ

    Don’t know about you but I think it looks awesome.

  • people are looking for their phone to entertain them…or for it to be an ends to itself.

    “how can i make my phone look the best…”

    my phone is only a middleman – it helps me talk to people, chat, take great pics, edit them, track my utilities, pay bills, budget, organize recipes, track car maintenance, listen to audio…and on and on. I want a phone that does that well. I want it to look good in the process, but ultimately it’s just a thing to help me get stuff done and stay organized.

    I think people are too focused on the phone in and of itself and not what the phone can do for you (or how it actually makes your life better).

  • Harsimran

    how to use this on ios 6.0.1 ipod 4 without jailbreak

  • Harsimran

    want a jailbreak unthered for ios 6.0.1 for ipod touch 4 g

  • Chuck Finley

    Cluttered and awful.