The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article today by Evan Ramstad entitled “Hype Builds for Smartphone, but It Isn’t an Apple Device.” Essentially, the whole piece is about how the commotion surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV handset is reaching iPhone-like proportions.

I didn’t agree at first — I’ve seen leaked photos of Android handsets before, and heard rumors and speculation. But as I started to dig in a little bit I realized that Ramstad was right, there’s something different this time around. A lot of people are talking about Samsung’s next flagship handset…

If you don’t want to take my word for it, feel free to do a Google Search for the term ‘Galaxy S IV,’ it returns nearly 25 million results (and if you think that’s a fluke, try ‘Galaxy S4.’ It’s the same). And throughout these results you’ll find mockups, concept videos, rumors, benchmark results, and more.

I didn’t understand what all of the buzz was about — I looked at the Galaxy S III the same way I’ve heard Android fans talk about the iPhone 5: “that looks a lot like the Galaxy S II, but with rounded corners and a larger screen.” But then I started reading some of the predictions for the S IV.

galaxy s iv leak (sammobile 001)

Courtesy of TechCrunch’s Galaxy S IV rumor roundup, I discovered that Samsung’s new handset is expected to feature a 5-inch+ (recent reports say 5.8) 440ppi display, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, Qi wireless charging, and — the big one — the new Exynos 5 Octa 8-core processor. Wow.

Sure, we’ve seen similar “crazy” predictions thrown about for previous iPhones ahead of their releases. But the thing is, for Samsung, they may not actually be that crazy. And that, I think, is the reason why there’s so much talk about the Korean handset-maker and its next smartphone.

Now, do I think that Samsung’s Galaxy S Line is on the iPhone’s level as far as popularity and brand recognition? No, not even close (for what it’s worth, a Google search for the term ‘iPhone 6’ returns more than 4 billion hits). But it sure looks like it has everyone’s attention, including ours.

Do you think the new Galaxy S handset is seeing iPhone-level hype?

  • charlie

    iPhone lost it’s touch. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is a great phone but with the rate of Android updates, it’s clearly the winner in the long run.

    • Not the rates, but more of the content in each update. And only a few Android phones get updates every time. Which I think sucks. Fragmentation sucks. lol. But overall i agree with what you are saying

    • Kurt

      also samsung innovates like no other. apple plays it safe and bores those who are not fanboys/girls. while samsung wows people. i wish they would wow me in the windows phone 8 realm.

      • Samsung Sheep don’t know that the Korean company spends about 10 times on advertising than Apple, as noted by “the cost of selling galaxies” by Asymco.

      • Guest

        i want to vomit looking at your name

      • does it matter who spends what on advertising ? I could obviously counter you by saying apple woke up real late and look at the no of advertisments for the iphone 5. Even apple obviously realised that adv’ are essential for its products.
        And it’s marketing. .Why shouldn’t a company not back its product with advertising

    • maybe so but the competition has still not provided and equal or batter alternative

  • Stormy08

    With Sony’s Z and Sammy’s SIV around the corner, my iPhone upgrade is no longer a done deal, as was the case in previous years.
    But Apple may surprise anyone again. They have done it before.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      I hope you’re right cuz for the first time I find myself looking forward to the next gen galaxy S phone and not the iPhone

    • Kurt

      apple will release the 7th gen iphone which will look exactly like the iphone 5, do you really think it will surprise anyone? iphone 4’s design was their last wow factor. no wow in the iphone 4S, no wow factor in the iphone 5 and no wow factor in the iphone 5S. maybe in 2014 with the iphone 6, their 8 gen iphone?

      • planetcoalition

        “and no wow factor in the iphone 5S”

        This is based on pure speculation and who knows if they are going to launch the iPhone 6 right away. Even if it’s just a 5S they can still wow the people with internal hardware innovations. You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

      • bloodshed

        i agree with kurt, call me a pessimistic guy..but we might meet again after the iphone 5S or 6 or whatever launches then we will discuss about how apple is gonna wow the world?
        personally, i predict a better camera, longer battery life (maybe, i’m tired of this) and maybe some other technologies like NFC, fingerprint (not a big deal)..etc..
        whatever it is, it just won’t impress me..not the next iphone nor the one that follows, i would say.

      • Kurt

        some people care about having a lighter and thinner phone, but there are far more people who care about having a longer battery life. So they should just make the battery life better. there are still ip4s users suffering from batterygate. i feel bad for a coworker who by lunch has their phone’s battery down at around 60%. that’s just terrible.

