galaxy s iv leak (sammobile 001)

South Korea-based Samsung through its subsidiary Samsung Electronics is expected to update the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone in the first quarter of this year. The Galaxy S IV successor is expected to make much noise ahead of Apple’s next iPhone release, especially with its full HD 1080p five-inch display and powerful innards thought to run Samsung’s new quad-core system-on-a-chip.

And if you consult Samsung’s latest AMOLED release schedule, the first device incorporating the firm’s full HD mobile display is coming in the first quarter of 2013…

AnandTech last week published an example roadmap of Samsung AMOLED displays from CES.

Samsung AMOLED release schedule CES 2013

As you can see, the company’s first full HD mobile display is slated for a Q1 2013 launch.

I didn’t get close enough to be able to see what the subpixel geometry or stripe was, but 440PPI underneath and the fact that it’s the successor to the 5.55″ display (from the Note 2) makes me think this is likely RGB.

Samsung is also claiming a 25 percent power saving using a new material on new AMOLED revisions, and also has a low power mode that I don’t know much about with 47 percent power savings. Again, I strongly suspect this display will find its way into whatever Galaxy S 4 ends up being.

The South Korean conglomerate at CES said it will be discussing a variety of new consumer electronics products at a media event on February 21, a week before Mobile World Congress is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain.

Samsung Monday announced cumulative sales of a hundred million Galaxy S-branded smartphones, of which 30 million were the flagship Galaxy S III model. Putting all of their smartphones together, Samsung leads by ten percentage points in US mobile marketshare over everyone else, per comScore.


Reuters speculated the Galaxy S IV may come with “a breakthrough unbreakable screen” which can be folded while BGR heard from its sources the phone has a five-inch screen, along with a 2GHz quad-core Exynos processor with 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear camera.

The screen is likely full HD (1,920-by-1,080) and at 440 pixels per inch would be a big improvement in pixel density over both the Galaxy S III’s 306 ppi and the iPhone 5′s 326 ppi screen.

If there’s any truth to the rumors, we’ll see Apple’s response shortly after.

The Japanese blog Macotakara back in March heard Apple was working on a brand new five-inch iOS device that could have a resolution of either 1,600-by-960 or 1,280-by-960 pixels. The blog heard from Apple will release this new gizmo later this year.

Some think the new device represents Apple’s answer to the growing popularity of so-called phablets, epitomized by Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

Phablets represent a middle category that’s a mix of smartphone and tablet features. Nearly half the respondents in iDB’s poll yesterday said Apple should release a phablet of its own.

The top image representing a leaked Galaxy S IV press shot via SamMobile.

  • SamPhone is gonna bee the next biggi !

  • I think the writers on this page kind of like Samsung devices. I know its only right that you report on Apples competition, but I sense a little admiration in recent articles =)

    • so what dude ?? Not all of us visit gizmodo or engadget. I work and i honestly dont have time for all the sites. Just fb , this and a few others. I get a good mix of info from here. And it’s related to competition. Thanks IDB..
      Even if there’s some admiration , he’s writing the blog. Honestly id admire anything in the market right now. And i love competition. With my iphone 5 draining on me and with the apple forums reaching over 4000+ post on how bad the battery is , its a major failure and a win win for some.
      Im literaly crying , but i don’t have a choice. I cant wait for bb 10 and sg4. Till then the iphone 5

      • We are here for the same reasons except for the BB10. Ive followed these writers through alot of my iphone ownership and maybe its just me hoping they will have an androiddownloadblog. I come here for alot of my tech news as u stated. Im not hating im just saying how the articles feel.

      • im fine if they report competition. they don’t need a separate blog. i just hope this apple has strong enough competition to stand up and take notice. I love iphone , but the ios and the battery problems are killing me

      • Agreed

      • Lordthree

        Battery problems? Take it back

      • soem folks have issues..

      • Lordthree

        Learn to spell or go back to 4chan

    • cause there is no IOS 6 jailbreak..lolo

  • jose castro

    no one knows until it all pans out..

  • I’m starting to sway towards an android device. For me that would be a big transition being I’ve owned every iphone gen. I’m becoming bored of the iphone 5.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      My situation exactly. +1

    • i just want a jailbreak… android sucks to much for me so switch to it so i just keep using my iphone 5

      • But the new jellybean os is actually the first os to draw me in. There are mods to do whatever you want such as jelly bomb mod

    • AdamChew

      Use whatever you like no one is forcing you to use an iDevice.

      Getting tired hearing boring comments day in day out.

      Nothing new same old same old.

      Btw what is so disruptive of the S4.

  • wow FullHD screen everywhere……will the game size lesser than 2GB? if its true FHD then 128GB RAM is needed LOL

    • Parth111patel

      And it will still lag. Lol!

      • charlie

        yeah like iphone 5

    • a smit

      yeah 1080p is total overkill on such a small screen – ferchrissakes my 27″ monitors are 1080p!

  • Among other things, I turn on bluetooth a dozen times a day so if I can’t do it with a
    swipe and a tap then why
    would I upgrade my jb iP4 with a non-jailbreakable iOS product? In fact,
    I don’t even want to jailbreak anymore. If apple won’t sell me root
    access or the tweaks I want, then they’ve lost me.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Ya, I’m with ya. So fck’n pathetic, Apple, pathetic. And for those who blabber about security issues, like I said many times before there isn’t a day tht goes by tht I’m not reading about someone’s information or identity being compromised by using an open ios, lol. Never hear about it, ever.

      • a smit

        regardless, its should be up to the user if he/she wants to ‘compromise’ his or her security – if apple wanted to, they could make people sign an agreement to open up the device if needed

      • FACT^..

    • yup i cannot use an IOS device wit out a jailbrek… oh except my old ipod touch 4G 64 gig that is purely a music player

    • Falk M.

      Why even toggle it on iPhone 4s or 5?
      They have BT 4.0, so unless you connect older standard hardware to it, BT won’t really affect battery life that much.
      Then again, that’s USING the BT module.
      Not using BT is pretty much just like turning it off on a current gen iPhone.

      If it wasn’t for the fact I don’t need any BT accessories, I wouldn’t turn it off.
      Waste of time, effort and worries.

    • you can leave bluetooth on – if bluetooth is not connected to anything, there is literally no additional battery drain. ie – turning bluetooth off does not save you any additional battery – this is only true of BT 4.0 (iphone 4s/5), not BT 2.1 (iphone 2g/3g/3gs/4)

  • Al

    Samsung is really stepping up its game… with the likes of Galaxy S3, Note II and the upcoming Galaxy S4. As an Apple user I can only respect that Samsung do indeed has some great phones. But I don’t see myself making the switch, I have family with Apple devices and I’m drenched in the Apple ecosystem.

    • samsung needs to make their own OS and ditch crappy android..

      • If Android was so crappy, it wouldn’t be so popular. Samsung tried it’s own OS with Sprint and it was a major failure. The original Samsung Instinct with Sprint was horrible. Not sure what the thinking was between the two companies, but whatever logic they thought they had was severely flawed.

  • Heard that the s4s gonna have a 8core cpu

  • mmm sounds cool but it will still be running android which is lame as hell so FAIL..FACT..

    • Damian W

      Add to it more battery drainage….

    • ExRoot

      What is your deal. Your posts flip flop all over the place. Never consistent.

      • I am a realist so i consider all sides objectively.. i have no agenda and no alliance..

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Nothing is truly unbreakable

  • proformaartista

    It’s so easy for Samsung to update to something resembling the iPhone and its iOS; All you gots to do is copy most of that stuff.

  • proformaartista

    Samsung phones are, oh, I dunno, so yesterday’s spaghetti.