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We haven’t seen a publicly released untethered jailbreak since iOS 6 debuted in September, and Apple hasn’t been making the wait easy for the jailbreak community. There are the little annoyances, like apps exclusive to iOS 6, over the air update alerts, and that pesky notification badge in settings that appears by default. Some of these are easy to deal with through tweaks, but what happens when Apple isn’t being subtle?

A user on Reddit asked Siri when the superbowl was starting, only to find that his personal assistant refused to comply. Siri’s response: “If you update to the latest version of iOS, I’ll be able to help you with that.” …

Siri wwdc Lebron

iOS 6 has enhanced support for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer.

To be fair to Apple, iOS 6 includes tons of sports information from the NFL and other sports leagues, all accessible through Siri, in addition to other features and enhancements. Siri in iOS 6 is without a doubt ‘smarter’ when it comes to answering questions on a number of questions than Siri in iOS 5.1.1.

The issue here is the outdated version of Siri was able to answer questions like “When is the Super Bowl?” with an internet search in the past. The refusal to answer the question apparently cropped up sometime in the last month. If you’re staying on an older version of iOS, for whatever reason, Apple seems to have made the old version of Siri more difficult to use.

I’m on an iPhone 4 and I haven’t bothered with any Siri ports, so I haven’t encountered this issue firsthand, but it was reported by two separate users.

Does Siri refuse to do any searches for you in iOS 5? Feel free to share examples and workarounds in the comments section.

  • Same here in Germany, Siri withholds Information about German Bundesliga

  • In my Rainstone Siri Port, it refused to answer sports related questions AND whenever I asked a question about movies/theatres, it no longer offers an internet search; instead it just says that there’s something wrong.

    Oh well, no big deal, just switching over to Google search for iOS; fu(k u Crapple, forever rocking iOS 5.1.1 for the rest of my iOS days.

    • same here. I have rainstone and google search for ios. With the nownow tweak you can set an activator function to automatically call google search and go directly to the voice search option.
      so when siri can’t answer someting i just triple click for google voice search. W/e

    • exactly..

    • Agreed. I just sold my iPhone this past Monday. I refused to upgrade to iOS 6 because the only way the phone worked for me the way I wanted and liked was via jailbreak. I wiped it and upgraded it before I sold it and it was annoying how Siri functions and answers between 5.1.1 and 6.0.1

      Seems like Siri would be a cloud based service and able to push the same information regardless of the version of iOS it’s running on.

      I switched over to a Galaxy S3 and I absolutely love it. There are a few things that the iPhone performed better on… like some games just played smoother such as Subway Surfer which has a tendency to lag on my S3, but not on my Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. But over all, the S3 accomplishes nearly all of the things I did via jailbreak on my iPhone so I am very pleased with that.

  • mattkin22

    Siri refuses me with SiriSports enabled…maybe the developer can find a workaround?
    And when did Siri stop being in Beta? I’m ready for that to happen because Siri has not really gotten much better since that announcement, IMO.

  • Where in Cydia can i get that awesome Mario theme?

  • Apple stated sport related responded was exclusively a part of iOS 6. So I’m not sure why anyone is complaining, it’s part of iOS 6, not Siri.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      It’s not sport related response, like player information cards… It’s like asking a date… (Just like asking “when is Christmas this year?”)

      • It’s not sport related.. Lol… WTF was the question about..
        iOS 5 siri never got any sport related answers.. It was made for iOS 6
        This post is incorrectly implying that siri could get this info on iOS 5 when it couldn’t anyway..
        It only works on iOS 6 in the first place

      • Kaleb Johnson

        About a month ago, you could get some sports related dates on iOS 5.1.1. You may not have had the player stats or something of the sort. So the post is not incorrectly implying that a user on iOS 5 could have received sports updates, it is stating that iOS 5 users can no longer receive some of the features of Siri that they could have.

      • jilex

        they say that cuz before, siri would search on the internet about what you asked (not only give you cards-like information) but now, it doesn’t

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Are you trying to show what “nonsense” is, or never used an iOS 5 device?

        I even have one with me, now.

        It could answer “when’s the next maverics’ match” quite easily, in the past…

        With iOS6, what Siri learned more is how to display detail information, in the form of cards, whether it be player information, or match/team information.

        Watch the keynote again, maybe you’ll get something… Better, watch the previous (iOS5) keynote, while you’re at it.


    Very dumb move on Apple’s part…

    Siri gets smarter with iOS, with respect to HOW she displays the information and how she can interact with the information on the device (like, starting apps). But, all the information originates from Apple’s servers, so there’s nothing to justify this.

    I can even see a suit coming… Someone can say, that their phone was able to answer that question, but now it can’t. There’s nothing anywhere about users MANDATED to upgrade to latest ios…

    • Also nothing mandating that apple provide complete information. Bad business, sure, but nothing illegal.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        That’s a very interesting point of view… But still, whether it’s legal or not, can only be decided in court.

    • *Actually* on the iPhone Support page, it does say sport scores are available on iOS 6…….Are you telling me that these people experiencing issues are not running iOS 5 or below?

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        How is asking “When is Superbowl?” different from “When is christmas?” or “Which one is the next month with 31 days?”, can you elaborate?

        I mean, if you ask Siri “What’s the scoring average for Lebron?”, it never answered in iOS5, but redirected to Wolfram Alpha. I can say that’s something Siri never answered herself, before iOS6. And, that’d be VERY normal.

        But for the question of “When is the next Dallas match?”, it used to answer pretty darn well, with iOS5.

  • I updated to iOS 6 and without Jailbreak and Tweaks my iPhone was much faster,even through it seems it has no new actual features it has this amazing blueish new design and everything is much better from iOS 5.
    What I mostly miss from my Jailbreak is NCSetting, seriously apple I have to dig through menus just to turn off wireless/bluetooth and change brightness.Maybe we will see new widgets in iOS 7? If not I’ll go to android.

    • my iphone 4S is faster with the jailbreak…. it depends on how you configure it..

      • Florian Lerch

        Really? Can you explain?

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    To hell with Siri. I want a goddamn iP5 jailbreak.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Could it be that Siri searches from the same server hence due to the lack of upgrade, Siri is unable to give you the “updated” response and apple simply put the “if you upgrade…” As a default reply?

    • thats deep

    • jilex

      something like that, but more exactly is that apple does ir to make users upgrade

  • FabianPVD

    The only thing Siri is irritating with is when she doesn’t recognize contact names. Other than that, it’s whatever. I only use her to set up reminders and make calls while driving.

    • truehybridx

      there was a way you could improve that, open your contact to edit, add field, Phonetic First/Last Name.
      Assuming you can get the sounding right, it might improve Siri to recognize them

  • Didn’t nobody watch the keynote? I mean they did say Siri gets smarter on IOS6

    • key note was boring…

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        Good to see your old habits don’t die mate.

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  • lol thats why on my iphone 4S and iphone 5 and ipad3 siri is turned off and google search app is on … siri is great fro doing iphone specific stuff but google search is the king of information requests… oh and siris voice sounds so 1987 compared to the smooth slick voice of good search app..

  • stupid iphone 4

  • Am I the only person that tested this out? I tried it on the 5 and asked the exact same question. It gives me last years Super Bowl date and the score. All Apple did was preclude that person from knowledge of the past. Siri still will not tell you that the Superbowl is on Feb 3rd 2013. This is shit-poor reporting.