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You might have noticed that it is uncharacteristically redundant of Apple to have the accurate battery percentage meter beside a graphical representation of the remaining battery life. The interface only needs one or the other, though it’s still good to have an indicator on whether the power cord is connected. Personally, my preference is to stick with the percentage meter and ax the logo.

Bolt is an old jailbreak tweak that we neglected to feature when it debuted in 2011. The tweak is a relatively simple MobileSubstrate hack that removes the space-hogging battery icon from the Status Bar, but still displays a small lightning bolt icon while your device is charging…


Here’s how you can tell that Bolt is an old tweak: its only toggle in Settings enables a numeric battery percent meter. This feature would benefit users before iOS 3, when Apple introduced the numeric meter. On later firmwares, Bolt cooperates with the built in. That said, you still can enable the percentage readout included in the tweak if you really want to. It may be interesting to note that the tweak’s meter gives me a slightly different reading than the default scale in iOS 5.1.1, suggesting that it’s calculated differently.

Despite the legacy support for old firmwares, Bolt’s status bar icon supports the Retina display. Bolt is a free tweak, and is available in the BigBoss Repository on Cydia. The tweak takes effect as soon as it is installed.

bolt before and after

The charging battery icon with and without Bolt.

Did you get rid of the standard battery icon? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Not to sound too pessimistic but I really think you guys are running out of good tweak reviews. Bolt? Seriously? You’d rather review Bolt instead of VSNotifications? Note the fact that there aren’t many innovative tweaks being released so it wouldn’t be fair to complain about this article, but why Bolt?

    • Guest

      Bro, this Blog and its writers are shit, they hardly ever write about good work from non-super-ultra-famous people.

      • Not true, there are some excellent writers out here. Its not there fault too 🙁 Developers are not innovating enough, and those who are are currently working on their awesome tweaks

      • Jonathan

        There are two reasons why developers aren’t innovating as much as they could be. 1, There’s no untethered iOS 6 jailbreak nor jailbreak for latest generations of devices, there are quite a few tweaks that would be easier to create with iOS 6, and there are more people on iOS 6 than 5. And, 2, there’s a lot of piracy, which is a more minor reason but it’s still somewhat discouraging.

    • Guest

      VSNotifications is a shit tweak, doesn’t even seem useful and your description is bloated, Keep it simple and no one cares about your name change.

      • I used VSNotifications as an example,

    • SuperDev, I didn’t pick Bolt because it was the best tweak out of all the tweaks we haven’t reviewed. I picked it because I saw it suggested, and it looked interesting enough at the time to explore. Sometimes the simple, lightweight tweaks are worthwhile.

      That said, I’d be more than happy to take a look at your tweak.

      • I like most of what you guys write about! jus sayin.. I do often suggest tweaks to review or to write about combined as well =D

  • Awesome!
    … Now to wait for a jailbreak for fw6…

  • FabianPVD

    I prefer the battery over the percentage, and the only jailbreak app you need is Springtomize and you automatically have a ton of features at your disposal.

  • Jonathan Seals

    “Mobilesubstrate hack” is the wrong wording, MobileSubstrate isn’t being hacked, it’s the program that allows tweaks to run 😛

    • I’m pretty sure he was saying mobilesubstrate was being hacked. He was saying that Bolt is a hack (aka a tweak) that runs on MS

      • Jonathan Seals

        Ahh I see, I understood it wrong at first. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

  • Milad Khahil

    Had it a long time ago on my old jailbroken iphone , as you mention this is an old jailbreak tweak , like it 🙂

  • tggt00

    Why everyone is hating this tweak??? its so fuc*ing awesome!!!! really cool tweak!!
    WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • christodouluke

    You’ve been on r/jailbreak haven’t you? What’s your username on there?

    • It’s of the many forums I lurk. I keep track of suggestions and look into the tweaks that seem interesting.

  • I really like bolt. I’ve had it for some time and it’s just one of those things that makes the UI less cluttered. When the device is being charged, a little lightning bolt appears to just notify you that the device is charging and when it stops charging, it hides the old, boring battery icon and shows the percentage. :))
    It’s not revolutionary or game-changing, but it’s a neat little tweak that un-clutters the UI.

  • This tweak is 3 years old. Why write about it now? Pretty sure Jeff reviewed every new package back then. (I must admit though, it’s a very awesome tweak; I’ve installed it many years ago and it’s stayed installed since.)

  • this what i need and looking for for ages…

  • does it fully compatible with iOS5.xx?

    • Jose Gonzalez

      It’s compatible up to iOS 6.0.1, I’ve been using this tweak on my iPhone 4 since I can remember.

    • Tested it on iOS 5.0.1; it should work on just about any firmware.

  • The tweak is very old, as Adam D said. There really isn’t much point going and reviewing the tweaks you’ve neglected to review when over three years have passed.

  • Falk M.

    The designer truly messed up with the spacing there… :/

  • Also, the ‘battery percent’ toggle would be useful on a iPod.

  • Schalkb

    Great tweak!! Tweak devs are even more clever than apple devs!!

  • mo0hi1t

    Ayecon users really don’t need this! 😉

  • im using this tweak with the activator tweak BatteryPeek and i absolutely love the way it looks and works!