      • Im just extremly sad how apple f**ked me over with the 5 battery life : ( . I can’t believe how im living with one of the most expensive handsets ..with crappy battery life

      • tward09

        Really, it’s the software that I’m hoping to be wowed with, not the hardware. And now with Ive on lead, we might get something fresh for once.

      • Kurt

        i think you’re right out of the two id rather have software improvements. but then again, if it looks the same as the past 6 iphones i wont be buying either. but won’t Ive just do very little? He is the one that never changes the look of the mac lines and ios devices so i dont think he will change iOS much if at all. 🙁

      • and it will still be number 1 …. the competition needs to step up

      • Kurt

        Umm lumina is a better phone. Especially taking photos and videos. And note 2 is superior. It’s ok to like or even love the iPhone. But it is no longer the best phone. Apple needs to step up their game

    • iphone is the best

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Beautiful beast…

  • seyss

    Galaxy SIV lol
    now seriously, im with Apple but iPhone 5 had nothing wow-worth.. maybe weight/thickness but nothing new… im afraid this new Galaxy might kick some ass internally.. externally they are cheap china plastic

    • Internally I think apple has a good chance on destroying the competition. The A6X already is the most powerful GPU in a tablet (even compared to tegra 4). Now there are rumors Apple is working with TSMC to bring <20nm fabrication processes for there "A7" series which could bring outstanding power efficiency. On a lot of benchmarks compared to the S3, iPhone 5 beats others by a huge margin.

  • Calm down. It’s only a phone.

    • But its all some geeks have, if they had a hot girlfriend it wouldt matter as much.

      • Irfan Tarique

        I LOLed at this very hard.


        gud one nerd bro

      • Steve Dowe

        I have a hot gf but the GS4 is still gonna kick butt 🙂

  • jilex

    man if they get the 8 core processor… but i think it will be on the next note (maybe note 3)

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Ya, I kno.

  • I have nothing against Android phones, but I still prefer the iPhone over any mobile device. Its much more convenient for work since we started to create apps within the company and makes accessing secure files much more easier. Plus, its not made out of plastic.

    • you apple folk are retareded. LOL judging a phone by its outside is just ridiculous. i put on a case and all that “plastic” goes away. I care about features on my GS3 versus the same POS operating system and the same POS iPhone you get every year.

      • Jason

        I used to have a GSII and got a GSIII at Xmas as a second phone (unlocked!) on Orange as they were ‘giving’ them away at CPW. I must say that it is just an iteration of the GSII IMHO (which is just an interpretation of the original iphone), and I couldnt use it as a main phone as I rely on my iphone 4 (iMovie, keynote, iDesign, Redshift, Ping Analyser, etc) for specific apps (not on Android) plus icloud and photostream syncing between devices.

        So the GSIII is just a testing phone really. My view of Android is that is much ‘messier’ than iOS with features sometimes just bolted on somewhere, sometimes in a menu somewhere. It’s okay but not as well organised as iOS for the tasks I need it for and the apps are often poorly designed (eg the eBay app is just a glorified front for a web interface).

        As to the hardware of the GSIII, build quality isn’t even in the same ballpark as the iphone, the camera isn’t as good as an iPhone 4S (I used to have) in low light, and the screen isn’t as easy on the eye as the IPS LCD panels on iphone and ipad. And the battery is absolute pants with widgets all disabled, no notifications, no automatic email syncing, 3G off, and a good quality battery manager. About a day or so at best.

        In all them, IMHO, I think I prefer the SII I gave my son. The SIII is ok as a second phone but not as a main phone for me.

      • “Its much more convenient for work since we started to create apps within the company and makes accessing secure files much more easier.”

        Flaming comments with inflammatory name calling. Nice … I don’t know Kevin, but thanks for the insight into your nature.

  • Painthorse

    I had a Samsung galaxy s3 for one week. Very nice glass and nice operating system….. But as another person said earlier…. Cheap,cheap cheap plastic.

    • Kurt

      ive seen a girl on the sidewalk drop her galaxy s III phone, and the back popped off. that was a good thing, the plastic too the force and saved the phone. imagine now, if it were the iphone 4 or even worse the iphone 5!

      • planetcoalition

        Have you not seen the iPhone 5 vs GS3 drop test on YouTube?

    • why would you ever give a f*** about the phone appearance??? i put on a case and all that “plastic” goes away. I care about features on my GS3 versus the same POS operating system and the same POS iPhone you get every year.

    • bloodshed

      i juz raped the ‘vote up’ button

  • Oh relax people iphone is winning the war. There is one iphone model out each year typically. How many android handsets on how many carriers are there? Tons.. Everything and every app is available on ios, but you cant say that about android. The iphone 5 still ran faster than any phone when it came out because apple gets the most of out tech. And as soon as people say its getting old apple will come up with some new and innovative. People seem a bit tired of ios, apple knows this and will change it drastically soon. I for one just want a phone that works good and smooth and feels built good and these plastic phones feels light and cheap.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      People have been saying iOS is stale since iOS 4.. Almost three years ago and they haven’t done anything. I’m starting to think that they won’t do anything..

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Ya, I seriously doubt tht Apple will make any game changing mods to ios.

  • bigzjoseph

    Im actually looking forward for this one really

  • iPhone has had the same Theme for too long now . Time for a change Apple ?

    apple needs to introduce Themes in ios , how Cydia offers Themes Apple needs to work with @saurik .period or else they going down with the HYPE

    • Didn’t Saurik stop jailbreaking himself because he works for apple, now? Also with Apple firing the iOS guy, I’m sure the new guys are going to revamp a ton of stuff. I’m super excited to see what iOS 7 has in store. I hope I’m not wrong haha

  • We can have the best of both worlds, iPhone and Android tablet! (100% no Samsung for me.)

    But not until the LTE data is affordable, I am not going to pay for internet access fee for 3 devices…(FIOS $55, iPhone $30 + Android $15+…)

    By the way, I am very happy with the at&t LTE so far, I am in Flushing, NY, with ~30Mbps down/~17 up, it is 2 times faster than my 15/5 FIOS. Moreover, it is as fast as my FIOS when I am in Manhattan(Broadway @36th st).

  • Irfan Tarique

    Am I the only one here who likes window phone’s? Please dont hate 🙂

    • Kurt

      best smartphone=lumia 920 hands down and windows phone 8 os is better then the beloved ios

      • planetcoalition

        Thank you for your elaborate reasoning. Perhaps you should move on to Windows Phone sites.

      • Irfan Tarique

        Name some for me… i would gladly go there!

      • Kurt

        i dont even own a windows phone YET…but id gladly go too haha

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    You base your hype according to Google search results?… The SIII was a big improvement over the SII…if it didn’t have the hype factor that the iPhone has then it wouldn’t have became the top selling phone in the world.. Samsung like them or not actually does some serious improvements to each generation S phone…we all know that the next gen iPhone will be the 5S and have probably just have a faster chip and that’s it.. Apple isn’t even trying anymore and it shows

  • All i need is apple to make cydia a part of iOS and let the users decide wether they want to tweak their device or enjoy the ‘simplicity'(crappyness) of the OS

  • iPhone is the best why all the fuse about Samsung because of its long line of useless features but iPhone’s oprating system beets Samsung’s useless features. The problem is you have to try iPhone (or iPod, iPad) to love apple. For me I prefer an iPhone 4 than S3 or any android

    • Kurt

      iphone is not the best, and ios is not the best. let’s be honest about that

      • it’s an opinion and he can’t be wrong for his opinion.

    • s0me

      lol i have the 4s and ipad 3, i never had android phones just nokia with symbian and i hate IOS because u cant customize shit !!! u cant set another browser to default besides safari, no flash support (tons of sites out there), if u want to read a pdf from your mail u have to download it every single time u open it.. i mean wtf man??? even on symbian u could acces a quick menu that had some quick toggles for wifi, bluetooth(haha u cant send a pictures to another phone trough bluetooth) etc. so yeah IOS sucks its not the best and it will never be… the best thing about IOS is the App Store ! peace

  • @dongiuj

    Time to change the logo on your blog.

  • ExRoot

    That thing is georgous!

  • planetcoalition

    Nothing against Android (iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 user here), but everything against Samsung, for their shameless copying.

  • PRN

    i think features wise Samsung s3 is better then Apple but android sucks…ISO is way way better then Android. its only matter of time when apple will introduce some great feature in new phone.

  • Nvrhde

    Here come the fan boys

  • RarestName

    I can’t wait to look at people queue up for the phone 😀

  • J.

    hey the wallpaper is great. Where can I get this?

  • Daniel

    Author –> I owe you Nutella pancakes.

  • OMG

  • Hulk22

    Ummm never….

  • What won’t they copy lol.

  • lol samsung makes ok hardware at times but android sucks so i will always pass

  • Both of these companies are pushing development of new age technology. To defame one or the other is ridiculous. Samsung is really pushing the Android line to it’s limits which. This is pushing Apple to do more and the end game is a Win-Win for the consumer.

  • Uriah Romero

    It would be great if the New Galaxy came with a 440ppi or 1080p display. I’d love using it, since I like to watch movies and shows on my phone while I’m on my way to work at DISH. I use the DISH Anywhere app to stream live TV, and I’m sure it would look great on a full 440ppi display.